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Planet Mobious, the Knothole. The people of the Knothole walked through the village; it was a peaceful day. The sun shined, but it was getting late in the day. It was just a few days since the thwarted assassination of the king and the interruption of Patch and Sally's wedding. In the most eastern part of the village sat Bunnie Rabbot's hut. She sat on the edge of her bed after have waking. Her spirits lifted now that Antoine was back. She was happy he was with her again because she had been so lonely. However, even after the long stint of there on off relationship over the years they decided to take a break because each other were not feeling that fire they used to in their relationship. Antoine coming back wasn't as great as she had expected.

When Antoine had been kidnapped, she had let her emotions get the best of her. The anger and shame flushed over her; she stood and made her way out of her hut and walked in the direction of the forest. Her face neutral, she still felt horrible about it. More because it wasn't even the real Sonic, she had been messing with an imposter. That dirty hedgehog took advantage of her and many other women. Although she knew that was an excuse to mask her own wrong doings; she knew. Bunnie reached the outer rim of the Knothole and not going any place, in particular; she wandered through the forest.

Messing around with Scourge wasn't the only reason she felt bad in the situation though. She'd choose to mess around with Scourge when she didn't know it was Sonic, because she was trying to use Sonic to make Antoine jealous; Patch. Ever since she and Antoine had been together every now and then Antoine's jealousy of Sonic would rile him up. She had hoped it would've worked. However, not knowing it was Patch; it had no effect. She had used very low tactics to try to achieve her goal without realizing the implications of what she had done.

First, she had been using one of Antoine's worst feelings against him and second...thank goodness it wasn't the real Sonic. She almost used Sonic like he didn't mean anything to her. Bunnie hung her head low walking along; she knew more than anybody that was furthest from the truth. She looked over her robotic body parts remembering the cold grip of death before Sonic had saved her from being robotized. Her and the gang had been real tough on Sonic after he unwilling attacked the Knothole and after coming back from space and stopping the Antis. The irony was that neither events were directly his fault yet he was still blamed. Even after Sonic had cleared his name from the Mecha Sonic incident the Freedom Fighters in secret had watched Sonic up until he was teleported into space...

After her embarrassing forte with Scourge, she saw in her weakest moments how...evil she could be. Bunnie spotted a stump and went over and sat in the quiet of nature.

It was both guilt and sympathy that pushed her to wonder about Sonic's recent unsettling behavior; she was more worried about what had happened to him now. She wished things would just be ok for everyone, that Eggman would disappear, and they could live a normal life. Eggman did a major blow to Sonic when he roboticized him. She was beginning to see some of that bad emotion about it seep from Sonic and Bunnie was to say the least just as afraid as when he was Mecha Sonic. That might've been another reason the people were fearful of Sonic to now. Because they looked at Sonic like he was Eggman's puppet. Antoine hadn't been any help during the crisis either, actually surprising Bunnie when she saw him quite pleased that Sonic was tired for treason. His attitude had changed for the better but that had caused some friction in their relationship. Even so, Bunnie could not deny being called a hypocrite by Antoine when she was almost on the same page of fearing Sonic. Saying what was happening to Sonic was bad yet at the same time saying he was dangerous. Only being separated by her empathy. Both actions led them to this temporary breakup. Antoine was not at all pleased when he found out about Scourge. He told her to admit any feelings about Sonic. Bunnie told him the truth saying she just used him but after saying those words, she felt wrong. Her thoughts were interrupted as a swirl off wind surrounded the area and Sonic screeched to a stop in front of her. Bunnie laid her hands on the stump leaning back; she smiled at the cocky grin he always held.

Sonic put his fist on his hips "Yo. What are doing out here Bunnie?"

"Nothin much. Just clearin ma head. I am kinda restless with what Nicole was saying the other day." Bunnie said smiling.

"Yeah yeah, she said she could create a city with tiny robots or something. It sure would be nice." Sonic with a thoughtful face.

"We wouldn't be infiltrated so easy neither..." Bunnie said slightly looking away. Bunnie saw in her peripheral vision that Sonic visibly had become uneasy. Bunnie quickly turned back to him; she had hurt him with what she had done. She had been trying to deny it in her head but seeing in person made her heart break.

