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In a sudden jolt Bunnie's eyes shot open, feeling the coldness of the table she was laying on. Bright lights were all pointed in her direction, and she found that she was still very weak; as she struggled to lean up. The nerves of her robotic limbs that were attached to her body still felt like they were on fire and her shoulder, and her legs had a burning sensation; making it even more painful to move. Once she sat up she quickly realized where she was; in the Freedom Fighters HQ lab. There were monitors, computers, and other beeping equipment around her, though she was not hooked up to anything.

She raised an eyebrow in curiosity seeing that no one was currently in the room, and she tried to recall what'd happened. She felt horribly sick right now and all she could vaguely remember was being in Robotropolis. Not when she passed out, or how long she'd been out. She felt so weak right now she just wanted to lie down and not move, but she had to know what was going on, she was so confused. From the way she currently felt she knew she couldn't walk so she looked around to see if anyone was nearby. She saw from the main room that sunlight was pouring into the windows onto the floor; at least she knew it was morning. She moved herself so her legs hung over the side of the operating table.

She cleared her throat and weakly called out as she donned a slightly worried face "Hello? Is anybody here?"

Bunnie remained still, waiting and listening to the quiet HQ. It remained quiet, and she shifted slightly on the table; the sound echoed in this quiet area. Her skepticism about being left alone was erased as moments later she heard footsteps pouring in from her left; knowing the guys must have slept here last night in the bunks.

Sally was first into the lab looking pleasantly surprised, and she ran over to her and hugged her "Bunnie you're awake!"

Bunnie chuckled weakly "…Yeah…i'm not feeling so good though…."

As Sally released her the rest of the guys entered the room. Antoine was first by her side, and the guys greeted her jovially; even Sonic who still looked depressed. Bunnie felt energized by the social interaction from her friends but when Dr. Quack and Nate Morgan stepped into the room she quickly felt something was wrong.

She held a confused face wondering why Nate was here, she hadn't seen him in a long while "Nate? What are yiah dooin here?"

Everyone moved aside so Dr. Quack and Nate Morgan could get closer to her "Well your friends said you needed some help, so I decided to drop by." he chuckled.

This caused Bunnie to frown, Nate was a genius. If they needed his help then... "What's goin on?"

This time Dr. Quack spoke and the Freedom Fighters remained quiet with looks of unease "Joking aside, we don't have a lot of time. Last night with Nate's help we were able to stabilize you and also figure out what was going on with you." he said with a serious face.

"…" Bunnie remained quiet as she narrowed her eyes awaiting the response which she knew would be bad.

Nate's face became neutral speaking as calmly as he could "Your condition or sickness that you are currently experiencing is life threatening. I arrived a few hours ago, and we have discovered that your current limbs are no longer in balance with your nervous system."

Bunnie didn't know what that meant, and she was afraid to ask. Her face became engulfed in worry as she felt herself becoming woozy again "I don't undastand…"

"Well you can feel it can't you? Your limbs are inflamed, that is just one side effect of your body rejecting your current limbs." Nate said adjusting his glasses.

Bunnie frowned, and Antoine squeezed her organic hand. She spoke, everything on her hurt right now "Yeah…yeur right…"

"They cannot stay. Something has to be done right away." Dr. Quack said crossing his arms.

Bunnie closed her eyes and slowly shook her head, causing everyone around her to feel her sadness. Everyone frowned, and Bunnie thought of the things she knew would come to fruition one day….

She tried to go on with her day to day life hoping nothing would come of it. But she knew one day she would have to face to reality of her robotticization. That one day it might actually kill her; totally out of her control. She'd had nightmares of something like this happening with her limbs…

Bunnie sighed opening her eyes with her brows knotting into a frown "Is thare anythang thet can be done?"

"You have a few options luckily. You can have your limbs disconnected, and it would stop your nervous system from shutting down." Dr. Quack said with a frown.

Antoine raised an eyebrow in confusion "And?"

Dr. Quack looked skeptically at Antoine "It's just what I said, her limbs would be disconnected. You would be fitted with limbs to help you move around; that's all we can do for option one."

Bunnie quickly shook her head. She already felt abnormal with robotic limbs. She didn't want to be completely limbless, and she spoke worriedly "Somethang else…"

Dr. Quack nodded seriously, "De-robotticization, but as you know that is risky."

