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It was another day in the Knothole when Bunnie became aware that she was awake. As her senses came back online, she could hear the bustle of people outside her hut. Her eyes caught sight of the grayness outside of the window; it was definitely going to rain today. She yawned and turned on her side towards Antoine. Quickly, she had forgotten yet again, that Antoine was now living with her. She smiled slightly; she had never lived with anyone since her uncle. They had more differences than she was willing to admit; and they were starting to show last night. Then her smile turned into a frown, now all they had to do was balance out their differences. Bunnie continued looking at his sleeping face, acknowledging to herself that they were different. Now it was time to start doing things together; she had a few things in mind too.

Bunnie got up and sat on the edge of their bed, running her organic hand through her hair. It was starting to get long again; she sighed. She only cut her hair for combat reasons. Along with whatever they were doing today she was going to have to stop and cut it again. Bunnie's expression became dazed as past memories rushed into her mind. She had opened a hair salon in the Knothole when she first met the guys, needless to say it wasn't very successful. Though she took the failure in stride, it still bummed her out sometimes. It was a brief dream but one she still longed for. One she knew she might not have time for when she, and Antoine got closer….

She stared out of the window of their hut in deep thought and with a blank expression. Staring up into the dark-gray clouds in the sky, feeling the cool breeze of air enter the cracks of their hut. She still liked working with hair, and she hoped one day she might return to it. She felt envy when she thought of how beautiful her hair might look if she ever grew it out. Still, she knew with the time she was spending to get her relationship to work, she might forget about her dreams…

Determination built up inside of her when she thought of the life she could have, full of love and happiness with Antoine….

….To fill this void of emptiness she currently felt…

Bunnie broke away from her thoughts with hopefulness that it would be a fine day as she stood from her bed. But something was horribly wrong…Bunnie stumbled towards her window sill feeling an overwhelming queasiness come over her body…

She felt horribly sick in an instant. She gripped the window seal trying to stand but quickly fell to her knees. Her eyes drooped lazily feeling as if she had to throw up then Antoine called her. He yawned "Good morning."

Then suddenly Bunnie felt normal again. She rose to her feet and quizzically looked behind herself at Antoine. She paused looking confused; she wasn't sure what just happened but decided to ignore it for now; Dr. Quack would know what was wrong with her. She was obviously coming down with something….though how bad or what it was, was yet to be determined…it couldn't have been good….

"Mornen!" she said in a jovial tone instantly smiling at him "Are yiah ready ta stick it to Eggman again?"

Antoine sat up and got off their bed "Absolutely, we should get cleaned up right away. Sally said we need to get planning for our next mission later today."

Bunnie was hesitant after her strange little episode but decided not to tell Antoine since she was still feeling ok; she kept her smile "Yeah, let's do thet. But before we head ova thare, how's about we do a lil work out? Take a jog? A few laps around tha Knothole always makes me feel better."

Antoine walked over to a small chest and opened it pulling off his shirt and put on a new shirt. He then looked out the window behind her "It's starting to rain." Bunnie looked back outside; he was right "Even if we ran and did not get mud everywhere, we would be sweaty and tired. I don't want to clean myself just to get dirty again."

Bunnie frowned a bit; she knew Antoine was a neat freak, but she liked working out. But for the sake of her love she knew compromise was needed, and she questioned him sitting opposite of him on the bed and reaching over for her tools "Well do yiah have anythang in mind?"

The sound of wrenches tinkering filled Antoine's ears as he spoke with his back still turned, and he stood from the floor adjusting his new clean clothing "I'd like to go see the current commanding officer induct the new color guards. The color guards are the most elite soldiers there are as of now; it is of the highest prestige."

Bunnie was honest with herself; she did not care. She'd rather just be alone with him or hang around the guys than do military things. Admittedly there alone time wasn't exciting anymore; but she smiled "Thet sounds ok…"

"Plus its inside Castle Acorn, we won't get muddy, and we'll be warm." Antoine turned and walk over to her side of the bed.

