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Elizabeth sat on the bed in her bedroom looking out the window. She could see Ben and Paul working in the mill. It was so peaceful this afternoon. Jason was still at the Dew Drop Inn, Mary Ellen was at class, Cindy and Rose were downstairs making dinner. She sighed out loud. Elizabeth walked over to the desk and picked up a piece of paper. When she looked down at it, she smiled. It was her acceptance letter to Boatwright University. She was going to go to school like John-Boy did. Elizabeth walked over and sat back down on the bed. The door opened and Elizabeth looked over. Erin walked into the room.

"It sure is quiet here today isn't it?" Erin asked. Elizabeth nodded. "Well what are you doing up here all by yourself? Why don't you call Drew or Aimee and see if they want to do something?" Elizabeth stared at her older sister.

"I don't feel like doing anything today." Elizabeth exasperated. Erin looked in the mirror and swished her hair a little and then ran her fingers through it.

"What's wrong Elizabeth? You've been acting strange for several days now." Erin asked sitting on her old bed.

"It's nothing Erin." Elizabeth said. Erin walked over to her and sat next to Elizabeth. She hugged Elizabeth.

"You can't hide anything from me Elizabeth. We've been sisters for a long time. Now tell me, what's going on?" Erin said kindly. She smiled and then Elizabeth sighed.

"Well you know that I'm graduating in a few days." Erin nodded.

"Yes, and we're all so proud of you for getting a scholarship to Boatwright like John Boy got." Erin smiled. Elizabeth smiled slightly.

"Thank you, but that's not it. Everything's changed Erin. I'm going to graduate and Grandpa and Grandma, Mama and Daddy, and John Boy won't be here to see me. I miss Mama so badly at times it hurts." Elizabeth said. Erin lightly touched Elizabeth's shoulder with her hand.

"I know what you mean. I remember when Paul and I got married; thinking about not having Mama and Daddy here was hard. I would have given anything for them to be here." Erin replied.

"And I have to give the biggest speech in school because I'm the class valedictorian and Mama isn't even here to hear me give my speech. I feel like she's losing out on some much of my life because she's been gone for so long." Elizabeth stated. Erin nodded.

"She has been gone for quite some time. I remember when she first had to leave for the sanatorium. I was so scared that we'd never see Mama again. But she got better and even got to come home. Then John Boy was injured in the war and she went to work with the Red Cross." Erin started to say.

"And then she had the relapse of tuberculosis and had to go to Arizona."

"Then daddy went to be with her after he knew everything would be okay with us." Elizabeth nodded.

"I'm scared Erin. I don't know what to do. I haven't seen Mama in about four years. What if she is disappointed in the choices I've made in my life or what I've become?" Elizabeth asked. "I need Mama here for guidance. You and Mary Ellen and Cindy are great; but nobody can replace Mama." Erin nodded.

"We would never try to replace Mama Elizabeth because we know just how you feel." Erin replied. She hugged Elizabeth again. "Why don't you go call Mama? I'll tell everybody not to bother you. I can bring you up a plate later." Elizabeth nodded.

"I think I'll do that." Elizabeth and Erin stood up and walked towards the door. They walked down the stairs and Erin went into the kitchen while Elizabeth walked over to the phone. Cindy and Rose were standing in the kitchen with Paul, Ben and Jim Bob.

"Well, there's my beautiful wife." Paul said with a huge smile and held out his arm to hug Erin. She walked over to him.

"Everybody, don't bother Elizabeth right now. She's taking it really hard that Mama and Daddy aren't going to be here to see her graduate." Erin said. Cindy sighed.

"I feel so bad for her. She was so young when Olivia had to leave and she's practically grown up without her. I know what that's like because my father raised me, I didn't have my mother either." Cindy said with a compassionate look in her eyes.

"Let me talk to her." Ben said. Erin touched Ben's arm.

"I'm serious Ben. Just give her some time by herself. I told her I'd take her dinner up to her later on."

"Erin? Can we take a walk later?" Paul asked. Erin looked at him.

"Sure." Erin replied.

"Poor Elizabeth." Rose said as she put the plates down on the table. "She has so many emotions that she keeps all bottled up and she won't let any of them out. It's as if she's fighting to try and prove to herself that she doesn't need to cry. But sometimes I think that would be what's best. What happened to John and Olivia wasn't fair and she shouldn't have to hold all that in."


Elizabeth sat down at the desk and picked up the phone. Miss Fanny picked up on the other end.

"Hello, this is Elizabeth Walton; can I call my Mama in Arizona?" Elizabeth asked.

"Sure Elizabeth. Give me just a minute." Miss Fanny Tatum replied. Elizabeth heard some crackling in the phone and then it started to ring. After about three rings John answered the phone.

"Daddy?" Elizabeth asked.

"Elizabeth? Is that you? What's the matter honey?" John asked. Elizabeth closed her eyes and sighed.

"Nothing's wrong Daddy. I just wanted to call and see how you and Mama were doing. We miss you up here." Elizabeth said.

"Well, your Mama and I miss you too Elizabeth. We're so proud of you. Graduating and all, it doesn't seem like very long ago at all that you were walking around barefoot." John stated. Elizabeth laughed a little.

"Daddy." Elizabeth said. Mary Ellen walked in behind her.

"That's daddy? Can I talk to him?" Mary Ellen asked Elizabeth. Erin walked over and pulled Mary Ellen to the side and whispered something that Elizabeth couldn't hear and then they both walked into the kitchen.

"Well Elizabeth, do you want to talk to your Mama? I have to do something for her really quickly." John said. Elizabeth nodded.


"Okay, she's right here." John said. Elizabeth could hear John pass the phone to Olivia.

"Elizabeth! It's so good to hear from you! I've been thinking about you. I wish I could be there for your graduation. But your brothers and sisters are there." Olivia stated. Elizabeth started to break down.

"But they aren't you Mama." Elizabeth said quietly to herself.

"What?" Olivia asked. Elizabeth sighed.

"I love you Mama. I miss you. I really wish you could be here; but I know that you're sick and I wouldn't want you to come home that way. You need to get better before Daddy can bring you home. That's what he told us when you guys went out there. I can't believe it's been so long that you've been out there. Part of me used to think that you were sick; but that I'd wake up one day and that you'd be fine. We'd all be here laughing again. Grandma wouldn't have gotten sick, Grandpa wouldn't have died, you wouldn't be sick and John Boy wouldn't have gone to New York. Just like a long time ago." Olivia sighed.

"I'd like that too Elizabeth. But things just don't happen that way always. I'll be home soon." Olivia stated. Elizabeth felt something on her back. She turned around to see Virginia standing there smiling. Elizabeth picked her up and sat her niece in her lap.

"Okay Mama. Well, we are about to eat dinner. I will be going. I love you and Daddy so much." Elizabeth said.

"I love you too Elizabeth." Olivia stated.

"Bye." Elizabeth hung up the phone, stood up and walked over to the table where everybody was getting seated for dinner.