"It'd be at the risk of your life." Nate said adjusting his walking cane.

That was an option she didn't want to consider; their attempts with it in the past had always gone wrong "I'll take my chances with somethang else."

"Well you've only got one last option. With Nate's help we can upgrade your parts to cybernetics; only this would mean you might not ever be able to be de-robotticized. You need to make your mind up quick Bunnie; you were in critical condition when Nate arrived. We must act soon." Dr. Quack said with a serious face.

Bunnie looked at all the faces staring at her with uncertainty, and she spoke blinking her eyes as her head lowered "I need a moment…"

"You and Antoine talk it over; we'll be waiting…" Sally said as everyone headed into the main room closing doors behind themselves.

Once the doors were shut Bunnie, and Antoine looked at one another. But Bunnie noticed that other than concern on his face, there was irritation. She knew him well enough to know that his upset face wasn't just about her, he was upset about something else. She questioned him weakly "…Wats wrong?"

Antoine looked surprised as he darted his eyes and tried to hide his distress "…It is nothing…I am just worried about you…"

Bunnie frowned knowing he was lying so instead she dropped it; she wasn't in the mood anyway "So what do yiah think? Wats tha best course of action here?"

Antoine looked thoughtfully back at here "I think it is obvious, if you get zis upgrade you solve two things at once."

And she agreed to an extent; it would save her life, and she could at least have limbs "But I might not be able to evva get de- robotticized again..."

"It is the only way…" Antoine said frowning; more concerned about her not dying.

Bunnies head dipped, she knew it and could not argue. She lifted her head back up and mustered a smile "It's settled then. New limbs for me!"

Antoine smirked and cupped her face. They kissed only for a brief moment before she groaned in pain and their kiss broke abruptly. She spoke with a weak smile "Let's get this ova with…"

"Of course." Antoine chuckled as he re-opened the doors to the lab.

Everyone was quick to re-enter the lab and hear her announce that she had chosen option three. Everyone was relieved to hear she chose the option that would save her life. And since she had chosen cybernetics, Dr. Quack and Nate needed all the guys help to gather the materials needed. So they greeted Sally and Bunnie a brief farewell as they left the Freedom Fighters HQ. At the same time Bunnie had been quietly observing Antoine, and his irritation had returned to his face. That and if she wasn't mistaken, was directed at Sonic yet again…

Bunnie frowned as they left and was quick to begin questioning Sally about what had happened, and she raised an eyebrow in confusion "What is wrong with Antoine?"

Sally hopped up onto the medical table sitting right next to Bunnie with a sympathetic face "He and Sonic had a disagreement last night while you were out."

Bunnie coughed into her hand; clearing her throat still looking confused "What in tha world were they arguing bout?"

Sally looked at her sympathetically "Antoine just cares about you. He wanted to go with Sonic to find Nate but Sonic might have pushed his buttons when he said he'd slow him down. He was really upset about not being able to help."

Bunnie nodded as her lips pinched together into a sarcastic expression "He's jus a big sweetie aint he?"

Sally giggled, joking sarcastically back at her "He's such a romantic."

But Bunnie knew better; it was Antoine's jealousy coming out again, and she had a feeling she'd be dealing with it soon. Then Sally's tone and face became serious "What happened in Robotropolis Bunnie? We shouldn't have let you go on that mission."

Bunnie shrugged slightly wincing in pain and with a confused face "Heck if I know, whatevva this is jus started yesterday. I was feeling sick throughout tha day…"

"Do you remember anything? We didn't get any salvage for Nicole." Sally said seriously.

Bunnie paused trying to recall her last thoughts at the time "Antoine wasn't being the stealthiest, and we might've alerted tha Swatbots…" Bunnie looked curiously at Sally "How did they get me back here?"

"Sonic carried you back." Sally stated simply "He said you all got pinned down and…you were barely moving…" Sally said moving her hair out of her eyes "When you guys got back we brought you to the HQ and tried to figure out a course of action. You couldn't speak to us…" Sally said with a worried face "I thought we were going to lose you…"

Her sympathy warmed her heart and Bunnie smiled weakly "How did Nate come into tha picture?"

"Well Dr. Quack and Rotor suggested him after a few minutes of unsuccessful attempts to stabilize you. You weren't doing too well." Sally said with an encouraging smile.

"I don't feel too well…" Bunnie said coughing a bit.