He watched Bunnie as she messed around the inside of her right leg; the plating of her leg lay on the floor next to her. Gears, steel poles, and electrical wiring all made Bunnie feel self-conscious and exposed. Antoine and she remained quiet….they needed to get used to seeing each other personally…

"….I might be here a little longer; I'll catch up with yiah. We'll eat and go to the castle." Bunnie said looking to him with a weak smile; though it was really hard to look him in the eyes right now.

Antoine's nervousness was written all over his face "Alright…" Antoine bent down and kissed her on the cheek, and he stared deeply into her eyes grabbing a hold of her organic hand "You are beautiful…"

Bunnie smiled brightly at his gesture and placed her wrench down. She pulled him closer and kissed him on the lips and released him "Thank yiah…"

"Don't take too long." Antoine said with a gentle smile as he left the hut.

Bunnie's smile faltered as he left, letting his sweet nothings wash over her. She didn't feel any strong emotion…she didn't feel any love…

After her experience with Scourge she'd been doing her best to keep a clear head when it came to her emotions. She never again would try and use someone like she did, using who she thought was Sonic to make Antoine jealous; her behavior still embarrassed herself. Antoine's true colors were disguised by endless streams of kisses and compliments. Bunnie turned her attention back to her exposed leg with her brows knotting in frustration on her face. It hadn't happened yet but sooner or later a critical moment would happen between them; then she could see his true colors. See who he really was…to see if he was down…

Bunnie's frown turned into a neutral face as she worked on her leg. It was just like Sonic said a few days ago. When things slow down, the real things come out. In the worst times, and in times of slow, you could see everything and you couldn't hide. Their intentions would be revealed to one another. Bunnie just hoped that Sonic would get better in time. She truly did not mean to hurt him...

Especially after she jumped right into a relationship in front of him, with the person she had used him to get...

Over at the lunch house many residents of the Knothole were enjoying a quick breakfast. Before it started pouring down, most wanted to be indoors as the grey skies clearly indicated rain. The lunch house was an open area with a large extended roof; big enough to seat most people in makeshift tables and chairs. Antoine was in line to get breakfast with thoughts of grandeur on his mind. With a plastic tray in his hand, he took a step forward as someone exited the line with their food. Which was mostly vegetables and fruits; it was hard to produce different types of food with Eggman on their backs all the time.

Antoine yawned, still feeling a bit drowsy; his expression blank. He took a glance over his shoulder at the farthest end of the lunch house. All the guys were sitting together; even Sonic. He stepped forward in line again, wondering how Sonic had been faring. As far as he could tell, he still seemed depressed. But yet and still from the residents of the Knothole that he had run into, though they were still wary of Sonic, they still respected him and expected him to keep fighting Eggman like he was.

Finally, Antoine moved forward and started picking his food. The people's attitude towards Sonic infuriated him. That they still respected him even though they were scared of him. After the Mecha Sonic incident he was sure he would finally see Sonic's respect destroyed. Even though it was partially his fault Sonic was captured by Nack. He had left his post at the jailhouse which allowed Nack to escape. Antoine remembered the day clearly in his head; he was busy planning his coronation party at the time; he was so caught up with it that he'd forgotten about Nack.

Antoine exited the food line and began walking to the back of the lunch house; a slight frown came over his face. Antoine would not lie; he was happy about everyone distrusting Sonic. He thought Sonic was getting a taste of his own medicine; he hated how he picked with him over the years. But after he proved himself innocent and continued doing the right thing….he even saved him from the Anti's…

Antoine was nearing the table when his core problem entered his mind…he was still jealous of Sonic…

Of his heroics, about how he is really the only one who can keep Eggman at bay, and so many more other things. He was still jealous and envious even as Sonic continued to help him to this day just as he helped everyone. And that's what bothered him the most…he had no skills to compete with Sonic…

Practically Sonic had super powers…his speed was so versatile…powerful in a way…

He on the other hand was normal…and it made him jealous…

Antoine greeted the guys a good morning as he sat down at the table with them; Sally sat to his left. But he did have one thing Sonic didn't; Bunnie. It made him feel good about himself just because he was with someone, even if his infatuation with her was gone. That was at least something he didn't have; a somewhat stable relationship. Antoine began eating his food; listening to the conversation going on around the table.

