One year later...

They walked out of the clinic hand in hand, overly glad that Gui Gui's therapy sessions had shown great improvements. Pausing to enjoy the warm and refreshing sunshine, Aaron turned to her with a mesmerising smile.

Gui Gui held up a folder of stuff which she managed to produce from a while ago. She beamed with delight, "Now, with these rough sketches of my parents' appearance, faint recall of their names and that little Bible of yours which happens to previously belong to my mom, it would not be that tough in finding them...I'm getting all excited already!"

Affectionately ruffling her hair, he was immensely happy for her, "The day of your family reunion is indeed drawing near..."


Leaning back against the glass panel of the shop front with his knapsack behind acting as a cushioning warmth, he drank in considerable sips after sips continuously to quench his heavy thirst. Intent-looking eyes observing every angle of the surroundings all about him, he noticed that pace of life in this part of the city he had arrived in was not as hectic as he anticipated in the first place. This must be a contrast to the higher cost of housing area located elsewhere. It was also low-key and people did not rush about to speed against time.

His keen gaze then fell unto a rack of printed brochures not far from his side. He went over and picked up a sheet of free map displayed. He skimmed through the various labels of road names and symbols in a flash of brief few seconds before folding the whole piece of thing and stuffing into his pants pocket.

Turning around, he wanted to continue to explore further the place when an inadvertent sideglance caused him to be aware of a huge brightly-coloured box lying on the ground a few steps away. He quickly straddled towards it without a second thought.

Getting down to read the words written across it, he found out that it contained a load of free books available for anyone to grab hold of. He tried to get a better view of the many titles inside. Soon, more interested passers-by crowded around the spot. He could not make a clear decision over which one was specially meant for him. Then, one of the people threw back in a pocket-sized one. Coincidentally, he ended up catching it in his hand.

He studied closely its hardcover, "The Bible?"


She chuckled, "Thanks, let's look forward to yours also together as well!"

He nodded. Having her thoughts refocused back on Aaron, Gui Gui was reminded with concern, "Right, so sorry...Being your artiste manager, I still need to take time off your schedule to attend today's session...And, you have to postpone your concert press conference another time again...Giving both local and international media a big fuss...It's all my fault..."

His gaze softened towards her downcast face and he took her hand to kiss it fervently. Then, he drew her close to himself to embrace her tightly, consoling her, "You're most important than anything among all...The brilliance of my heart,...I can just imagine, that day...when it comes, we'll be the most fortunate people on earth...To be able to see our parents face to face once more...That's not what any fortune can buy...To exchange for that moment with any price...I am more than willing whoelheartedly...Isn't that, Gui?"

His words spoke so true of so much painstaking yearning within themselves. She agreed and clinged more dearly unto him, "Yes, we're aiming for it...It will be very, very soon..."

Even now, he was already well content, with her in his own arms. They continued to revel in their share of bliss. He gently planted another kiss on her sweet honey-scented hair.

Without realising, a thought popped in Gui Gui's mind, "Aaron, I am suddenly missing that old apartment where we used to live..."

He figured it a good idea, "Let's not return to our mansion so soon...We'll head over to our old home on the way...What do you think?"

Gui Gui immediately cried out with bursting joy, "For sure...Let's go!"

He was amused by her cheerfulness and they hurried to set off together.


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