My eyes opened the next morning to Hannah's squeals, telling me that the presents were finally here. I looked quickly to the foot of my bed and saw a large Honeydukes bag addressed to me from RBW. I smiled as I crawled to the foot of my bed and peeked inside. There was some candy inside, but my eyes were drawn to the large black box in the middle. I pulled it out of the bag and set it next to me on the bed. Hannah bounded off her bed and landed right beside me as she shoved a present in my face. I tore off the paper & ribbon, and it fell to the floor, revealing a picture frame containing that horribly embarrassing picture of Hannah and I on our first day at Hogwarts, in first year.

It was captioned 'Vicki & Hannah BBWFFL'. I looked at her questioningly and she tapped it with her wand. It expanded, giving the letters room to grow into words. It read, 'Vicki & Hannah Best Best Witch Friends For Life'. I smiled and thanked her, then pulled the box onto my lap. There was a note attached to the top that read, 'Do not open until breakfast.' I sighed and set it back down as I stood up and pulled my school robes over my head. I straightened my tie, and pulled my hair into a loose ponytail. I grabbed my school bag and the box as Hannah pulled me roughly out the door & downstairs.

A few minutes later, after Hermione had pulled Seamus down the table away from us, I sat down next to Ronald and pecked him on the cheek. "Morning, love," he said happily. I plunked the box down next to his plate as my favorite smile spread crookedly over his face. He nodded to me to open it, and I did so, pulling off the lid. It revealed a smaller scarlet velvet box. I shot him a puzzled glance, and he nodded encouragingly. I opened the small box and gasped loudly as I saw what was inside. It was a beautiful emerald necklace, set in silver and surrounded by diamonds. "Ronald! I love it!"