Chapter 1

The Beginning Of The End

Renesmee's POV

I was walking alone in the darkness. Everything I touched turned to dust. I had no idea where I was. There was a light, I ran towards it. I stopped when my head banged against a mirror. I looked at myself. I looked normal. I put my hand on the mirror and it went straight through. I walked through the mirror and I was surrounded by my friends. It looked like they were at some kind of party. I smiled and walked over to Alec

"Hi Alec" I said, smiling brightly and taking his hand

"Sorry, who are you?" Alec asked, letting go of my hand

"Your girlfriend, Renesmee" I replied, my eyes narrowing

"What are you talking about? I don't have a girlfriend" Alec said

His words stung my heart "You do. I'm Renesmee, we met back in London" I told him

"Look I don't know who you are, I'll get Edward to help you" Alec told me, walking away and coming back with my brother behind him

"What seems to be the problem?" Edward asked

"This girl calls herself Renesmee and she says she's my girlfriend" Alec replied

"Are you lost?" Edward asked

"No, Edward. I'm not" I replied

"How did you get here?" Edward asked

"I came in through the mirror over-" I turned around to where I came in. There was no mirror, just a wall

"Renesmee, do you have any family? Someone we can call?" Edward asked

"Yes. You" I replied

"What do you mean?" Edward asked

"You're my brother" I replied

"I don't have a sister. I did but she died" Edward snapped at me. Why can't they remember me?

"No, no, no. This is all wrong" I said, backing away slowly, towards the wall. Someone behind me pushed me toward the stage. I fell to the floor, the dress I was wearing ripped. My hair untied and became a tangled mess. I got up off the floor and looked around. The room blurred and I felt a pull on my feet. I screamed and I shut my eyes

"She's dreaming again" A voice said

"Off the charts" Another said

I opened my eyes and I wasn't where I was before. I tried getting up but I was locked in a chair "Let me go" I whispered

"No can do, sweet cheeks" The first person said, tracking my face with his hand. I took this opportunity as a diversion. I bit hard on his hand. The taste of his blood flooded my mouth. I spat it out before I went insane from the taste "Little bitch" He muttered, cradling his hand like it was a baby

Emmett came crashing in a moment later "What the fuck is going on in here?" He shouted. I refused to move. I kept my eyes on his companion. He was kind of cute. But he had nothing on Alec.

"This little bitch bit me!" The first man said

"He started it! He called me sweet cheeks!" I mocked

"Jared, stop being so pathetic and Renesmee just shut that little bitchy mouth of yours!" Emmett said

"Only if you let me out of this" I growled

"After your transformation" Emmett said

"After her what? Is she some kind of animal?" The one called Jared asked

"No, she's something else" Emmett replied "Bring the others in" He announced. Emmett's companion brought in everyone else. They were all in chains and treated like slaves "Ladies and gentlemen, for one night and one night only we have the living dead!"

Jared switched on the high pitched sound. A tear rolled down my cheek as my transformation took over my body

Bella's POV

"Let us go you pig" I spat, trying to walk forward. It's impossible, since I'm chained to the wall

"No can do, Bella" Emmett said, calmly

Emmett suddenly rushed out of the room. All of us took this as an opportunity to try and escape. I pulled on my chains but it was useless. There was no escape

The door opened again and there stood Sam, Emmett's assistant

"Sam oh thank god, help us out?" I asked

"I can't, Emmett wants to show you something" Sam replied, grabbing our chains and leading us next door. I looked inside and there, chained to a chair like some kind of animal, was Renesmee.

"Ladies and gentlemen, for one night and one night only we have the living dead!" Emmett announced

Jared switched on a button. A tear rolled down Renesmee's cheek as the infection took over her body