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Naruto has had a very interesting, yet slightly painful day since Sakura punched his for trying to hug her and that Jiraiya had left him to pay for the ramen that he assumed that he would pay for, but Naruto did wonder why they had to take a bath beforehand. But what confused him was that he was knocked out by the purvey sage afterward, once he woke up in pain over being dropped to the dirty ground and the after effect on Jiraiya's punch. "Huh...Where are we?" Naruto asked.

"Stand up." Jiraiya orders him; Naruto does as he says painfully. "Your training ends here."

"What! But I haven't done anything yet!" Naruto yells.

"Shut up, you seem to experience the red chakra through near death experiences and we're going to play that scenario so you understand who you get it." Jiraiya says and then taps his forehead with his index finger.

Naruto was confused but he was then shocked that he was sent flying backwards for a few second, and then realized that he was now falling down a bottomless pit. "HOLY SHIII..." Naruto yells as he falls.

Jiraiya sighs, feeling guilty for doing this to the small child. 'But we've got to see if the Nine Tails chakra was meant for you...' He says to himself.

Naruto screams as he falls down the pit at great speed, he sees a large spike out of the wall coming close. "This may be my only chance!" Naruto yells and concentrates his chakra into his hands and feet, he makes a grab of it but the surface was too wet and he was going too fast. "SHIT!"

He continues falling. 'This is it...I'm going to die...die...' He says to himself and closes his eyes.


When Naruto opens his eyes again, he is shocked that he was in a very wet corridor, he stood and wondered where the hell he was and moved forward. 'What's this feeling?' He wonders, feeling the need to go through one of the corridors to the right and enters, he walks forward and was surprised to see a gigantic barred door before him, he grew curious and wandered forward to try and see through it. He sees nothing but darkness and grows confused and wanders into it, thinking that it's empty; he continued looking around the dark wet room and fails to notice something forming behind him.

"Well what have we got here?" Someone says, Naruto turns quickly and gets a nosebleed when he looked, it was a tall beautiful woman with long red/orange hair that reached to her backside, the hair also covered her breasts and the woman also had very tanned and soft looking skin along with an hourglass figure. Oh, did I mention that she was completely naked, she wondered forward to the shocked Naruto with a smirk as she could see his still cocked head staring at her bushed womanhood. "Like what you see?" She asks, but didn't get a reply.

She just sighed and wandered behind him, Naruto didn't move his head but kept looking at her until she was out of his line of sight and stared straight ahead, and trying to figure out what the hell was going on. 'Who is this...what's going on...where the hell am I?' Naruto wondered but was soon blank minded as the woman wrapped her arms around Naruto and started sucking his ear, not failing to notice the perky breast pressing against him.

She stopped sucking he ear and placed her chin on Naruto's shoulders. "It's been so long since I've seen a male...well...not being controlled while seeing one." She chuckled. "It must have been over a century at most." She smirks and starts licking his neck with an abnormally long tongue.

Naruto's mind snapped back into reality and was again shocked by seeing the long tongue. "I-I...w-what's going o-on?" Naruto asked.

"Like I said, it's been ages since I've seen a male with free will." She chuckles.

"B-But who a-are you?" Naruto asked.

"Me? I like to be called Kyuubi...I'm tired of being called the Nine Tailed Demon Fox." She says.

"What! B-But you don't e-even look like a f-fox!" Naruto yells while trying to get out of her arms, only just managing and turned around to look at her but turned around quickly, trying not to get a nose bleed but failing on not blushing. 'How the hell did I forget that she's naked!' He yelled at himself.

"Well...I am a powerful being, and do you expect me to look like a fox all the time?" The woman chuckled. "Plus I really do enjoy being in many pleasures." She smiles.

"S-So you're the one t-that gives m-me the red chakra?" Naruto asked.

"Yes...I hope that you liked the little gift I gave you, but you did stop when you nearly killed that child called Haku." Kyuubi said, making Naruto turn around and he tried his best to look at her face only. "So what brings you to this dank corner where I live?" She asked.

Naruto then remembered that he was falling to his death and looked shocked, but he then smirked. "Since I'm allowing you live in my body, I want you to pay rent-" Naruto began but was surprised when the woman appeared in front of him and wrapped her arms around Naruto.

"What a great idea, let's start with a quick wriggle before going for the main payment." She smiled.

"W-What! You're way older than me and I'm currently falling to my death here!" Naruto yells.

"So? I was always a bit of an adulterer and I do love the excitement of nearly dying while having an orgasm." The Kyuubi chuckled.

Naruto was now blushing so hard that it would put Hinata to shame; the Kyuubi did notice some movement from his groin and smirked. "I-I only n-need you chakra! That a-all I need!" Naruto yells.

Kyuubi looked disappointed but then smirked at an idea. "Tell you what...I'll give you my chakra...and something more that would make you more powerful than all the Shinobi of this village." She says.

Naruto looked in interest, but was soon suspicious. "What do I have to do for you?" Naruto asked.

"Nothing much...just a little nibble on your neck." She said with a smile. "And then I'll have to unlock your hidden powers with a special technique." She smiles.