Sally was having a back and forth with Nicole, and she questioned her curiously "So if you have more nanites you can transmute them into harder and denser objects?"

"Yes Sally. Although this goes against my programming, it is possible that I might have to use reinforcement technique's from where I am from." Nicole said just a few inches away from Sally on the table.

"So just how would you go about doing that?" Rotor asked her looking suspicious.

"Sally has informed me of the slang; slick. And you are not. Those are restricted files Rotor." Nicole stated.

Rotor reached over and tapped on her screen with his claw "Aw come on Nicole, just tell me a little about the future."

To which Nicole promptly answered "No."

Rotor sighed, and everyone around the table chuckled, but Sally spoke sternly "There will be plenty of time to interrogate Nicole once we are safer. We'll start discussing tonight's plans this after noon, so everybody don't be late."

She got a brief response from everyone in the form of a yes or a grumble in the case of Sonic. Sally had been tired of the depressing Sonic that sat next to her. She wanted to get him back to what she, and others considered normal for him. She missed his upbeat attitude. There was a little more small talk between Tails and Sonic while everyone ate; Sonic had agreed to teach him to fight. But minutes later Bunnie showed up just as everyone had just about finished their food. At this point Sally had found a good enough excuse to excuse Sonic and herself "Sonic?" she said looking to him with a smile.

He had been daydreaming, not really paying attention; he looked to her blinking his eyes with a curious face "Huh?"

"Could I talk to you?" she said grabbing Nicole and standing from her seat.

"Yeah…sure…" he said standing as well with a neutral face.

Sally handed Nicole to Tails joking "Would you watch Nicole? Make sure Rotor doesn't get her secrets."

Tails smiled brightly and took her; he held her up to his face speaking to Nicole "Don't worry Nicole, Rotor won't be able to find us."

"I trust your judgment." Nicole said in her always neutral tone.

"Well I have other questions…" Rotor said as his brows narrowed in annoyance.

Tails got up from his seat giggling and running away from the table "You won't trick me!"

Rotor got up and followed playing along "I'll let you use the blow torch all day!"

Amy, who had been quiet the whole breakfast finally spoke up and stood from her seat. She looked a bit irritated at Sally "If you need me I'll be at the gym in the castle." she held a pouty face at Sally and spoke in a grumpy tone as she marched off "See you guys later…"

All four knew Amy still had a huge crush on Sonic, so they ignored it for now. She was still pretty upset about not being able to go on their last mission too.

"We meet up past noon Bunnie, don't be late." Sally said with a smile.

"We'll be thear." Bunnie said as she started eating; Antoine nodded with his mouth full of food.

With all obstacles out of Sally's way she went along with her plan walking off "Let's go Sonic."

"Mmmmph…" Sonic mumbled as he followed.

It left Antoine and Bunnie alone for the remainder of breakfast. The air was getting cooler, and the gray clouds were still rolling in. It would start raining soon, and it all made the day a little darker. They ate mostly in silence before they headed off to the castle. Which is something they both considered normal for a relationship; there would be times when they didn't talk. But when it got so quiet it felt a bit strange they felt uncomfortable. But again, they thought it was just part of being in a new relationship; guessing they would get more comfortable in each other's presence alone in time. They sure hoped so…

Sonic and Sally had made their way out of the Knothole to the Freedom Fighters HQ; it was very close to the Knothole. It used to be an old cavern, but it had been renovated for their uses. It had been destroyed by Eggman once in the past but after having fixed it up again they were using it more often again. Their old hut were they planned their missions was starting to be used less and less since their HQ was back in business. The whole base consisted of a common room, bunks, a lab, and a kitchen. Sonic and Sally entered the Freedom Fighters HQ and sat on a couch in the common room.