Sally nodded "We got in contact with him but there was a problem, he was far away."

"Even with Sonic? How far was he thet it was a problem for Sonic?" Bunnie asked her skeptically.

"A half way around Mobious problem." Sally said seriously.

Bunnie looked floored, her eyes slightly widened, and her jaw became slack. Now she knew why Antoine was upset "How long did it take him?"

"Only a few hours luckily, they arrived around three a.m. and not a minute sooner." Sally said looking a little happier.

Bunnie remained quiet; and her face became neutral. Sonic had saved her again….

"We took a step back haven't we?" Bunnie asked now looking saddened.

"In getting a new home maybe, but it wouldn't be much of a home without everyone present." Sally said gently patting her on her shoulder.

Bunnie smiled "I'm glad I have yiah guys…"

As those words left Bunnies mouth she thought of the great lengths Sonic went through to save her. Realizing that if not for him she would surely be dead in the ground right now; for no one could have done what he did last night. This act shifted her focus onto him; especially since she had been ignoring him as of late. Not since she'd first met him had he captivated her interest like he was again right now. He affected her life like no one could, and as she stared at her best friend she suddenly felt different. She felt humbled after hearing what he'd done for her after her behavior, using Scourge, who looked like him at the time, to make Antoine jealous. This experience made her feel change within herself…

Now she was curious how these new limbs could benefit her and Bunnie asked smiled weakly "Did they say anythang about tha upgrade?"

Sally grinned at her "As a matter of fact they did. Nate said it would make things…slimmer…"

Bunnie's mouth curled up into a bigger smile at the news; that was sounding like something she could get into. Her clunky old limbs she currently had, had never been fashionable. Sonic was to thank and with the news of new limbs now exciting her Sally and Bunnie chatted as they waited for the guys to return. With Bunnie feeling thrown off balance in more ways than one…

It wasn't too long before the Freedom Fighters had gathered all the needed materials for Bunnie's upgrade. The operation was performed solely by Nate; Bunnie was put under beforehand. It was a lengthy procedure that took all day but once completed, Bunnie's old limbs were in the trash and her new slim arms and legs were on her. Nate did not allow anyone in while he was operating so the guys had gone off to do other things during the day. She was awake now and Bunnie had wished that they could see her right now. She had a look of hesitation and excitement written all over her smiling face. Right now, Nate was working on her arm, her left arm. It was extended, and they had been testing her new limbs for a few hours now. Nate had a wielding gun in his hand, and he applied the gun to her extended arm.

Sparks popped out as he spoke "I think we're done this time. Go ahead and try it out." he said as her arm retracted.

Bunnie sat up from the table and moved her metallic fingers. She smiled as they moved at her every whim. She moved her arm back and forth as well; it worked just fine too. Nate stepped aside as she hopped off the table; her legs already worked. She grinned widely because first she felt completely better, she had made a full recovery after her old limbs were off.; there was no sickness or anything of the like. Second she loved how the new slim limbs looked "Everythang feels fine, and it looks way betta!" she stated happily "Are yiah sure this won't happen again with this new stuff?"

"One hundred percent certain. If you give me a few minutes I can explain a few technical details about them." Nate said with a smile.

"Look, as long as it works I don't care. I can get used to this." Bunnie said as she looked over herself; enjoying the look of the new slimness.

Nate chuckled "Well, I'm glad you think so. Your abilities have not changed; you still have boosters for flight, your arm cannon, your strength, and force field generator with one exception." he added.

"An whats thet?" Bunnie asked happily.

"Do you remember the scrambling device you salvaged from Robotropolis?" Nate asked placing the welding torch down and grabbing his walking cane.

Bunnie nodded confused "Yiah used it?"

"I did. These scrambling devices seem to be able to pass through your force field. So now it is integrated into your cybernetics as a deterrent. It should offer you some protection against the scrambling devices the Legion uses." Nate said in a serious tone.

"Only some?" Bunnie asked raising an eyebrow in curiosity.

"It's never been tested obviously; it should counteract the frequency of the devices if you should be hit by one again." Nate said placing both of his hands on his walking cane.

Bunnie frowned at the thought as her lips pinched together "They did catch me off guard, twice now."

"Well it seems everything is settled, before you go off. I should let you know this redesign should make flying even easier. The sleek design will make aerobatics a cake walk compared to your old limbs." Nate said adjusting his glasses.

