Hey, my first crosssover; so here we go. I'm writing this, because I swear it'll be hilarious. The fact that I'm writing the first English version of an Aliens and Simpsons crossover is the best.

I won't be able to update for a while, seeing as I'm already doing three more with this.

However, I hope you enjoy. I guarantee that you'll get some laughs. I'm going to have it be strictly mostly aliens; so expect this to be good. I'm going to try to make it be funny as well as scary; it's a personal challenge.

I hope you enjoy…

The Simpsons: Infestation

Chapter 1: The Day Off


Bart had been looking forward to this since the beginning of the year. It was the start of a three day weekend that ended on Monday.

This Saturday was going to be the start of some awesome stuff. He immediately ran out of the room to downstairs, skipping every second step on the stairs. He ran to the kitchen, and got on the phone.

He knew the number by heart, and dialed it. The number was Milhouse's home phone for when he was with his dad.

The phone rang six times, slowly calling out. Bart counted each one. Just before the seventh one ended and took it to voicemail, it was answered.

"Hello," Milhouse called on the other end. "Van Houten residence."

"It's Bart." He answered "You ready for the weekend?"

"You know I am!" Milhouse replied "We're gonna watch that Movie Marathon tonight!"

"Milhouse my boy," Bart casually enunciated "We're gonna make tonight be the best of our lives." He paused, "Meet me in the Clubhouse." He ended, speeding up his speech.

He then hung up the phone.


Currently at his dad's new apartment, he was still on the phone. "hello, Bart," he said into the now beeping phone "Hello?"

"He hung up on you." His dad said from his room.

After this, the sleeping form of his dad walked out of the room. He was currently wearing a uniform for a Kwiki-Mart worker.

"I'll be out until six tomorrow morning, I want you here by seven." He said, before grabbing the keys and leaving the door.

Milhouse ran to the window, and watched his dad take the bicycle to get to work.

Slowly, Mr. Van Houten built up speed, trying hard to pedal out of the parking lot.

Milhouse then grabbed his key and left. He locked the door behind him, and got on his pink girl's bike. Tonight was going to be radical.


Getting the weekend off of school was a bit of a disappointment, yet was a bit worth it in a different way.

She had been wanting to take in internship at Fink's private lab since forever.

She got out of bed, and got dressed. Getting in her usual red dress and pearls, she got ready.

She started to walk down the stairs, making sure to get every step. When she was at the bottom, she made her way to the garage. She passed Bart, who was still in his PJ's, and jumping up and down in front of the phone.

"What's gotten you so excited. New joke shop open up?" she asked, a hint of careful sarcasm in her voice.

"Well," Bart answered "If you must know; I am having Milhouse over tonight for the movie marathon."

"That stupid thing?" she answered "That awful sci-fi horror series involving a creature that could not possibly exist. I thought that was next weekend."

"It's tonight. We're gonna watch it, then on Monday sneak into that convention." He clarified.

"You know mom won't let you watch it. Plus, dad's not letting you anywhere near the TV." She said.

"I'm not watching it here." Bart bragged "Me and Milhouse are watching it in the Clubhouse, and you're not invited."

"You mean 'Milhouse and I'." she corrected.

"Who cares about grammer!" Bart protested. "and why are you dressed so early?" he inquired, noting Lisa's appearance.

"Well, I've got somewhere to be." She answered. "I'm starting my Internship with Dr. Fink. We're going to look at that object in the sky that's on the news."

"Isn't he the guy we go to when we're sick?" Bart asked, tilting his head to the left.

"No," Lisa answered "That's doctor Hibert. Dr. Fink is the guy who showed us our futures, remember?"

"Oh yeah," Bart commented "You're gonna date Milhouse, you're gonna date Milhouse!" he then taunted.

"I'm done with this." she said, finally entering the garage. "The future is my own to decide."

With that, she got on her bike, and rode off.


The alarm clock in his bedroom went off, making the loud, blaring beep, constantly repeating.

Homer reached out, and mashed the snooze button; thinking he'd shut it off.

Immediately, he sat up, and cheered. "Woo-hoo!" he yelled "Movie Marathon Saturday!"

He then got up, and ran to the stairs. He stepped blindly, not caring where he went.

