Megatron's Heir

Starscream released a cry of pain as another contraction hit.

An hour ago, the Seeker had gone into labor. Megatron had rushed him to sick-bay and now the flyer was lying on the medical slab, his legs spread and port exposed as it dilated. His mate stood in front of him, watching as more energon blood came from the Seeker's port.

Starscream released another shriek and clawed at the slab, leaving marks in his claws' wake.

Time seemed to slow down to a crawl as the Seeker watched Knock Out running around sick-bay with Breakdown following behind him and doing everything the red mech told him to. Starscream screamed again as he felt his infant's helm crown.


Megatron watched, fascinated by what he was witnessing. "Keep going Starscream," the Decepticon Lord encouraged. "She's almost here."

Starscream pushed and the helm made it out his port. Another push caused a shoulder to come and then the other. When part of the seekerling's torso was out, Knock Out helped with her exit. He pulled the little one the rest of the way out then cut her energon line.

When she was freed from her carrier, her wings unfolded from her back and, when Knock Out cleared her vents of all excess fluid, she released an audio splitting shriek, leaving no doubt of whom her carrier was.

Knock Out wrapped the tiny seekerling up in a blanket then gave her to Megatron. "Congratulations my Lord."

Megatron held the crying infant carefully and watched as she clawed the air.

She was so small…

But so adorable as well!

He walked to his exhausted mate's side and handed their sparkling to him. "She's perfect Starscream." The Seeker smiled tiredly at the statement as he gazed at his daughter.

She looked so much like him. Except for areas where he was grey or red. She was purple in those areas instead. She had the same crest on her helm that Starscream had, except hers was purple instead of red. And she even had the Seeker's long claws.

Starscream caressed his daughter's wings then calmly and quietly shushed her. Her cries slowly died down then, she opened her eyes and saw her parents for the first time.

Starscream saw that something of Megatron did make it to their daughter. Her eyes were the same shape as her carrier's, but instead of his bright scarlet with silver pupil eyes, she had her father's deep crimson orbs with yellow irises, and purple circled the edge of her irises and her pupils.

She smiled up at her parents and laughed happily. That's when Starscream saw four fangs in his daughter's mouth. Two on top, two on the bottom.

She was beautiful.

And she was his and Megatron's.

"What will we call her?" Starscream asked as he continued caressing his daughter's helm. The seekerling cooed and nuzzled the older jet's hand.

Megatron smiled and stroked the other side of the little one's helm. The seekerling grabbed her father's finger with both her miniscule hands and squeezed, earning a chuckle from both her parents.

"I was thinking…I like the name Twilight."

"Twilight?" Starscream inquired. "I like it. What made you think of that?"

"She's the reason the fighting between you and I finally came to an end. And I have a feeling she will be the reason this war comes to an end as well."

Starscream smiled then stated, "Twilight; her parents' pride and joy. And Megatron's true heir."


And thus, the Caring Series draws to the close. Thank you everyone for your wonderful reviews and thanks for favoriting this series. Now, I will take a break and maybe work on Freedom for a while. Hope to hear from yall soon, see ya. :)