I'm Back! Don't shoot as I have very good reasons for a long absense. Firstly my last netbook broke as it got stepped on... Great... Took me a month before I could get a new one which also meant I lost all chapters from ALL my stories and had to start from scratch.. so slowly getting there. My brother has been shipped to Afghan so I spends weeks panicking about him before he decides to call me and lastly I have now decided to start a degree at Uni! Panicking slightly but think I can do it! Only three years to get through it. But anyway this is a short chapter but I hope you enjoy it (and that the format stays right) Enjoy


All my life I've been good but now

ooooh, I'm thinking, what the hell?

All I want is to mess around

And I don't really care about
If you love me, if you hate me

You can't save me,

-Avril Lavigne


From the day he brings his newborn girl home, a father lives in fear that someday she'll get hurt.

Haruhi walked down stairs and walked into the dining room. Her father sat in front of her and she took a breath. Things were becoming strained between the pair of them. As much as he loved having Haruhi back in Japan, he didnt approve of the choices she had made since coming back.

Haruhi slipt into the seat and began helping herself to fresh fruit. She watched her father from the corner of her eye and waited for the speech about the importance of a good breakfast to start. After five minutes of waiting, haruhi gave up and began sipping her tea and taking small bites of her strawberry whilst tapping the heel of her shoe against the floor.

"You're going out wearing that?" Haruhi looked down at her outfit, a tight white blouse with a black skirt, knee high tights and black lace heels. She took a deep breath before replying

"What's wrong with it?" Ranka placed his spoon down before saying

"i don't what happened in America that changed you but this is wasn't i thought you would be like. The dresses, language, your attitude, you have really dissappointed me" Haruhi scoffed before replying

"I've dissappointed you? For years I have struggled with everything. I have worked for years to get to where I am but now I can have a life, be like every other person at Ouran and I've dissappointed you" She moved the chair back and took out the door, leaving Ranka alone.

That someday she'll hate him.

She stepped outside the door and wiped away a tear before pulling out her phone and texting Kyouya

Can't do today. Skip?

The reply almost came instantly

Yes, Pick you up in five.


The streets were dark by the time kyouya's driver bagan taking them home. Haruhi was partially across Kyouya's lap, their fingers intertwined.

"Thank you for today, for listening and for the ride home" Kyouya looked down at her, smiling before pressing a kiss to her forehead and replying

"You're welcome. You look so beautiful" Haruhi leaned up and pressed her lips against Kyouya's own. After a second he pulled back and asked

"Are you sure?" Haruhi kissed him again and it didn't take long for the passion to grow and for Kyouya to take charge. He pulled her up on his lap and pulled away to place small kisses against the side of her neck whilst slowly unbuttoning her shirt. Haruhi helped to shrug off the top before bringing Kyouya's lips back to her own and allowing him to lay her down on the back seat of the limo.

And worst of all, that someday she'll grow up