All of Sheldon's former farm friends Orson Pig, Wade Duck, Bo and Lanolin Sheep, Roy Rooster, and Sheldon's own brother Booker Chick were all looking for him on their farm.

"I can't find him anywhere." Orson said right after looking in a bush.

"I'd say 'join the club', but I think you already have." Wade replied.

"Well, why would Sheldon go running off anyway?" Orson asked.

Wade thought about it for a moment.

"I know." Wade said. "Do you remember how the last scene in our play last night went?" he asked.

Orson than looked up to the sky and had a flashback of the play him and his friends put on the night before. He remembered how Wade's character was named Sheldon. He also remembered how the real Sheldon came in right before Orson's last line. That line happened to be "Sheldon, I want you out! Out!" and Wade's line after that was "Ok. Ok."

"Oh, I see." Orson said. "He must've thought I was talking to him and that you saying "ok." and everyone clapping was you and everyone else approving." he continued.

"Did you find him?" Lanolin asked as she and the rest of the animals walked over to Orson and Wade.

"No, but I figured out why he's gone." answered Orson.

Orson then looked down and noticed chick tracks leading down the road.

"Those tracks lead to the egg factory." Sheldon said.

"Gang, it looks like we've got a myster..." Orson started to say.

"No! Don't say that!" shouted Sheldon. "It's too similar to the common catch phrase by Fred Jones in the Scooby Doo franchise. If you say it, we could get sued." he continued.

"Well in that case, I'll just get this thesaurus and..." Orson started to say as he got a thesaurus and looked in it. "Squad, it appears similar to we've got a secrecy resting on our workers." he said after he looked in the thesaurus.