Who kidnapped Santa?

Chapter 1


Jess and Jackson are in year 6 class. The class was waiting for him to arrive. Jess looked around the room. She saw Nina finishing her maths homework (that was due next week!), Sam and Ben at the back of the room flicking rubber bands at poor innocent people, Polly admiring Jade's new haircut, and Ashley had her nose in a book. came in suddenly wearing a Santa suit carrying a small sack. "Ho ho ho" he said "This week we will be working on a task called 'who kidnapped Santa?'. We will start tomorrow." Reece put his hand up "Yes Reece?" "Can we work in groups?" Reece asked. "I don't see why not" Mr Porrands said. Reece and Jackson High-fived. Jess felt something sharp hit the back of her neck, she raised her hand to feel what had hit her. "Jackson" she muttered under her breath. She unfolded the paper plane and read the message: Come to the milkshake shack after school. P.S Bring Angie along, Reece is coming. Jess scribbled something on a piece of paper and tossed it to Angie, she watched Angie as she unfolded the screwed up paper and nodded. After school Jess and Angie headed to the Milkshake shack. Angie tucked her strawberry-blonde hair behind her ear, "Why do Jackson and Reece want us." Jess asked, "I'm not sure" Angie answered. They tried to push open the door but it was locked. "Its locked" Angie said "But there are people inside" "Hmm they're probably just workers, and besides Jackson probably meant outside the shack."Jess said. She leaned against the door, as the door opened she fell flat on her back. Angie helped Jess up, they walked to the booth that Reece and Jackson were sitting in they were bursting out laughing. "So what we wanted you for, we were wondering if you wanted to be in a group for who kidnapped Santa?" Jackson said. "Sure" Angie and Jess said together. "I thought you would be embarrassed to be in a group with your twin sister" Jess said and she poked her tongue out at Jackson "Ha ha, very funny" He said. They ordered a large triple swirl delight milkshake extra swirls and shared it between them. After they finished the milkshake they all went home, they waved Angie and Reece off a few blocks down. When they got home Jackson jumped onto the couch and turned on the football. Jess rolled her eyes and headed upstairs to her room.