-A/N: This is ONLY AU because Blaine is a Senior and 18, as is Kurt. Also, personal Headcanon: Blaine lives in the next town over from Lima between it and Westerville. Thank you, and enjoy!-

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas


Many Thanks

Kurt Hummel lovedwinter. After Halloween was over he got to go absolutely crazy baking and cooking and wearing every new sweater he'd acquired on in these fall months. Winter meant snow, and hot chocolate and finally getting to cuddle up with someone by a fire and watch Christmas movies and eat cookies.

He sighed to himself, smiling as he flicked through the three-ringed binder in front of him. He was trying to compose a grocery list for Thanksgiving and was going through his options, humming happily.

"You're happy," Burt remarked, passing him on the couch. Kurt smiled at him, laughing a little.

"Thanksgiving is when I reveal my master piece's of the year. You know how much I look forward to it," he said pointedly. Burt nodded.

"You got everything figured out yet?" He wondered.

"Getting there. Who all is attending this year?" He asked, running through turkey prices in his head.

"I told Finn he could invite Rachel if he wanted, Puck's probably gonna stop by, your grandma, Blaine, if he isn't busy, and the four of us." He quickly jotted down several items on his list before standing to retrieve his coat.

"Where are you goin?" Burt said, flicking his eyes away from the football game on the screen.

"I only have four days to get all of this together and if I don't want the reject turkeys that starved to death I need to get out there now," he sighed, wrapping a scarf around his neck. "Should be fun fighting middle-aged housewives that train for this."

"Just don't come home with another manicure to the face," his father chortled.

"Hey, she knew that last tube of crescent rolls were mine," he smiled. "I'll see you later, Dad."

He bustled through the supermarket, glaring at the fourth person to run into his cart, sighing heavily as he pulled up to the apple display, plucking one from the bunch and examining it closely.

Suddenly there were hands on his waist a mouth beside his ear. "I know this is sudden, but we should run away together. Who cares what our parents say, who cares that you don't have a dowry? Let's away into the night, just the two of us."

Kurt blushed and smiled before turning around to meet Blaine's eyes. "You've been in your romance novels again, haven't you?"

"Guilty," he chortled. He peeked in his shopping cart. "Thanksgiving?"

"Mmhm," Kurt said, smiling triumphantly. "Trying to get everything together. I have to start on my stuffing tomorrow and marinate the turkey and about a million other things before Thursday."

"Well, I know it'll all come together and be absolutely spectacular. How does Carole feel about you taking over?" He asked, tossing an apple back and forth. Kurt shrugged.

"She's helping me out. She's actually excited that she doesn't have to do much for a change. She and Dad get to relax, Finn gets to play his videogames and I get to have fun cooking," he said happily. "What brings you out here, anyway?"

Blaine smiled, patting the basket. "Only place around that sells oreccchiette noodles," he explained. Kurt smiled.

"So what are you doing for Thanksgiving?" He asked wryly.

"My parents are going on vacation," he explained. Kurt perked up.

"Oh? Where are you going?" He asked, cocking his head. Blaine's smile turned rueful as he looked at the floor, pain flashing over his eyes, dulling them briefly.

"I, um," he laughed a little. "I wasn't invited."

Kurt had to stop for a moment and process what he'd just been told.

"They're…they're going without you?" He asked, voice soft, eyes hurt.

"Yeah," he says, acting a little too nonchalant, a little too used to being treated like this. "They always do. Ever since I was old enough to stay home alone, anyway. They have a whole week off, so they go somewhere in the world for a week to get away from work…and me, usually."

"So…so what do you do for…for Thanksgiving?" He asked, a little afraid of the answer. Blaine shrugged.

"Watch the Macy's Day Parade, sit, eat, read," he said with no particular enthusiasm. He scratched the back of his neck, looking at him. "The usual, I guess."

"You spend Thanksgiving all alone?" Kurt said, his heart aching.

"Sure do."

"That's awful," he said. Blaine looked up at him through his lashes, shrugging again.

"That's just how it is. That's how it's always been," he said. "I don't mind."

Liar, Kurt thought. He saw how it hurt him, he could see it in his eyes. God, his father hurt him so deeply, and for so long. The pale boy glanced around before gently taking Blaine's hand, looking right into those broken eyes.

"You're coming to my house, this year. Dad already said you could if you wanted, so I'm inviting you," he said gently. Blaine lit up so fast it almost knocked Kurt down, a smile beaming from that adorable, dimpled face.

"Really? That's okay? You're sure?" He asked. Kurt smiled, wishing he could just hug him, but in this setting…

"Why on earth wouldn't I want to spend the day with you?" He asked rhetorically. Blaine's smile grew and he squeezed his hand tighter. Kurt's smile turned to more of a wry smirk, stepping just a little closer to him. "And I might just have to pay you a visit while you're all alone in that empty house of yours. I wouldn't want you to be too lonely."

Blaine blushed almost immediately at what he was proposing. "Oh?" Was all he could manage. Only person on the face of the earth that turned him to putty in an instant.

"Mmhm. I think I could visit you tonight, just to make sure you're okay," he said in a way that sent goosebumps rippling down his spine.

"Oh-okay," he gasped.

"I'll call you," he winked, scampering toward the check out.

He left Blaine blushing and trying to breathe properly. He finally snapped out of it, hurrying along due to the highly important matter he'd be dealing with sometime soon.


"Dad, I'm goin' over to Blaine's!" Kurt called.

"Be back by curfew!"


Finn looked between the hall Kurt had just left from and Burt, who was standing in front of him at the island, incredulous.

"You know what they're gonna do, right?" He urged. Burt chuckled.

"Uh huh. But there's not much I can do about it," he shrugged, sipping his beer. "He's eighteen. The only thing I can do is ask him to come home at a certain time. Besides, it's not in my house."

Finn blushed, twiddling his thumbs guiltily. "Well, I'll be eighteen soon enough-"

"And you still won't be able to go over to Rachel's when her Dad's aren't home," he explained. Finn frowned.

"That's not fair!"

"There's less to worry about with Kurt," Burt said pointedly.


Burt chuckled. "Kurt can't get Blaine pregnant."

"Oh, Blaine…"


"Mmn!" He gripped Blaine's shoulders tighter, burying his face in his shoulder, choking a sob as he slowly came down. Blaine collapsed on top of him, kissing him clumsily.

"You're wonderful," he breathed. Kurt smiled, his own breath still shuddering.

"So are you," he gasped, kissing his cheek. "I suppose this solved your loneliness problem?" Blaine smiled, holding him and combing his fingers through his hair.

"For the time being," he sighed, leaning his head on his chest. "Do you have to go so soon?" The pale boy peered at the clock.

"I have some time left, and you'll see me tomorrow. You wanted to help me in the kitchen, right?" He said softly.

"Mmhm," he nuzzled further into Kurt's chest, hugging him tighter. Kurt shut his eyes, sighing.

"I vote we cuddle until I have to leave," he breathed, closing his eyes and burying his face in Blaine's hair. The dark-haired boy nodded.

"Excellent idea."

He knew now that this was going to be different. Everything was. Kurt made everything better as it was, but he could feel something coming, something wonderful that would be there very soon.

But for now he was safe and warm lying in Kurt's arms without a care in the world. No Dad, no Mom, no Sebastian. Just Kurt.

He smiled, and gave his boyfriend a kiss.

-Lots of domestic-type cuteness to come! Let me know what you think so far!-