Chapter 27

"Move it more to the left Ryan.'' Vin ordered his friend as he helped him push the couch closer to the wall. Ryan grumbled "Fine.'' and he did as he was told. " Not that far to the left now it's crooked.'' Vin shouted and Ryan threw his hands in the air, "Fine then you do it, I'm gonna go help Carson get the rest of your things.'' He added and stomped off leaving Vin alone to put the couch in the correct spot.

"Fine I will.'' Vin shouted back and pushed the couch further against the wall of the cave and then sighed. "Perfect just the way it should be.'' he smiled and looked at his new home. He and Elita had circled the whole valley bowel looking for the right cave to live in. Elita had her heart set on a very large cave while Vin wanted a smaller one that wouldn't take too long to clean.

Eventually they found one they both like it was to the East of the valley and had a nice sunning ledge and a clear view of the entire Hold, it had four different chambers. The first was the dragon's cave which Elita had cleaned out herself warm sand was brought in for her to sleep in it was dumped into a pit which she had cleaned it out and as soon as the last bag was dropped in she immediately settled down and was taking a nap. Connected to her cave was the living chamber it was rather large and was in need of a good touch up which Vin had busied himself over the past two days as he cleaned it out and was adding the furniture he'd picked out from the Hold's storage cavern.

The third chamber was the sleeping chamber it was a little smaller but had plenty of space it had a little pool for him to bathe in privately if he wanted. He liked this cave very much and as Ryan and Carson came in with the last of the chairs that went with the little table he picked out they all sighed. "Well what do you think?'' Vin asked and Ryan and Carson both smiled "Its sure is lovely and it's pretty close to Ryan and mine's caves.'' Carson said and he got up to stretch, Ryan agreed and went outside to the ledge to look over the bowl. Winter was coming in already the first snows covered most of the valley already and the dragons weren't at all happy with these winter conditions especially the youngest ones who never experienced the cold before.

"Well I'm heading down for some lunch I'm hungry.'' Ryan said holding his stomach and Climbed aboard Izzy and the pair took off heading for the courtyard. Carson asked if Vin wanted to go to but he refused. "I'm not hungry. I'll see you guys later.'' He said and Carson nodded his head and climbed on his dragon and headed for the courtyard too.

Vin went in to check on Elita who was still sleeping soundly on her bed of sand, the large torches brightened the chamber shinning her scales to a purplish blue. Vin let her sleep and went into his own chamber he took of his boots and walked over to the little brown oak dresser he picked out, and checked on his little treasure. The egg he found at the river still hadn't hatched at this point Vin wasn't quite sure it would but he never gave up on it he'd moved the egg to an old rusted pot filled with warm sand and he buried it half way in the sand, the egg's coloring had changed to a darker brown over the past two days.

He quickly put the lid back on and laid down on his bed the soft bed was welcoming and before he knew it he'd fallen asleep.

Vin woke up to the feel of someone touching his back very gentle and then someone kissing along his neck and then started nibbling on his ear. He thought it was Ryan teasing him, "Stop it Ryan I'm trying to sleep.'' He mumbled and pushed whoever it was away from him. Only to have the persons full weight on top of him pinning him to the bed, " If Ryan so much as touches you I'll kill him.'' A familiar voice said and Vin turned his head to see Oliver's green eyes staring at him lovingly.

"Oliver your back!'' Vin said turning and hugging his lover in a tight in brace, "Yes sweaty I'm back but loosen your grip please I can't breathe.'' He chuckled and Vin loosened his grip, and gave his guy a welcoming kiss which was greedily accepted. They stayed like that for awhile inhaling each other's scent and kissing each other happily.

Vin could fell something rising in his groin and he already felt Oliver's growing member as well, he still wasn't ready for their first time yet. He quickly pushed Oliver off of him before he got to excited and Oliver made a sad pouty face that Vin couldn't help but fall for and he gave Oliver an apologetic kiss and slipped away from the bed. Oliver realizing tonight wasn't going to be the night followed him to Elita's chamber.

The Black Widow was happily wrapped under Oversia's great grey wings and both were making happy humming sounds and Oversia was making clicking sounds at Elita that made the young dragon hum even louder. "Well I see you two are happy to be reunited.'' Vin kidded his dragon and patted her side as the pair unfolded themselves from each other. "Nice to see you again Oversia.'', Oversia bowed his head "Like wise.'' He said and headed outside to the ledge followed by Elita and their riders.

The chilly night air wasn't very welcoming, Vin quickly pulled the hood of his tunic up "Winter is defiantly here.'' he said with teeth chattering. Oliver pulled him closer so they could share body warmth. As Vin settled into his lovers arms he felt complete and safe, "You know there are other ways to keep warm.'' Oliver whispered in his ear and Vin blushed and pushed himself away. "Down boy it's not that cold out.'' And Vin leaped onto Elita's neck and she took off bareback, they could hear Oliver laugh and soon Oversia was flying above them, Elita pulled higher up and kidded the other dragon to chase her. Which he did happily falling for her ploy.

" He's not too clever like me.'' she rumbled happily as she did a complete somersault over , Oversia who was startled by the maneuver dropped out of the sky and pulled back up. Elita's little trick had Vin red face and sick Elita sensing something was wrong quickly returned to their ledge and he slid down her back to vomit. "Let's not do that again unless I'm securely harnessed.'' He ordered and she lowered her head and whined piteously, "I'm sorry I got carried away.'' She rumbled and lowered herself down to sulk; he gave her a gentle pat. "No harm done my love don't worry about it, I'm better now.'' He said but she still felt sulky even when he scratched her chin.

Oversia landed on the ledge and Oliver ran to Vin who cuddled Elita's head, "Are you alright?'' he asked looking at the mess Vin made on the ledge. " Yeah I'm ok but I still feel a little dizzy.'' He added and Elita pulled him closer to her and nuzzled his hair.

Oliver shook his head, " Alright off to bed with you I'll get something to clean this up and then I see what I can get for you to eat since dinner is nearly over.'' He said and he jumped onto Oversia. "I want you in bed when I get back.'' He ordered and Oversia took off towards the hold.

Elita escorted him to his room using the other opening in her chamber that was connected to his room. He pleaded to her that he was alright and that she didn't need to worry, but she wasn't listening and gently shoved him towards his room. She peered in past the curtain to make sure he was settled in the bed and told him to call if he needed anything before she settled down in her sand bed.

Oliver was soon back with a maid carrying a tray of soup and bread, she came up using the pulley system and settled the tray down, "This broth will make you feel better.'' She said and quietly left Oliver smiled at him, "How you feeling?'' he asked as he helped Vin sit up like he couldn't do it himself.

"I'm fine much better.'' He said as he ate, Oliver watched and then settled down next to him, they started talking about what was going on while they were separated. When he was finished eating Oliver took the tray to an open square in the wall and pulled a small lever and the tray disappeared. "Come then you need to rest and I have patrol tomorrow.'' He said and with a swift kiss he was out of the room.