Nikita had spent the past few hours being tortured after a mission went wrong, she didn't know who killed the man's son, yet they beat her for something she didn't know about. Michael had of course rescued her in time, and in the process shot every single man that surrounded the woman he loves.

Now she lay in bed with her face battered and her body bruised, she was barely awake and watching Michael get changed, she murmured softly to him.

Michael sat down with a gentle look on his face and carefully brushed her golden locks from her marked face, "What did you say beautiful?" he asked with love and tenderness, a marginal difference from the cold and harsh man that had taken out the men barely an hour ago.

The beautiful blonde smiled faintly, "I want Mia" she said softly in a whisper, not realizing that at that moment her own boss was planning to kill her or Michael. She had managed to hide the child from everyone.

Michael nodded and went into a soft pink bedroom, all done up for a princess, and knelt beside a small bed lifting a sleeping child into his arms. The tiny three year old smiled softly and snuggled into her father.

Nikita smiled and took the young girl into her arms and held her close with the child's head resting upon her chest, content having her little girl close to her.

Mia smiled happily and snuggled into her mother, looking up at her and kissing her mother, "I love you Mommy" she said with a cheerful smile

The older blonde smiled happily and kissed the little one's curly blonde locks, "I love you too my darling" she said happily and Michael got in beside them and gradually they fell asleep with their daughter dreaming between them. Unaware of the dangers that lay ahead

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