Bunnie stood "I neva meant to do that Sonic, it's just..."

"Forget it, love makes you do crazy things..." Sonic said smiling bit making it an exit conversation; he began to turn a walk away.

Bunnie felt her heart break "Sonic wait!"

Sonic stopped and looked back "I wanna make it up to you. I know I lost some of ya trust...so lets hang. We've neva got a chance to recently." Bunnie said the concern still evident on her face.

Sonic pondered for a hot second then nodded although he still seemed a bit hesitant "Alright..." he said unevenly his face neutral.

Bunnie became neutral by his demeanor and fell into step with him. They made their way back to the Knothole. All the while, she observed Sonic's body language. Their trust was definitely broken. The guys were still weary of Sonic but been trying to help restore Sonic to his previous self by building trust with him. She had saw Tails and Sonic spending more time together lately. Sally spent more time with him too. Bunnie as a major offender hoped this spur-of-the-moment action would lead to something good. They traveled to where most people spent their time socializing in the Knothole, in the middle of the village. The area was pretty loud, but that was the point.

They both took a seat on a log next to each other and conversed "Were going to be I trouble if we don't get some kind of place to stay. I heard the Dark Legion has teamed up with Eggman." Sonic said looking over to her.

"Dont they mess with mechanical things?" Bunnie said sounding a bit worried.

"Yep. The Legion is under control of Lien-Da. Did you know they've been rounding up the people Eggman had roboticized?" Sonic said looking away.

"No, I didn't. I'm only half; I hope they keep their paws to themselves." Bunnie said.

"I dont want to find out. Some people in the Knothole have some robo parts, you know other than you." Bunnie nodded "But that's what the Legion does. If they hacked you, we wouldn't know what would happen. That's what Rotor said anyway." Sonic said looking at the ground.

"I was hopin he wouldn't say that." Bunnie said also looking at the ground.

They sat quietly next to each other while everyone around them was talking up a storm. She had never really sat and talked with Sonic before. Antoine and she spent more time with each other than she remembered now. Rotor was busy. Tails was young, and Sally and Sonic were always doing something. She and Antoine was just bound to happen. She glanced at Sonic seeing he was now more comfortable in her presence. On the other hand, it seemed so anyway, he still looked brunt after coming back from space. She didn't think he was one to hold a grudge but the Mecha Sonic incident had made everyone look as Sonic differently.

"We've been in eternal war times haven't we?" Bunnie asked looking into the sky once more.

Sonic waited a moment scrounging through his mind "It doesn't ever seem like there's good news."

"If we evea make tah the peaceful times I hope everythang is jus perfect." Bunnie said optimistically.

Sonic looked at her questioningly "Maybe I'm just becoming jaded but I kind of like the chaos." Bunnie lost her small smile and Sonic spoke again "Seems like when things die down the real things come of hiding." Sonic said stretching.

She looked at him confused almost knowing what he was eluding to "The real things?"

Sonic remained quiet for a moment slightly confusing her and Bunnie noticed that Sonic had become uncomfortable again. Now she was thinking this spur-of-the-moment thing was a terrible idea. No matter how she tried to deny it, there was some bad water between her and Sonic. He was talking about individual's personal issues and how ugly they were when exposed in quiet times and their worst moments. At least when it was chaotic things that really hurt people were overlooked because of what was going on. When nothing was going on they had to sit and look into a mirror. Being bored was dangerous she knew. When bored you tend to focus on things beyond your reasonable thought, which essentially lead to extremes, which are always bad. She understood the analogy...

Suddenly, they both didn't know what to say anymore. Now as they sat next to each other, they were both looking for an excuse to get away. Bunnie wondered were they even friends anymore because Sonic, at least right now didn't look like he wanted to talk to her. Nevertheless, the feeling of dread was washed away as the alarms in the village went off. The people within the village began to scatter, and chaos ensued. Sonic and Bunnie shot up looking at each other. They both nodded, getting up and running in the direction of the Freedom Fighters hut.

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