-This is just complete and total kinky smut, not gonna lie. Enjoy!-



Blaine's jaw dropped, salivating. His eyes roved over the beautiful curves, he wanted nothing more than to taste his skin. His flawless, perfect, delicious porcelain skin.

"Uh-uh, Kurt," he breathed, voice shaking. He swallowed hard, his Adam's apple bobbing almost comically. "Wh-what are you doing?"

"Getting comfortable, like you told me to," he said coyly, batting those long eyelashes. "Unless you'd like me to-"

"No!" Blaine exclaimed. "No, no, no, don't move. For the love of God, don't move." He stepped closer to him, cautiously almost, as if he'd frighten the angel away.

"So…" Kurt ventured, chewing his lip. "Is this…good?"

"Phenomenal," he breathed. "God, Kurt you look so…"

"So…what?" He urged. Blaine whined, sitting gingerly on the bed, not wanting to disturb the beauty.

"I want to kiss you all over," he whispered. "I want to taste you, I want to feel you. You look so good I just, I can't help it."

"I'm completely yours, now," he said. "Not that I wasn't before but you can do whatever you wish to me. I'm all yours."

Blaine tilted his chin up, kissing him softly before delving his tongue directly into his mouth, tugging him into a hot, slow, wet kiss, tearing his shirts off. Kurt sighed happily, succumbing to him, letting him do whatever he wanted to him. He moved to sit up when Blaine stopped him. "No, stay. Lay back down," he whispered. He was kissing him again, moving down to his jaw and finally to his neck. He carefully pressed Kurt to the bed, lips heading to the back of his neck. Kurt sighed again, cheek pressed to the sheets. "Just relax," Blaine whispered, his soft breath tickling Kurt's ear. He shivered slightly, exhaling slowly.

Blaine looked at the sea of porcelain that lay before him, firm, soft and ready. He went back to kissing his neck, suckling gently, so soft and delicate. His chest tightened, heart skipping a beat when Kurt keened, leaning so he was closer and more accessible to him.

"Mmm…" Blaine swallowed, moving now to his shoulders, hands moving to run up and down his back, caressing him. Kurt cooed another sigh, smiling lightly. Blaine kissed the nape of his neck and his shoulders, deciding to go for a completely different technique. He bit, softly at first , slowly changing the angle of his fingers from the pads to his nails. Kurt's breath quickened, a light sheen of sweat forming at his hairline. He began to writhe ever so slightly, his arousal becoming slightly harder to ignore, and the brush of the satin sheets was incredible.

Blaine was biting harder now, marking what was his. He slid his hands underneath him, burying his face in his skin. He breathed in deeply, kissing him, hands on his stomach. Kurt whimpered this time, arcing into Blaine's body, trying to keep his breathing even.

"Blaine," he gulped. He smirked a little his hands caressing his sides and his hips before cupping the firm cheeks that rose gracefully from the small of his back. Kurt whimpered again, the sound plunging into a low growl that sent shivers down his spine.

He started making the journey down Kurt's back, lapping and kissing his skin, a cat tasting the most savory cream he could ever hope to find. Kurt's back arced again, the noises coming from his throat almost inhuman, but incredibly arousing all at once.

"You like that?" He asked, voice husky.

"Yes," he gasped, eyes closed, kiss-bruised lips parted in attempts to gain more oxygen. The dark-haired boy continued to kiss and lick and bite down his back before he reached the flesh his hands had been kneading for the past few minutes. Kurt was gasping, his chest rising and falling so fast it was almost worrisome. "Blaine, wh-what is it exactly that you're doing?" He breathed. Blaine smiled.

"Worshipping you," he whispered. Kurt shivered. Blaine pressed his tongue into the dimples in his back, deft fingers lightly massaging his plump ass. He kissed his cheek, feeling goosebumps rise over his skin, his body tensing in anticipation. "God, Kurt, you're so beautiful." He kissed again, taking a bit of the flesh between his teeth, biting. Kurt yelped, body jerking at the sudden sensation. "Is this okay?" Kurt nodded, the sweat on his brow collecting faster now. Blaine continued to kiss and bite his ass-cheeks, bringing his hand down in a hard slap in the heat of the moment.

Kurt moaned, and not in the way he'd moaned before. No that moan was…was primal. It was high in his vocal range, breathy, wanton and possibly the most arousing thing Blaine had ever heard. "Kurt, did…did you like that?"

