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Today was the day.

It was a bright, sunny, clear spring day. Perfect for me and Ronno.

But, relating to that, it was the day I tell my dad that me and Ronno were a couple.

And nothing could separate us. Ever.

I talked about my feelings with ronno in the meadow, we where sitting close to the stream that ran between the meadow, the warm sunlight warming our fur as we lay together in the grass.

"I'm just so nervous. I'm not sure what to say."

"I know." He said, "but he'll understand. My mother did."

"It doesn't seem like the thing that most adults would understand."

"even if they don't, Your still you. And the people who you love always have to love you back, right?"

"I guess." I said, cuddling up to him. "you are the best boyfriend ever."

He blushed. "I don't think so."

"you are," I encouraged. "your sweet, and you always know just what to say."

"your just as great." He said, pecking my forehead.

We got up and ran to the stream together. When we got there, the other animals stared at us and whispered. Because we where the only stags that where a couple, the other animals had been making fun of us and spreading rumours. The animals left, but before they did, they made comments like 'T' and 'blockers'. 'T' was an offensive word from the older days, meaning too twitterpated. They believed it was a disease that would cause you to become attracted to same-sex animals. And 'blockers' was the same thing only it would mean animals blocking the population of more species. This hurt me. When all the animals were gone, I flattened my ears and let out a sigh.

"it's ok. Don't worry. They don't get it." Ronno soothed.

I began to get more nervous about telling my dad.


I took in a deep breath. I had to do this. I walked up the hill that lead to the peak my father was on.

I kept thinking over and over of what to say. Everything seemed like the wrong thing to say. I stood beside my dad.

"hi dad."

"hello Bambi."

I hesitated before going on.

"I-I have to tell you something."

"allright." He replied, looking down on the forest.

"well, you see, I know this… stag. He and I have sort of..bonded."

"well, that's good for you." He said, looking at me. "A prince needs a friend every once and awhile."

"uh—no. that's not what I mean..i mean, were together…like together-together."

He looked confused for a second, and then realization hit his face.


"d-dad, I'm-I'm sorry.."

"you are not my son. You are not a prince. You will not live with me." He said, as he turned to leave.

I looked after him, soon he disappeared. All the good memories of us playing together flashed around in my mind.

After awhile, I walked down the slope and headed to Ronno's thicket.


"Oh. I'm sorry baby." Ronno said, concern in his voice.

Me, Ronno, and his mother stood outside of their thicket. I had told them about me and my dad.

"You can stay here if you like." Ronno's mother suggested.

"really mother?" ronno questioned excitedly.

"sure. As long as you guys don't get too carried away." She said suspiciously.

"we won't." I said, realizing what she meant.

"allright. Then you can live with us." Ronno's mother said, turning to go back into the thicket.

"I'm gonna like sleeping with you." Ronno whispered. I blushed and walked to the thicket with him and his mother.