Chapter 1

The sun was setting fast over the hills and valleys of Meadow Dune valley the small town, Minus was slowly shutting down. Shops were closing and night bars were opening their doors to the drunk and men looking for night pleasure. Surrounding the town were many ranches and farms the last of the herds were heading into the barn while others were put into the feeding pens for tomorrows breakfast.

Vin was locking the last stall making sure his charge was safe and happy the beast inside huffed as it curled itself into a ball to sleep. He was eighteen years old a rancher boy born and raised like his farther Shawn as he walked through the empty field he spotted two figures in the field his dad and uncle were going hunting again tonight, he watched them rig their gear on to the dragons waiting for them patiently one was an ton weight breed called a Cobra, Risk the other a runty weight breed called a Chocolate orange –runner his orange horns still visible in the night was his uncle's dragon named Brown.

Shawn tied on another net ball to the harness before loading his darts with tranquilizing berry called dragon seed when this berry is crushed into a thick paste that when injected into the skin can make any animal sleepy and drossy. His uncle Dave was already on Brown who was anxiously waiting to be off, he wanted to wish them good luck as he walked towards them his dad grabbed him by the arm and pulled him up onto the laying down Risk " What are you doing?'' he said looking confused as his farther joined him shoving a harness into his chest " Your coming with us on the hunt, you need to learn how to do it sometime .'' he said hooking his harness to Risk's riding harness Vin doing the same he couldn't believe it he was actually going on a hunt with his dad for the first time. Grabbing the reins Shawn gave the signal for takeoff and Risk obeyed pushing up into the air he circled waiting for Brown to get into the air, Brown finally was in the air the old Chocolate was getting slower by the day "It won't be long know until he's up for retirement.'' his uncle said as he flew passed Risk right behind them they were heading to a thick part of the forest on their ranch they owned acres of land to take care of hundreds of dragons in their stables and hatchlings.

They were heading to a certain spot in the forest a feral dragon had made his home here only a few days ago he was the first to find it drinking from one of their ponds in the pens early in the morning it was too dark to see it but he could tell it was huge , then everyone saw it when they were out in the fields tending to the meat dragons when its shadow appeared overhead it was too far up for them to get a good view of it but his farther said it must me a pretty big bull because of its size. As rule to all good ranchers all ferals should be captured or chased out one feral could kill three meat dragons a day and cause havoc all over the country side. They did some scouting around the forest when his uncle found some droppings in a large clearing the beast was sleeping nearby in another field well sheltered from view from anything in the sky.

They hovered over the spot circling Risk circled around hissing the whole time while Brown dove into the trees to inspect he quickly shot up his eyes flashing white " It's there alright and is about to move.'' His uncle said grabbing his flasher rocket he aimed it towards the field the rocket would fire a powerful gas that burned the nose with its strong stench, he fired the rocket it lit up and disappeared into the tree only to crackle and pop before it hit the ground a big cloud of smoke covered the field they hovered in silence until a loud roar was heard from below and a pair of glowing gold eyes flashed passed them Risk startled instinctively dropped down to avoid attack Brown followed close behind the dragon right behind them his uncle fired a flash rocket into the air the bright red light shot up an exploded into a bright red light exposing everything including the dragon its large curved horns and black body with yellow markings designed to camouflage it roared in panic being hit with the powerful gas its eyes were sensitive against the bright light. Shawn grabbing the reins pulled Risk back into the air Brown was circling the dragon it tried to strike out but his uncle had a rope around its left claw as it struggled it didn't notice Risk coming in from behind his dad aimed the darts on his crossbow towards the beast chest the two shots hitting their mark the dragon roared and shook violently breaking the rope Brown turned back around hissing his uncle aimed his net gun at the beast head it spotted him and tried to dive down but was intercepted by Risk, Shawn fired another flash rocket startling the dragon right into the net his uncle fired its head was caught in the net it tried to pull it off but couldn't since its claws were going numb from the drug " Vin get the large net gun ready we need to get it over it before the drug fully takes effect." His uncle shouted as he and Brown struggled to stay aloft as the feral's whole body went numb.

He fired another net this time rapping up the dragons wings as it struggled to stay a lift Vin fired the gun the net sprang open as it wrapped around the dragon's body Vin quickly tied the rope attached to the net to the harness the dragon was roaring and whimpering pitifully as the rest of the drug took effect then it went into a deep sleep Risk was trying to stay aloft but was having trouble with the extra weight of a sleeping dragon tied to him Brown came in his uncle managed to tie another rope to the net and help lift the burden off of Risk " Nice work today son.'' His farther said as they headed home with their prize.

As they arrived at the stables Risk and Brown were exhausted their sides were rising and falling heavily from the long flight , and finally they could land they hovered for a second while he and his uncle tried to decide where to put the big male finally they dropped him down gently on the ground the meat dragons and other animals penned in the breakfast pen started to squeal and snort in panic at the new smell of wild dragon they knew by instinct that a wild dragon would eat them if it got the chance.

Risk and Brown sighed and landed Shawn slid down Risk's back first then helped Vin down his uncle was already encouraging the dragons to pull the big bull in. They might have been tired but they were willing to do it they pulled their catch into the stable Vin opened the large stable door sliding it open checking to make sure that the fresh sand and straw he put down was still warm and dry the water trough for the dragon was already full and some fresh killed chickens still covered in feathers were put in the food bin, Risk and Brown dragged the ton weight dragon into the stall Shawn and his uncle were cutting the ropes off him and undoing the nets Vin led the two exhausted dragons back to their stalls extra chicken and rabbit were stuffed in the bin for them already but first they wanted water and drank the troughs bare he automatically refilled it for them and they settled down Vin was unharnessing them while his father and uncle pushed the rest of the dragon's tail into the stall they gave a loud huff after pushing it in and undoing the nets covering its head, body and claws it hissed as the drugs started to wear off its eyes were starting to move.

Both adults rushed out locking the door behind them. "Well that was fun but I'm going to turn in for the night.'' His uncle said heading for the house his father was looking over the sleeping dragon Vin came closer looking at the big ton beast starting to come out of its sleep. "What a beauty perfect specimen of an Iron-gold don't you think.'' Shawn said eyeing the dragons horns unlike other dragons that have two horns, Iron-golds have four horns two curved horns on their head and two on the side of their faces giving them a more fearsome look "Do you think he'll be a good breeder?'' Vin asked he loved dragons and the fact that he lived at a dragon breeding ranch made him the happiest person in the world. "I hope so son but even if he isn't we can always use him in training sessions.'' He said patting his sons head "Well he'll wake up and probably won't know what happened to him until morning so let's leave him at peace for now.''