Bunnie smiled brightly as she ran pass him and to the exit of the HQ "Thanks for everything Nate!"

Nate laughed calling out to her "Don't thank me, thank Sonic for getting me here."

Bunnie hesitated momentarily as she glanced back at Nate and smiled at him before she ran out the doors of the HQ and took off into flight. It was a bit cloudy out but the sun was bright and warm. As the ground disappeared she noticed her new slimness made maneuvering a lot easier. She also was flying a lot faster with less weight. As she flew over the Knothole Sonic crossed her mind; he'd saved her life again. She felt confused and conflicted about how thankless she'd been acting towards Sonic lately, especially after her poor behavior towards him. If anything these last few days were an indication he was making an attempt to move forward. She felt gratitude after he'd saved her from the cold grip of death twice now and hoped to repair the trust she had lost with him. For now anyway she was just going to enjoy this new found mobility from her new slim limbs. She smiled brightly as she cut through the air, enjoying the wind rushing through her short hair.

Bunnie had returned from flying as the sun went down and more storm clouds from the previous day began rolling in. Most of the residents of the Knothole had gone indoors, and the Freedom Fighters were probably the only ones not in their respective huts. She met up with everyone at the Freedom Fighters hut to discuss new plans for getting the parts Nicole needed. At night, the hut was illuminated by a single light bulb in the middle of the ceiling of the hut, powered by a small generator. Everyone did greet her positively about her new limbs; compliments and all. But even with her full recovery there was a festering tension between them all in the tiny hut as rain began to fall. With bigger issues at hand the discussion of her getting better was put on hold. Tails was the only team member who was not present; Sally had sent him to bed.

So they all stood around the round wooden table in the middle of the hut, discussing their next trip into Robotropolis. Bunnie had a feeling she wasn't the only one who felt the tension in the hut. Sally spoke aloud while everyone listened, and she knew the tension was with Antoine and Sonic for different reasons no less. She could see the uneven faces of Amy and Rotor who stood to her left. Sonic stood next to Rotor and from his positive greeting about getting better she assumed he might be too. But everyone, excluding Antoine, was disappointed to see him fall back into his usual gloomy self as he had been lately. Though they never voiced it Sonic was the spirit of the team, he gave them all a boost in morale with his arrogance and confidence. Even if at times it was foolish it certainly raised spirits among themselves, she personally felt it did anyways…

But with Sonic being neutral and not being animated like he used to be made everything feel dead. He didn't make jokes anymore after Sally slapped him. He didn't laugh anymore after he'd come back from space a few weeks ago. After Sally almost got married to Patch and so many more other things that had happened recently.

Then to her right Antoine stood next to her, and he'd been in a sour mood the whole time in the Freedom Fighters hut. She knew it had something to do with not being able to help her. Jealously rearing its ugly head was her first guess; seeing that he looked upset as she glanced at him. Bunnie frowned hoping that all this silence would come out into the open.

"Eggman most likely knows we're coming there for something specific now. Are there any more reports from today Rotor?" Sally asked with a serious face.

"Nicole and I aren't exactly sure but the Legion is mobilizing, were not sure if they're coming here." Rotor said crossing his arms.

"How about we just assume they are." Amy said frowning around at everyone.

"I'm with you Amy; we need to set some safety protocols for the Knothole in the next few days." Sally said writing on a piece of paper. She looked up at Sonic briefly "Anything you want to add?" she added.

Thunder boomed through the night sky, and rain began to pour down as he spoke "I'm on the same page with you guys."

Everyone around the table waited as if it was a reflex, waiting for Sonic to throw out a quip, or do something other than not smiling. But he did not; he looked around in confusion as everyone tore their eyes away from him. Sally frowned and looked back down to the paper she was writing on. It was quiet for a few moments as without Sonic's enthusiasm, it became harder to face the difficult situation of fighting Eggman. Fighting for their lives…

"Alright I think that's it for tonight, get rested up because we're going to try and make a clean sweep tomorrow." Sally said picking Nicole up.

"Are you sure we can do this in one try?" Sonic asked her skeptically.

