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It doesn't matter how horrible you feel, smile.

So she did.

She smiled and greeted her classmates in the morning, chatting away about the strange purple unicorns that were in her dreams the night before.

You're like a horse, remember?

Healthy and tough.

So smile.

She did.

She smiled and told Tatsuki her "super duper ultra secret" recipe for her octopus-leek-bean paste buns. Tatsuki swore never to tell anyone; in fact, she swore she would never use it herself.

You have to be strong.

For Sora onii-chan.

So even though the pain is horrible, even if you want to scream and fall down, even if you'd do anything to get rid of the agony…


She did.

Right up until she collapsed on her bedroom floor, screaming.

I can't believe I'm so cruel to Hime-chan even though I love her so much D:

I know I should work on "100 Petals on the Wind"...and "Arms"...but this little idea just wouldn't go away! Don't worry, this is just the prologue, the actual chapters should be longer.