Sally figured she could be all alone with Sonic here today. With them being all alone she had Sonic's undivided attention already, and she started at him with a sympathetic smile "So…"

Sonic crossed his arms and his face was neutral "What did you want to talk about?"

Sally smirked; as if he didn't know "I wanted to spend some time with you, don't you remember what I said yesterday."

Sonic quickly remembered his agreement before their mission "Oh yeah..." he uncrossed his arms as it was obvious that he didn't want to talk about things "What do you want to do?"

And it was to Sally, but she pushed forward "First let's get…us…out the way…" Sally said as her smile disappeared and she felt quite nervous to be honest. Along with the way she broke up with him in front of the whole village, Mina was something else that was probably still on his mind.

Sonic frowned with a sigh "Sally…"

She frowned as well as the memories of their rocky past entered her mind as she spoke "I miss you…"

Sonic spoke with a pained face "I'm not ready…"

Sally nodded "That's fine Sonic, there's no need to rush." Sonic looked a bit relived before she spoke again with a pleading face "Just let me know, right now, that we can try again someday."

"But...I..." Sonic's words were caught in his throat; he looked uncertain.

But Sally continued to plead, and her voice was always convincing "Please Sonic…"

Sonic couldn't be swayed by her words this time. He hadn't spoken about his problems to anyone since he came back. He felt bad about what went down with Mina too. He acted poorly and because of it, Mina was hurt. When he came back from space and saw her and Ash, he felt sad for multiple reasons. One being was how Mina moved on, and that every time he ran into her there was always unspoken words between them.

Sally grabbed a hold of Sonic's hand, and he remained quiet. Sally stared deep into his eyes as she waited for him to respond. Then he thought of how she slapped him. The embarrassment shook him that day; and still did now. The shame he felt rocked him to the core and after that his current pessimistic self was born. He never felt the same after that day; it was a true traumatic experience. Some days he felt that people were still laughing behind his back although he had never seen it; it always felt so. As he stared into her eyes he felt a bit queasy, the memory was just as fresh as the day it happened…

Sonic felt another wave of depression hit him as he removed her hand from his, and his face was distressed "No…I can't Sally…"

Sally was slightly shocked, but again she understood "Don't give up Sonic…we need you…I need you…"

Sonic tore his eyes away from her; he couldn't look her straight in the face. Sally frowned, something wasn't right. He was always able to bounce back "Sonic? You want to talk about it?"

Sonic kept his eyes away from her, but he was tempted to "Nah..." he swallowed a lump in his throat "I'd rather not…"

Sally looked worried; that use to always work. So she let him be "Ok Sonic…" she respected his space by not throwing her arms around him. Something was seriously wrong this time, but hoped with a little more coercing should could pull him back from the depths "Don't leave us Sonic…"

Sonic closed his eyes and sighed again, when he reopened them he looked back to her with a sad face. Thinking of the only response he could muster "I'll do my best…"

They weren't the words Sally wanted to hear, but a least he was trying to get through whatever was happening to him "…Good…" she said with less enthusiasm standing from the couch, and she spoke doing her best to lighten the mood smiling slightly "I got a recipe book from my mother, let's go see if we can cook something."

Sonic stood and followed her to the kitchen still sounding down "I could go for a snack..."

Sally kept her smile, although she couldn't make a clear distinction on his intentions. Whether he was feeling better by what he said wasn't really a clear indicator anymore. He seemed to be right in-between healing from whatever mental anguish he was experiencing; no more and no less. Though he gave her a bit of hope that he would be the old Sonic again as they began gathering ingredient's for cooking. She was at least sure he hadn't hit the bottom.

