"Not again, Gui Gui, French toasts for dinner?" Xiao Xun pouted with a disgruntled face at her closest buddy cum housemate.

The girl simply shrugged innocently and sat down opposite her at the small desk being used as a modest dining table. Xiao Xun pulled the passive-looking friend upclose and pleaded with impatience, "Another round of this loathsome dish and I'll be heading out for supper, got it?"

Gui Gui stared back at her pair of forceful eyes nonchalantly, "It's all up to you..."

It was only to be expected that Xiao Xun would bawl unreservedly in exasperation. As Gui Gui was about to help herself to her one and only slice of pan-fried egg and toast, a sharp interruption caused her to drop the utensils abruptly.

Xiao Xun was also greatly disturbed. A flash of a second ago, the sound of a loud thud was heard. They gathered that it originated from outside their apartment door.

Turning to each other with knowing glances, they both then dashed out right away to watch out for the source of the fright.