Antoine's grumpy face remained, and he hadn't spoken once. But the other Freedom Fighters looked at one another seeing an invisible opening in Sonic's words, a way to approach the Sonic they knew in a delicate manner. Bunnie, Amy, Sally, and Rotor caught one another's eyes before Sonic could notice, and Amy started the approach. Amy placed her hands on her hips with a smrik "You don't think you can do it?"

Sonic held a curious face "Well, we might be able to, it's just a stretch don't you think?"

"Is thet doubt I hear?" Bunnie joked with a grin forming on her face.

Sonic looked suspicious "What's going on?" he said trying to stay neutral.

"I thought you could do anything." Sally said in a mocking tone.

Sonic mustered half a smile and everyone but Antoine felt their hopes rising; Antoine kept a grumpy face, staying silent "I know what you guys are trying to do, and it won't work on me."

"We know you better Sonic." Rotor said matter-of-factly smiling at him.

Amy grabbed ahold of Sonic's arm "I know more about you then anyone." Amy fluttered her eyelashes.

"Hey! Cut it out!" Sonic said trying to detach Amy from himself; he was almost smiling.

Everyone but Antoine began to form smiles on their faces, and Amy spoke as she let go of him "Come on Sonic; you've done crazier stuff in the past and got away scot free."

Sonic mustered a halfhearted smile "I guess I have been consistent with stopping Eggbutt…"

But as he chuckled it petered out, and everyone could tell it was wooden as his eyes fell to the floor. They panicked slightly because they could feel it; they only had to push him a little more. Sally placed Nicole on the table and moved around the table to him.

She placed a hand on his shoulder with a saddened expression "You can't change the past Sonic…"

"…" Sonic remained quiet and his eyes remained on the floor as his brows wrinkled in worry.

"We can't do this without you…" Amy said with pleading eyes.

Sonic tore his eyes away from the floor with a small smile on his face. And thunder and lightning boomed through the night skies, as rain began pouring even harder. Everyone's spirits rose as they saw a glimpse of the Sonic they knew; smiles plastered on everyone's faces but Antoine.

Bunnie wanted to add to the conversation. Hoping to repair some of her trust with him, only her next words she regretted for a long time coming, and she spoke with a grin "Its time to get back out thare…so yiah know…get ovva it…"

And though she had meant for her inflection to be different everything froze, and everyone froze as lightning streaked through the skies; making a startling cracking noise through the hut. Slowly all eyes shifted onto Bunnie, even grabbing Antoine's attention as Sonic looked to Bunnie with wide eyes. Quickly, frustration showed on his face as he opened his mouth to speak but quickly shut it.

Bunnies tongue was tied, and her face was frightened with wide eyes at his sharp look as they locked eyes. Sonic quickly looked away from her and in doing so Bunnie flinched unexpectedly. She let out a soft gasp as if she was bitten by something. This caused Antoine to finally stop being inanimate as he donned an angry face finally looking in the direction of Sonic "Watch it Sonic!"

Sally's hand fell away from Sonic's shoulder as he spoke, as he felt more frustration from Antoine's baseless outburst "Don't even go there Antoine I…I…" Sonic stepped away from the group holding his hands in front of him, and walking towards the exit of the hut "I need to go right now…"

Bunnie was speechless and with her features wrinkled in worry she turned to Antoine who looked frustrated as well; doing his best to not look her in the eyes. But she could not scrutinize his behavior because of her own behavior. She wanted to know why he'd been acting so uptight and ask what his problem was. But she couldn't bring herself to say anything, to even move a muscle. As she turned back around, they all witnessed Sonic as he quietly made his way out of the hut and into the heavy down pouring rain.

Sally looked distressed as she went and grabbed Nicole off the table and ran towards the exit "I'm going to take care of this guys…"

Without a word from the others, they all nodded in understanding as Sally ran off into the rain after Sonic. Amy and Rotor both not knowing what to say looked at the couple surprised blinking their eyes, and Rotor spoke with a worried face as he walked out of the hut "….Goodnight guys…"

Amy followed suit, remaining quiet as she left, leaving Bunnie and Antoine alone. Bunnie had hoped Antoine would say something first, but he remained quiet as she kept her back turned to him. Antoine glared at the table in front of him, and Bunnie stared worriedly out of the exit of the hut into the cold damp rainy night. There were furrows of worry on her forehead as she ran through her mind. But unfortunately she could not find the reasoning behind why she spoke such words….