Meanwhile at Castle Acorn Bunnie and Antoine sat high atop one of the few grandstands inside the castles largest open area, similar to a gym. Although it was a multipurpose area mainly used by their military, there were many people in attendance; mostly official's occupied the gym area. The military soldiers stood in their nicest outfits in the middle of the area separated into four large groups. The general stood at a podium in the middle of the room, spitting out orders to the soldiers who moved at his command. The few military ceremonies that Antoine had brought Bunnie to had remained the same. These ceremonies were deafly quiet; for some sort of respect that had to do with hardships of war. Bunnie didn't entertain the idea that there was a respect for war; she hated war.

Two grandstands sat next to each other on both sides of the large area. Bunnie and Antoine were at the highest seats near the doors. As the military pageantry went on Antoine was totally engrossed; sitting on the edge of his seat. Bunnie on the other hand looked around herself disinterested, noticing how she was the only one who wasn't wearing anything fancy; just her usual pink leotard. Just a row below them a few females wore strikingly similar clothing to the soldiers performing below.

She didn't have any fancy military attire or any fancy attire at all, and she wasn't planning on getting any either. The drums and horns echoed through the area and Bunnie hated to admit it, but she did this for the sake of Antoine; she didn't like this. The whole thing was boring to her, despite being in actual battle all the time; she didn't agree with the morbid respect of hurting others for some collective cause. Killing for someone else's cause...

With Eggman being the exception of course because they were defending themselves, and she understood that part of the reason for a military. Yet at the same time the military was just as ruthless and cold with their own dirty secrets. The symbolism they stood for meant nothing to her. Yet another thing she and Antoine disagreed on…

Then the general asked everyone in the audience to stand. Antoine and she stood as everyone did. Though she wanted to leave, she kept a neutral expression not wanting to upset Antoine. Bunnie looked down onto the main floor as five soldiers marched into the room. Two soldiers were on each side of the soldier in the middle carrying multi colored flags of blue, red, yellow, and green. The soldier in the middle carried a reddish brown flag with the Acorn Royal symbol; as they marched straight to the general's podium.

Antoine then leaned over and whispered into her ear with a big smile "The color guard is the best honor you could receive. They carry the symbol of their units and representing the Kingdom of Acorn."

Bunnie mustered up a fake smile, silently nodding to him not only because she did not care. But because the second Antoine started speaking the overwhelming sickness she had felt this morning had washed over her again. As she and Antoine turned their attention back to the soldiers she gagged….

No one noticed though; too busy with the festivities below. She felt nauseated, feeling as if she had to throw up again, she struggled to keep standing grabbing ahold of a chair in front of her to keep her balance. Try as she might she let her head dip slightly, hoping to keep her breakfast down…

But Antoine who stood right next to her was totally oblivious, daydreaming about being a color guard. As he watched atop the grandstand, as a color guard spun his flag, he saw himself in the soldiers place. His eyes became dazed as his imagination ran wild wondering what it would feel like to have all eyes on him. To know that everyone around him respected him for fighting and protecting this great kingdom.

Bunnie on the other hand felt like dropping to her knees, when just as fast as it came, it was gone. Bunnie lifted her head in confusion as she felt better again. She glanced at Antoine out of the corner of her eyes with a confused look; after tonight's mission she had to find out what was going on with her; now she knew something was wrong. Bunnie was caught off guard as everyone around her started clapping; she heard the general speaking and joined. She hadn't even heard the general over the PA that echoed through this large area.

Antoine looked to her with a smile, and she weakly smiled at him; they both turned their attention back to the soldiers below. Her smile was enough for Antoine not to notice again, but now she was feeling stressed. Little worries had been littered all through her life lately and her memory was lapsing. Forgetting small things were becoming increasingly stressful, as even if they weren't super important, they still were important. Like this morning, she needed to replace a special gear inside her leg. She remembered having the gear in her hand, but after that she drew a blank...

