Jason took one look in the mirror and didn't like what he saw. He looked fine. Nicely shaved, hair perfectly combed in that Elvis doo he liked. His body form was still the same as it was in highschool, but he was not satisfied. He lost contact with all of his friends from his work, gym, and socail life. he had just lost his job so he couldn't affor anything. Which made him angry.

He had an addiction, which is why everything he loved and lived for was down the drain. Drugs and alcohol had taken over his life, which is why he was not satisfied with his life or his look in the mirror.

In that past 48 hours he had not consumed any drugs or alcohol or anything like that. He was going to look for a new job. He wanted to stop with the drugs but they were like cigarettes, addicting and hard to come off of. He hadn't smoked. he didn't like the taste. He had on some blue jeans along with some black and red shoes, a black shirt, and a red hoodie.

He didn't have any suits, but he wasn't interviewing for a business job. It was just for a new resturaunt in down town Angel Grove. He thought he couls start over and get some money to buy drugs. He didn't like to think like that but it was his body craving it.

He got there and was waiting for the interview.

"She will be here soon," The man said and left Jason to himself in the office of the chef.

I wish she'd hurry up. Jason thought. Again, it was the drugs talking which made him even more angry and impatient, which he kept to himself because he needed a job to live. The familiar woman walked into the office thing and sat down.

"Hello. I am the chef here and I am also the person interviewing you." one word out of those beautiful lips brought Jason back to who she was.

"Kim?" He asked.

"Yes. Kimberly Hart," She replied. He was actually glad to hear that she wasn't married.

He perked up and smiled,"It's me. Jason Scott."

A smile popped up on her face.

"Jason! Oh my gosh I can't believe it's actually you. How are you?" Jason kinda wished she hadn't have asked that. He didn't want to tell the love of is life that he was a drug addict and an alcoholic.

He changed the subject towards her,"Me? How are you? Is this your resturaunt?"

Kimberly nodded with a smile on her face,"Yep. I decided to be a chef after I realized that it would take me a whle to become an actress. Or even a singer. but I'm still working on it."

"That's good," Jason paused,"Have you heard from the guys after we all departed?"

"Well I still talk to Trini and Zack since they got together. I don't really talk to Tommy or Kat but I have seen their son. I also talk to Aisha," She replied.

"Really?" Jason asked.

"Yea. Her and Rocky are getting married soon. You should come," Kimberly said.

"Are you sure? I haven't talked to anybody in forever."

"Yea. You can come with me. I have nobody to go with," Kimberly replied. Jason's heart skipped a beat. He loved this girl since they were 5 and now, 20 years later, he has a chance to go out with her. He just hopes she doesn't find out about his addiction.

"Ok. I'll come with you," He replied. She squealed wrapping her arms around him. He put on a gentle smile and started to blush a little bit. Kimberly pulled away when someone came in.

"Kim? The new guy is having trouble with the lobster," She said.

"What do you mean?" Kimberly asked the scared woman as she jumped.

"I mean that the lobster is stuck to his face."

"Oh. I hate when that happens. Thank you Lila I'll be in there in a few minutes," Kimberly replied turning back towards a surprised Jason.

"What?" Kim asked.

Jason chuckled,"You scare people."

She laughed also putting her hand on Jason's shoulder,"I'm going to take a look at your resume and stuff and I'll get back to you with an answer. I hope you see you around Rex. Bye."

"Bye Pinky," Jason put up his hand as a sign of goodbye as he watched her walk away.

He really loved this girl so much. But Jason Lee Scott was scared that he would ruin it all because of an addiction.