Not long after the dissemination at the Freedom Fighters hut Bunnie and Antoine shut the light off and went back to their own hut. They quickly made their way through the rain and dried themselves once back in their hut. It was cooler tonight too because of the rain and the draft was stronger than usual.

The hut was illuminated by dim candlelight and Antoine was on his knees on the other side of the bed, rummaging through his dry clothes. Bunnie sat on the opposite side of the room, on the edge of their bed with her arms on her lap and her head in her hands. She and Antoine hadn't spoken since leaving the Freedom Fighters hut. And the sound of rain pouring down outside with the occasional thunder strike grated on her mind. At the moment, as Bunnie held on to her head with her hands, and her head low, she was lost inside her mind.

Now just realizing how bad what she had said was, she tried to come up with a reason but nothing sufficed. She wasn't thinking when she said it, and it hurt even more knowing she had shot herself in the foot. She groaned inside her head; feeling a bit queasy knowing she had messed up. Telling someone to 'Get over it' was so dismissive and condescending, it was just a horrible thing to say.

She imagined how it would feel if someone told her the same about a traumatic event she had experienced. Like if someone told her to 'Get Over' being robotticized. Bunnie sighed lightly not believing what had happened; she'd made a mistake. She had hoped today would've went better with her getting better and whatnot. But Sonic might have gotten worse and Antoine was giving her the silent treatment. Any good of the day had gone down the drain, and Bunnie removed her head from her hands.

She glanced over her shoulder at Antoine feeling down in the dumps. Her eyebrows were knotted into a frown knowing it had something to do with Sonic, his outburst back at the Freedom Fighters hut made that clear. Bunnie quietly stared at him knowing on instinct this was the critical moment between them. Things were already not perfect with her chemistry with him gone, now this was a difficult moment they were going through. Her face became determined as now, this was the time she could see his true colors in this tough time they were going through. To see one another at their worst. So she could see if he was really down for her; behind the shower of endless compliments their relationship was based upon.

The rain outside got harder and Bunnie braced herself for the best. A person's true colors were shown in the face of a crisis and in time…

There was a moment of hesitation but Bunnie spoke, ready to test the waters "…Twan? Whats wrong?" she asked turning in his direction.

Antoine caught her stare still looking quite upset, and he sighed not about one but multiple reasons for his bad mood. He spoke tossing a shirt he held onto their bed "…When you fell ill I was not able to help you…"

"I understand yiah sweetie but…yiah did what yiah could….we're lucky to have such good friends backing us." Bunnie said as her face became sympathetic.

Antoine frowned sitting on the bed in a huff "I know but I don't feel right about it…I was completely powerless…"

Bunnie felt they were making some headway, they were communicating at least. She questioned him curiously "What happened yesterday?"

"…Sonic being unruly as always…" Antoine said briefly looking away from her.

Bunnie had hoped he would be more truthful, but since he was still dancing around the issue, she decided it was time to bring it out in the open. Whatever his reasons for being jealous of Sonic had to be addressed because they were not healthy for them, it was hurting their relationship, and it would never be fixed if they didn't talk about it "Antoine, Sally told me what happened. It didn't sound like Sonic was trying to mess with yiah, he was jus trying to…"

But she was cut off by Antoine who looked upset again "I don't want to discuss a subject about him, he did what he was gonna do." he smirked looking her in the eyes still looking quite slighted "He'll get over whatever in the world is bothering him."

This made Bunnie's temper flare a bit, not sure if his sarcasm was a joke because after what she'd just said she didn't need to hear anything like that. She felt really bad about what she'd said to Sonic and the last thing they all needed was separated friends. Her brows furrowed in slight anger "Look jus drop all tha Sonic stuff for a minute ok?" she said lowering her tone of voice.

They both broke their gazes, and thunder roared through the night skies. Bunnie then stood from their bed, making Antoine look up in curiosity. She made her way over to his side and sat down next to him. She looked him in the eyes with only the dim candlelight illuminating her face and wrapped her arms around him. He reciprocated and not seconds later they kissed. Grabbing ahold of one another in an embrace…only the passion was amiss...

They both saw it in one another's eyes as they broke their kiss, and they stared blankly at one another. A flash of lightning briefly lit the room, and they finally saw it.