He stepped on the cat's tail, and tripped over the dog on his way to start going down the stairs. Upon being tripped, he fell down the stairs; yelling "D'oh" at each impact.

When he reached the bottom in a heap, he looked up at the ceiling, before immediately crawling back onto his feet.

He made his way into the kitchen to check that all of his snacks were still there.

Opening the fridge, he counted every jar of dip he'd bought at the store was still there.

He'd purchased three jars of onion dip, two of bean; five of queso, salsa, and guacamole. He'd had four large tubs of sour cream to top it all off.

He checked also to see that all ten thirty-two packs of beer were still there. He brushed over the pack of Buzz Cola that The Boy requested, before making his way to the pantry.

Opening up, he saw all thirty bags of chips. He'd had ten bags of Ruffles, ten bags of salsa chips, and ten of different brands; namely Doritios, Lays, and those new SunChips that Marge had bought him.

He then eyed Bart, who was currently making his way from the phone. "Boy," he said "You'd better not touch my snacks."

"You can have it all dad," Bart replied. "Just a sooner heart attack on your end."

This pissed him off. "Why you little!" he yelled, before reaching across the table to strangle him.

This went on for about five seconds before he was interrupted. "Homer!" Marge yelled. "don't strangle Bart."

Immediately he released his son from his grip. "He said I was a heart attack waiting to happen." He protested.

"But I didn't though!" Bart yelled, throwing his hands over his eyes.

"Bart," Marge finished "Don't make fun of your dad's weight. You're fathers very self-conscious about his weight."

"Alright." The boy said, "Can I go now?" he then asked.

"Yes Bart." Marge permissed.

The boy ran his way out of the kitchen, and could be heard running up the stairs.

Marge then turned her head to face Homer. "Now do you want me to fix all of your snacks yet." She asked.

Homer paused, before going off and singing the tune to Centerfold by the J. Giels Band.

"I asked you a question Homey." She said, interrupting the tune that she had to admit was catchy.

"Not yet Marge." He answered "We have to save them for the movies." He explained. "I want to make sure that we have enough to eat. You know how those movies always made me hungry."

"Oh yeah," Marge said. "Never got why." She paused. "Are you still inviting Lenny and Carl?"

"You bet I am," he answered. "Can I invite Barney over?" he asked, a begging look now on his face.

"Of course you can Homer." She answered "Just make sure he get's home okay. I saw this one PSA and there's a statistic about how drunk people don't mak…"

That was all she got out. At this, Homer yelled "Woo-hoo!" and immediately ran to the car, still in his underwear.

"Put some pants on first!" she yelled, cupping her hands to her mouth.

"Awwow!" he yelled, making his way back to his room.


As she rode up to the Lab, slowly and steadily. She was already out of breath.

She got to the rack she had him put up, and locked her bike. Her combination was 475, and as she brought each section of the lock to bear, slowly ticking each part into place.

One by one, she took it in. When she was done, she smiled, and walked into the lab.

When she got in, she yelled "I'm here Professor Fink." She announced.

"Right in the telescope room! You have to see this! Riablaven!" Fink returned.

Immediately, Lisa took the way down the three halls. Left, right, and three doors down.

Entering the telescope room; she saw Fink hunched over a computer. "These dots are both headed to earth, and I've seen them Bat-tling!" he explained, getting up to allow Lisa to look.

She walked up, and put her eye to the viewport. She saw two dots out in space.

She could see one of them grow bigger, steadily moving.

"What is this?" she asked, eyes growing wide.

"It seems to be a space battle." Fink answered "I checked the traject-or-y of the other one, and it's headed straight for Springfield!"


Klax slithered his way onto the bridge. It seemed that Kodos was currently working the tractor beam.

"Kodos," Klax instructed "We must make sure it lands in the settlement they call Springfield. It will be the epicenter of a massive wave."

"Of course" said Kodos "It is so strategic, it has to be done. We'll make sure that they receive the spawn we've created."

Kodos centered it, and released the tractor beam. It seemed that the Derelict Ship that they released was to be their weapon of choice.

Slowly, and surely, the leathery, horseshoe-shaped ship fell to earth.