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Snuggle: to lie or press closely, as for comfort or from affection; nestle; cuddle.


Shuichi slowly became aware of his surroundings. He was pressed closely against a hard warm chest, strange he didn't remember going to bed last night. In fact he remembered collapsing on the couch immediately after coming home from the studio. Yuki had a deadline and he was too tired to try and worm his way into the man's lap like he normally did.

Come to think of it he shouldn't be pressed against anything other than the mattress Yuki had a deadline. The man wouldn't be in bed if he had work to do. Unless…unless he had gotten an extension on the deadline or had finished the book. And still even then he surely wouldn't be cuddling Shuichi. It was very unlike the man to be affectionate in any way shape or form. But there was no denying it. He was being snuggled. Legitimately snuggled. By Eiri Yuki of all people. The man of ice, so full of charm but still so very, well very mean!

"Yuki…?" Shuichi asked unsurely poking at the blonde man's arm that was wrapped around him much like a child would their dearest teddy bear.

"Nnngh Shui…" Yuki mumbled turning his head towards the pop star and snuggling closer without waking.

"Umm Yuuuki…I don't think you know what you're doing but if you're really a snuggle bunny at heart I'm game whenever you don't have to be sleeping…" Shuichi said slightly terrified that his lover just continued to curl further around him without so much as a flicker of his eyelids.

"m'not a snuggle bunny you damn brat, get outta my bed," Yuki said attempting to shove the teen off the bed only to find he was too entangled around the boy to do so and instead opted for a less tasking option. "Shut up, m'tryin to sleep."

"I'm sorry, my snuggle bunny I didn't mean to wake you I'll be quite now and we can snuggle forever." Shuichi swooned his eyes going so wide that they took up over half of his face.

"God damn it brat," Yuki growled shoving away from the warmth of his lover and pushing himself into a sitting position and trying to gather enough energy to make his way to the kitchen to find coffee or beer…beer is good…

"I'm sorry Yuki! Don't leave I can be quiet I promise!" Shuichi cried latching onto the man like a leech. "Just snuggle me some more and I'll be good!"

"Go. To. Hell." Yuki snarled. "I don't snuggle and I most certainly wouldn't snuggle with you if I did."

"But-but you were just and I was and you were!" Shuichi babbled helplessly.

"Too bad the moments passed not get off me."

"NEVER! I won't let go until you snuggle me some more!" Shuichi said defiantly.

Yuki made several futile attempts to shake the teen off but was unable to and with a great sigh he dropped back onto the bed nuzzling his nose into Shuichi's hair, bringing a hand up to caress his cheek in the process. After several minutes had passed the both of them were snoring lightly wrapped in each other's arms.