There was no desire…no intense emotion…

Slowly, they let go of each other knowing without spoken word that they both felt nothing. They both stared blankly at the floor and listened to the trickle of rain on their hut. Bunnie finally saw the misconceptions of her ideals. Seeking to fill her emptiness through Antoine even though she admitted she felt nothing; seeing now that it was many things that had changed in their relationship. For one, whatever jealously Antoine had for whatever reason wasn't going to just disappear overnight.

It was one of the things she disliked about him and knew she could not just change him. It put a damper on a lot of things and caused many arguments between them. Along with their life goals, she did not and was not going to get involved with military life. She still wasn't even sure what she wanted to do with her life. She was striving for just a normal, simple life. And she didn't want to involve government or the sort. Everything was clashing and now everything was up in the air. She didn't want to stay just for emotional security…she felt nothing….

She couldn't do this…

They weren't in love…

Bunnie shot up from her seat with her arms crossed, and her back turned. Antoine rose too and she spoke in a upset tone "Why haven't yiah said nothen?"

Antoine was wise to the way she spoke and though his true reasons for not voicing his disinterest was because he was comfortable with her. He told a half lie with a serious expression "We've made a lot of progress…"

Bunnie frowned deeply "At what cost? Are yiah really happy?" she turned around to look at him with her face full of worry.

Caught in her stare Antoine could not tell a lie; his silence saying it all. As they gazed into one another's eyes it was obvious what his answer was, and Bunnie spoke in a fit of anger raising her hands in the air "Why didn't yiah jus tell me!"

This caused Antoine to be upset as well "Same to you!"

Bunnie was exasperated as she became tongue tied again, trying to find the right words, but she was being a hypocrite. She hadn't said anything either and her eyes narrowed in anger as she stuttered "I…I…"

They angrily looked at one another and no words were needed to say whatever was going on between them was over. Bunnie made a beeline for the door, and he called out to he with an angry face "What about our plans?"

Bunnie spun back around "I don't want it!" Bunnie yelled because there were so many differences between them that she didn't feel like pointing them all out again "I don't want a life with military in it! We've changed..." she paused and her face became angry "My blood aint the same color no more, we done outgrown in two different directions!"

Antoine's face became grumpier because he knew she didn't like the military; she had voiced her opinion about it many times, but this was the first time he'd seen her extreme dislike of it "One day you will need our guardsman's help!"

Bunnie growled with balled fist at her side "Please don't say nothen!"

She said as she turned on her hills, and stormed out of the hut into the hard pouring rain, and back to her old hut for the night. Antoine ran to his door and watched her disappear into the night feeling a sense of loss about how quickly things had just escalated. He took a few deep breaths, and his angry face disappeared into a frown as he stood at his doorway taking in the fact that now he was alone again….

Minutes later Bunnie burst through the door of her old hut and slammed the door behind herself. She was drenched wet, and her face was full of frustration. Her hut was dark, and she didn't bother to light a candle as she fell to her knees on a side of her bed and planted herself face first onto her bed. She cried deeply letting everything go. The sound of her sorrow was heard without difficulty as only she could hear.

She gripped the sheets of her bed as her fist balled twisting the sheets. Ironically she cried not because she had lost any of the delusional love she pursued, but because everything with Antoine was not what she thought it was. They had spent so much time together over the years that she felt awful that nothing had come of their relationship. That they had wasted so much time because of the fear of being alone. Finally being honest with herself, she'd rather be alone than living with false pretenses.

Bunnie cried for a little while longer, until she felt she had got everything out. She stayed on her floor for a while, getting ready to crawl into bed a cry some more when through the thick of the storm outside, she heard something unfamiliar. Her ears perked up and her face became curious, and then she heard the faint sounds again.

She quickly got up from the floor wiping her eyes and moving to her door. The instant she opened it she heard the cries of residents. She blinked her eyes and looked through the heavy down pouring rain…there was a fire on a few huts not far away from her own!

They were under attack! With a frown on her face Bunnie sniffed away her remaining tears still feeling sadness and anger about her relationship going south. But she looked at her new limbs and remembered the upgrades she had just received. Her face became determined as she immediately ran out of her hut and into the rain; not bothering to close her door. It was time to give her new limbs a test run, plus she could let off a little steam on some Swatbots and Legionnaires.

Bunnie is starting to see change and Sonic relapsed a bit. With Bunnie's break up I wonder how the Freedom Fighters relations will change and how they will interact different? I'm sure you're wondering :)