There's one mistake everyone always makes about me. It's like they're scared to ask about it. They shouldn't be- it's not like it's important.

No one knows the reason I never married, so they make up something to satisfy their confusion.

It's not because I'm so obsessed with dragons I have no time for girls. It's not that I'm gay. It's not that I had my heart crushed from a teenage relationship and never healed. It's not that I didn't like growing up in a large family and that stopped me finding my life long partner. It's nothing anyone's ever come up with.

I had my fair share of relationships at Hogwarts. I never had a shortage of attention- I don't think any quidditch captain did! They were turbulent, they were genuine, but they weren't soul crushing and they weren't haunting memories that scarred me from pursuing marriage once I'd left school.

Honestly, there's only one reason I never married, and it's pretty simple. I never found someone I loved. A lot of people settle or marry for social standing, but I would never do that. I haven't found anyone I love and could never pretend I had.

It didn't seem right for me to marry someone I liked when all my family were marrying peopled they loved. Bill and Fleur, Tonks and Remus- that's love. They fought for each other because they knew that there was no way they could live alone, without half of them. If I couldn't truly find that, I could never pretend to people like them, who knew what love was, that I had it too.

Dragons would come second to the girl I'd marry. Everything would come second to her. If she was terrified of them, I'd find a new job away from them. Dragons are my passion, but she would be my love. She would be the most important thing in my life, and I would be in hers. That's how love works in marriage- it's a two way street. They'd fall apart otherwise, but then again they would never have been whole in the first place.

So there you have it. The reason I haven't married- the real reason. I'm not in love. It's as simple as that.