Little things like this began to worry her; the gear was important for her leg to work its best. She was just somewhere else lately in her mind…

Bunnie continued to clap, lost in her thoughts as this new worry was added to her list. This sickness she was experiencing was another worry that needed to be dealt with. Along with her relationship, she wasn't sure if condoning a marriage over all their sweet talk was such a good idea anymore. Not when they had core values and beliefs that they disagreed on. Speaking of which, after the ceremony was done they were going to talk to a judge. They were going to get their marriage papers together while they were here at the castle. Bunnie couldn't wait to leave this ceremony; she felt she was starting to come down with something again….

Hours later at the Freedom Fighters hut in the Knothole, the whole team had gathered and were ready for their next trip into Robotropolis. It was starting to get dark, and it had continued drizzling as at had all day. By this time Bunnie had informed everyone that she felt she was coming down with a cold; it showed on her features that she wasn't looking to well. Though she downplayed the seriousness of how bad it had felt throughout the day. She assured everyone that she was well enough to get through tonight's mission; despite feeling worse by the minute.

This time Sally decided to stay behind, they still had to be a small group when they went there to get parts. Before they left Amy had declared that Sonic was her partner and Sonic was well enough to engage her and everybody hoped that they saw another glimpse of the Sonic they knew. So after going over their plans twice, Amy, Sonic, Antoine, and Bunnie headed off to Robotropolis. Citizens of the Knothole greeted them farewell on all of their missions and cheered them on as they left.

It was a longer trek than usual because of the rain, as they would stumble through the slippery mud. By the time they reached the metal city it was completely dark, and the rain was getting heavier. There was no one in immediate sight as they reached the threshold of the city so they hid behind the same boulders on their last trip here.

Sonic wiped the water off of his face as he silently got everyone's attention "We got low visibility tonight, we can slip out of here fast. You guys take Nicole." Sonic pulled her out of his back pack and handed her to Antoine with a serious face "We won't be far from the scrap yard you're going to, so if something goes down we got your back."

"How long do yiah think it'll take…" Bunnie said in an upset voice; the tone coming from her sickness.

The trio noticed that she didn't sound or look any better since they left; Amy narrowed her eyes skeptically "Are you sure you're ok Bunnie? We could…" but Bunnie cut Amy off.

"I got it…" Bunnie coughed clearing her throat "…lets jus hurry up and get out of here…"

"You need to rest." Antoine said looking worriedly at her and spoke in a determined voice "We will be ready Sonic."

Sonic and Amy nodded with serious looks, not wasting any more time, taking off from behind the boulders and running to nearby steel mill factory buildings. Before running off Amy pulled her Piko hammer from a strap on her back; she never told anyone where she got it from.

Bunnie and Antoine did the same, going in the opposite direction from behind the rocks again. As their feet connected with the metal ground again, they snuck around as best they could in the orange glowing industrial city. Doing their best to avoid the cameras, the Swatbots, and the Legionnaires. Nicole instructed them to go pass the scrap yard they had been at the last time they were here to a back area of the city, where huge metal silos stood next to each other. Behind the silos were metal trash bins with many discarded electronics.

They kept their backs pressed against each wall they encountered until they reached the trash bins. This area didn't have many lights, but luckily they had Nicole. Antoine noticed that Bunnie had been quiet and saw through the darkness; she looked horrible.

"Ziss will not take long." he said with a determined face as he ran over to the trash bins and held Nicole up to scan them.

Bunnie did her best to stand. She felt like falling off her feet right now, but her brows were knotted together in a frown sounding awful "I'll keep a watch out…"

Antoine focused on finding the parts they needed as Bunnie worried how much longer she could stay on her feet. Now she felt coming here was a bad idea, ever since they came back from the castle this sickness had been bothering her. She could feel another wave coming too…she just hoped…

Then a loud sound startled her; it was so loud it even echoed. She quickly turned to the source of the sound. Antoine looked sheepishly at her and picked up an object out of a pile that had fallen.

