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By the time I arrived back home, I was absolutely shattered; two of the group I went riding with had had trouble with their horses and I'd had to help them get ready to go out and I'd had to help the girls un-tack their horses and then I'd had to take General up to the field and bring another horse back down before I was allowed to go home. Usually, I didn't mind walking home for half an hour but I was so tired I felt I just wanted to collapse in the road and sleep. To top it all off, it had started raining and I hadn't brought a coat so when I got in through the door, I was tired and soaking wet.

"Miss Scarlett?"

I looked to the end of the hallway – Meta Knight was standing there, covering a very wet but happy Kirby under his cloak.

"Hey Meta," I replied half-heartedly, pulling off my hat and wringing the rain out of my hair. Kirby clapped his eyes onto me and squealed in delight, running to me with outstretched arms. I caught him and swept him up in my own.

"Heya Kirby," I cooed at him, snuggling the puffball as best as I could. He laughed a little before shaking off the drops of water and continuing to hug me.

Despite my tired bones, dampened spirit and aching muscles, my heart was glowing with such a warmth I couldn't help but smile. Somehow, having Kirby and Meta around made even the darkest of times seem bright and worthwhile. It was like they filled the world with security and joy which everyone could share.

Flash! A sharp, white pulse blinded us for a moment, freezing us in time. Meta Knight's eyes danced between amber and red as his hand rested on Galaxia's hilt and Kirby scanned the hallway with frantic worry before his eyes shot to me, gripping the wool of my jumper more intensely than before. My skeleton locked together and my nerves went taut as I counted down.

'1... 2... 3... 4... 5... 6... 7... 8... 9...'

A deep growl resonated in the burgeoning grey clouds, making the house shake beneath our feet. Really; 2 thunderstorms in the space of 3 days? I knew that recently the weather had been slightly out of whack, but I didn't realize it would turn out to be like this – thunderstorms only occurred two to three times a year, let alone 3 days apart.

A small whimper escaped Kirby's lips whilst a snarl escaped Meta's. A dark frown clouded my face and my irises simmered between hazel and bright green. I was vaguely aware of Kirby wrapping his hands around my arm and shivering but that only made the crackling fire that replaced the honey warmth in my chest burn white hot instead of red hot. It was like a black, violent rage was moulding itself into my heart: in other words, I was being protective.


"Miss Scarlett."

"Take Kirby for a moment; I'm going to see what's going on out there. I want to assume it's a natural thunderstorm but just in case it isn't..."

"I understand. Come, Kirby."

"P-Poyo..." He wasn't moving.

"Kirby, come on."


I peeled Kirby off my arm and lowered him to the floor at which point he instantly clung to my leg, giving a wide, teary stare. I didn't want to shoot such a fierce look at him and it wrenched my heart to do so but I needed him to stay with Meta so I could check outside.

The whole house was overshadowed by a horizon of looming black and dark grey clouds that spun carelessly and dangerously in the winds. Another blast of white pressed me against the glass door and I counted. I didn't get to four before the thunder called out making it seem like this was an earthquake rather than a regular thunderstorm. But having a year's worth of thunderstorms in one weekend wasn't regular to me. Not in my books...

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