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"what are you doing here?" ronno said, obviously irritated.

i turned my back from feline for a second too soothe ronno. soon, he was calm.

i turned back to feline. i was about to explain everything, before she said "bambi... is this why you left the north meadow? to be with him?"


"you don't know?" ronno yelled. that soothing thing wore off..

"don't know what bambi?"

"oh my god! you really don't know. bambi you said you'd tell her!"

"i-i couldn't. i-i-was afraid.."

"but your not afraid to do that here?"

"uh- what am i missing?" feline spoke, left out of the loop.

"see, me and bambi are together here. and you can't seperate us. but i suppose HE can."

ronno turned to leave, ears down, head low.


feline turned away, fading into the dark of the forest. i remembered my dream. i can't be with one without hurting the other. i lay down and cry. letting the hurt wash out of me.

i wished there was a way.


later, i walked into feline, sitting in the sunset by the pond. i thought i oughta talk to her, but how could i? she was still really sad. i could tell.

so i thought i'd just go with my gut.

"hey feline."

her ears perked up. she turned her face toward me. tears had streaked her eyes before, but had turned dry by now. she stood, hopped over, and gave me a huge hug. she started crying again, but i was sure to comfort her.

"why didn't you just tell me bambi?" she sobbed out.

"i was afraid you'd be angry. or upset."


"yes. "

"so...are you broke up now? can you be with me?"

"feline... i can't be with you. i'm afraid i don't prefer does. but i still love you. i'm afraid i love you only as a friend. or as a close family member, my sister. can you be my sister feline?"

she sniffled, wiping her tears away. "i love you too. but, i don't feel anything between us. i'm afraid those old feelings are gone. i feel like your sister. and thats why i was upset you didn't tell me. you should tell your sister these things, right?" she chuckled. her wiped away tears were gone, but she couldn't prevent the new ones from appearing.

"brother and sister then." i gave her a bid hug.

we stayed like that for a long time.