Bunnie couldn't even muster the strength to chastise him with a slightly irritated look, and her words died in her mouth as more queasiness took over her "…We need to be quiet…"

She stood in her spot, trying to fight the urge to regurgitate; this sickness was still here. It was just as bad as this morning, and it was so bad she wasn't paying attention to her surroundings. She stood there for quite some time as Antoine and Nicole searched for parts. But her mind was such a daze it took her a moment to register when a Swatbot had come into sight; and that it was staring right at her. Her vision was starting to become blurry as it approached.

It held up its arm to fire at her when it scanned her and it spoke as it raised its other arm to fire a jamming device at her "Robotics detected!"

The sickness had not completely overtaken her, and she jumped out of the way of the jamming device; it missed. Antoine quickly noticed and pulled out his sword; placing Nicole into his pocket. Bunnie had hit the ground, but she found she didn't have the strength to get up. The Swatbot walked over to her and picked her up by her throat; holding her in midair.

Antoine ran over to them, and the Swatbot didn't have time to react as Antoine swung his sword. It connected with the arm that held Bunnie, but it didn't cut through. The Swatbot readied to swing its other arm at Antoine, but he was able to pull his sword out. Dodging its swipe at him and Antoine was able to get behind it and plunge his sword into the back of its leg joint. As it lost its balance, it lost its hold on Bunnie. Bunnie fell to the ground and temporarily made no movement.

"Bunnie!" Antoine yelled to her with a horrified face.

But Bunnie was able to pull herself to her feet; she growled in anguish as she moved her body to the head of the Swatbot on the ground. Antoine watched on in temporary relief as Bunnie raised her arm to smash its head. But her eyes widened in shock and Antoine looked on in horror.

Bunnie suddenly felt the sickness completely take over her. She felt like blowing chunks and now it felt like the nerves of her robotic limbs were on fire. She groaned in agony clenching her eyes shut and gritting her teeth. Her robotic fist came down on the Swatbots red eyes along with her entire body.

Antoine ran over to help her; noticing that she had only cracked its red eyes. But Antoine gasped in shock when it grabbed ahold of his leg; it violently shoved Bunnie off of himself. It got ready to grab ahold of him with his other arm, when Antoine, with a distressed face took his sword and jammed it into its red eye sockets. The Swatbot released Antoine as it twitched; electricity buzzed loudly. Antoine quickly pulled his sword out of the Swatbot and stepped away. It wasn't moving so Antoine took his chance and ran over to Bunnie who had rolled over on her side. Antoine was scared, and his face showed it as his brows wrinkled in worry.

He flipped her over; her eyes were closed but she was breathing. He didn't have time to speak to her as he heard the sound of footsteps approaching. Also the Swatbot they had attacked wasn't dead. It slowly sat up and looked directly at Antoine who froze in fear. But then it looked in another direction; he at least blinded it. He didn't have time to try and lift Bunnie, so he grabbed her by her shoulders and dragged her out of plain sight as the blinded Swatbot started crawling around.

He was able to get them out of sight just as two more Swatbots entered the area. They took notice of the damaged Swatbot and instantly began searching around. Antoine's heart pumped in fear as he heard the Swatbots nearing. There was no real place to run; he held his sword steady and swallowed a lump of fear as he waited. Unfortunately, it didn't take long as one of the Swatbots neared were he and Bunnie had hidden. It walked around the corner and spotted him; raising his arm to fire and Antoine attacked.

He swung his sword throwing its arm off aim, then shoved it. It stumbled as the second Swatbot ran to the noise and fired at him; the lasers nicked his shoulder and his leg. But Antoine ran forward and was successful in slicing the wrist off. But the Swatbot Swatted him, and he went flying into a trash bin. His sword flew out of his hand, and before he could stand it hit him again; a punch that knocked him off of his feet. Antoine groaned in pain, watching as the merciless Swatbots were about to attack him again when a hole burst into one of the Swatbots stomachs. It fell to the ground, and the second Swatbot turned to have its face smashed in by Amy's Piko hammer.