"Yes," he hissed, surprised at himself. "Yes, Blaine, I-I liked it."

"Do…do you want me to do it again?" He asked, excitement and anticipation dripping from his words.

"Yes." The word's barely out before his hand comes back down, the sound of skin on skin echoing through the room. Kurt keens again, sweating all over, his hair damp again, fingers clenching the sheets. Blaine's watching his face now, watching as he, as he spanks him. His body slithers on the bed again, arcing and shaking, eyes closed, beautiful lips parted, panting for air.

Blaine dives back into those lips, blocking his air with his tongue. He turns him, easing him up off the bed, standing and taking him into his arms, kissing him and running open palms softly over the reddening skin. He slowly backs him into the dresser, where Kurt instantly turns around, palms flat on top of the furniture, bracing himself, looking at Blaine through the mirror in front of him.

Another slap, the sound becoming wetter as his body is coated in sweat. Kurt moans again, loud and filthy, throwing his head back to bear his sweat-slicked throat, so hard it's starting to hurt.

"Harder," he demands. Blaine obliges, his knees buckling when Kurt whimpers, licking his lips, so lost in his own pleasure. Blaine kisses him again, tasting him, luring his tongue and teasing it before spanking him again. "Harder!"

This was so, so dirty. Something unlike anything they'd done before, and Blaine was loving every second of it. "Talk to me, Kurt," he hissed beside his ear, teasing the lobe with his tongue. "C'mon, baby, talk dirty to me." Kurt smiled a little, impish and blown.

"Spank me harder, baby," he breathed. "Feels so fucking good. I love it when you make me scream like that. Hit me harder!" Blaine groaned, slapping him again. Kurt whined again, refusing to give his arousal any attention until he'd had his fill of this, or until Blaine's spanking made him come. "MMN! You gonna fuck me, too, baby? Is that what you want? You want to fuck my mouth again?" Another slap. "So good, so good!" Another. "Uhun, mmm, harder!"

"I don't want to hurt you," Blaine said breathily, his pants so tight he thought he might burst.

"I didn't say don't hurt me, I said harder," Kurt growled, leaning back to catch his lips in a hard, messy kiss, arm snaking around his neck to tug at his hair. Blaine allowed the treatment, rubbing the crotch of his pants against the abused flesh, moaning himself.

"Kurt…" He sighed. This was one hell of a way to consummate a marriage. He brought his hand down on his backside, hard, much harder than he had been previously, listening to Kurt squeal, kissing his neck and his back, watching his skin get redder and redder. "So beautiful." Kurt suddenly turned around, ripping through Blaine's zipper and button, shoving them and his boxer-briefs down to his ankles, taking his arousal in his hand, stroking lightly. Blaine's knees gave out briefly, sending him into Kurt's lips again, where they crushed, sucked and devoured, his body shaking as Kurt continued the pattern, moving faster and tightening his grip.

Blaine suddenly grabbed under his thighs, hoisting him up onto the dresser, pressing their arousals together and wrapping his hand around them, pumping hard and fast. Kurt's legs were spread and angled, his head pressed against the mirror behind him, voice throaty from crying out, hips jerking and rubbing against Blaine's rapidly, the sounds coming from his throat so high it was almost inhuman.

Blaine's whole world was far too hot, far too sweaty. His eyes rested on Kurt's face, on those swollen lips, his pinked cheeks and his positively gorgeous body. He latched onto his neck, listening to him curse and repeat his name over and over.

He brought his hand down in one final, resounding slap. Kurt practically screamed, his entire body tensing, tendons taught in his neck, hips giving those final jerks as the most intense orgasm he'd yet to feel rocked his body. Blaine rode him out through the waves, making him whimper as he continued to press and pump his overly-sensitized member.

"Come for me, Blaine." That little, hoarse and rough whisper sent him spiraling over the edge, jerking so violently before collapsing into Kurt's chest, gasping for air and shuddering almost violently.

"Oh my God," he gulped, thrown and buzzing. Kurt chuckled, feeling boneless and sore.

"Yeah," he breathed.

"That was, you're so, oh my God," he gasped. Kurt smirked.

"Yeah." They kissed, softly and gently, lips bruised and sensitive. "Can't wait to see what round two's like." They looked at each other for a beat, staring right into their eyes, anticipation and pure want resting there, before they brought their lips together in another passionate embrace.