Antoine looked up at Sonic standing in front of him with a serious face helping Antoine got off the ground, and Sonic spoke looking paranoid "We gotta go."

Antoine then ran over and picked up his sword; he also patted his pocket to check on Nicole. He pulled her out with a frown on his face "Are you ok Nicole?"

"All functions are working correctly." she said simply.

Antoine nodded and walked back over to Sonic and handed her back to him and he put her back in his backpack "What happened?" Antoine asked with a serious face; Amy smashed the head of the blinded Swatbot behind them.

"Some alert went off; there are Legionnaires and Swatbots swarming everywhere. We gotta get out of here." Sonic said with a frown. Before he could ask Antoine what happened three more Swatbots came running from behind them and fired lasers. Amy, Antoine, and Sonic ran behind the silo where Bunnie laid.

Amy was the first to notice "What happened to Bunnie!" Amy said with a distressed face.

Yet again their conversation was cut short as just a few silos down Legionnaires came running towards them. They quickly pointed their guns and began firing at them. Some were even bold enough to come rushing straight at them. Amy and Antoine attacked them while Sonic tried to wake Bunnie up yelling and shaking her "Bunnie get up! Get up!"

But from Bunnies perspective everything was wavy, her vision was blurry and her hearing was dampened. She weakly looked up at Sonic not able to make out his words "Get up…get up…"

But as she tried to move, she barely pushed up off the ground and she collapsed; her eyes closed. He checked to see that she was still breathing...she was...

Sonic frowned in the midst of the chaos, and without another word bent down and picked her up. He stumbled a bit as he rose to his feet. Antoine and Amy had fought off the Legionnaires that tried to jump them; retreating back next to Sonic. Sonic groaned "Geez Bunnie is heavy."

"What are we going to do Sonic?" Amy asked him; doing her best to avoid getting hit by the gunfire.

"We're leaving, both of you grab on to my neck." he said trying to hold Bunnie with a frown.

They did not protest either with the situation they had gotten themselves into. Amy put her Piko hammer back on the strap on her back and Antoine sheathed his sword. They both slinked an arm around Sonic's neck. Sonic then took a few steps adjusting to all the weight and took off. He gagged as Amy and Antoine held onto him tightly; he didn't want them falling off. It was perfect timing too as the Swatbots and Legionnaires had been closing in on them. Sonic dashed pass all of them before they could react, he moved so fast that every single one of their shots missed. Antoine and Amy held on for dear life as the metal city was a blur in their eyes. Then before they knew it they glanced behind themselves at such fast speeds, Robotropolis began disappearing in the distance.

"Sonic!" Antoine yelled to him.

"Yeah?" Sonic responded with a groan.

"We are heavy! Should we stop!" he yelled over the rushing wind.

"We can't! We gotta get Bunnie home!" he yelled back.

Antoine remained quiet after his reply; he didn't want to put such a heavy burden on Sonic carrying them all the way home. Despite their disagreements, he agreed that they needed to get home as their number one priority. Their mission had went terribly wrong...

Bunnie didn't know what was going on around her as all she could remember was the faint sound of voices around her screaming and her being moved around. Upset voices…of Sonic…and Sally…

Her vision was still blurry; the sight of Dr. Quack and Rotor is what she remembered the most. That and the sound of her breathing and her heartbeat, cause after she collapsed in Robotropolis everything felt like a dream. Her eyes slightly opened again…their voices were muffled to her…seeing vague images of people standing over her…

"She's stabilizing…but this won't last…"

"We have to do something!"


"How about Nate, I'm sure he could help."

"Well that's all fine and dandy, but we have to do this right away, Nate would have to be here by morning…."


"But I want to go…"


"I'll get him here….."

Was the last thing Bunnie remembered as her eyes shut because of the horrible way she felt, she wasn't sure if she was alive or dead….

Something is horribly wrong with Bunnie and more problems pop up in her relationship with Antoine. Meanwhile Sonic is continuing to face his depression and he and Sally are still rocky. This is getting good isn't it?