Naruto looked in interest; people say that curiosity killed the cat but Naruto was sure as hell no cat and was actually the luckiest person, but he didn't know since he didn't try to push it. "What do you mean by 'nibble my neck'? Naruto said.

It's nothing really, just a nibble and you'll probably be more famous then the Forth Hokage." She smiled.

Naruto's eyes went ablaze at the thought and quickly presented his neck for the woman. "Give me the power then!" He yelled.

Kyuubi chuckled as she walked forward. 'He really is special.' She thought jest before standing in front of him, she noticed that he was staring at her womanhood once again and smiled, she opened her mouth to show more fox like teeth and quickly bit his neck, and Naruto cringed in pain while feeling blood being drawn. She then let go of him and licked his wound, she saw a mark forming on the back of his neck and smiled as she took a step from him.

Naruto rubbed his bitten neck and looked at Kyuubi in confusion. "Is that it?" Naruto asked, gaining a nod from Kyuubi. "So what's this technique you're going to do to me?" Naruto asked.

"For're going to have to close your eyes." She smiled, Naruto shrugged and did so, she looked at him and went to punch his face but stopped an inch away, seeing that he didn't flinch and smiled again. She then bit her bottom lip hard enough to draw blood and leaned forward, she pressed her lips against his, Naruto's eyes shot open and stared in disbelief, he pulled back to complain but she just dove her tongue in his now open mouth, shocking him more.

Naruto pushed the Kyuubi away from him and was about to ask what the hell she was doing, but he started feeling different and was getting a migraine almost immediately, he collapsed and it felt as though his body was on fire. "What is this!" Naruto screamed in pain.

"Just your body changing due to the new ability that has been hiding in your blood for years." Kyuubi smiled as the room seemed to vanish.


Naruto opened his eyes and could see everything clearly, more clearer then he'd ever had before, the pain he was in was now gone and he felt the chakra in him spike to an all time high. Naruto remembered the summoning Jutsu and bit his thumb while doing hand signs; he slammed his palm in mid air and a large explosion happened and Naruto landed gracefully on a large red ground that was a giant toads head. "Wow..." Naruto says, looking at his hands as though he's seeing them for the first time.

Jiraiya looked down and grinned by seeing Naruto master his summoning Jutsu, but he couldn't help but feel uneasy by something, like something in the world just changed, good and evil, he shrugged it off and chuckled as he saw Gamabunta. "I don't envy you kid, I can't even control that guy." He says as he walks away.

Naruto was looking around, wondering why he was seeing things so clearly then before as he walked to the edge of the toads nose. "Hey you little punk! What are you doing on my head!" Gamabunta yelled in anger.

Naruto didn't seem to notice the sudden movement but did notice the talking. "Do you have to be loud?" Naruto asked as he turned around.

Gamabunta looked at the kid, he noticed the Leaf headband with blond hair on the top of his head, but now had red hair at the bottom that seemed to cut off around the headband. His clothes now seemed more torn by the chakra escaping his body and seemed to blow in the wind where there is none, but what Gamabunta noticed more and shocked him most was his eyes. 'The Rinnegan...I didn't expect to see this again in my entire life.' He thought to himself. "Where's Jiraiya!" He yelled.

"What? You mean the Purvey Sage?" Naruto asked. "He's up there...why?" Naruto asked, still oblivious to his new capability.

"I'm just wondering why he summoned me here with the likes of you!" He yells.

"Well...I'm the one that actually summoned you." Naruto said while crossing his arms.

'Why would Jiraiya let this twerp summon toads when he's got the Rinnegan?' Gamabunta wondered. "I'll find him!" He says and jumps out of the wet pit, flying through the air while Naruto didn't seem affected but wondered why he wasn't.

When Gamabunta landed with a large bang, he looked around. "Hey Purvey Sage! I did it!" Naruto yells.

"Jiraiya! Why the hell did you let a child with the Rinnegan summon me!" Gamabunta yelled, making Naruto look confused, this also made a curtain pervert stop in his tracks.

'The Rinnegan?' He wondered and started making his way to Gamabunta as fast as he could.

"Rinnegan? What the hell is the Rinnegan?" Naruto asked, making Gamabunta confused.

"Wait...didn't that perverted Sage tell you anything?" The giant toad asked, and on cue, Jiraiya showed up.

"Hey Purvy Sage! What the hell is Rinnegan...Oh, and I summoned a toad!" Naruto yelled on top of Gamabunta's head.

"Naruto! Get down here now!" Jiraiya yelled to him.

"Umm...Sure." Naruto said and was about to get off.

"Jiraiya! What were you thinking on making this child make a contract with toads?" The chief toad yelled.

"What's wrong with me?" Naruto yelled in annoyance.

"Long story kid, just get down here now!" Jiraiya yelled, Naruto dropped down next to Jiraiya and looked at the now shocked Jiraiya. "Well that wasn't there last time I checked."

"What! So this child had somehow gained the Rinnegan at this age! And you only just find out!" The toad yelled.

"What the hell is Rinnegan!" Naruto yelled, but the Pervy Sage and the toad were arguing, this was annoying the crap out of Naruto now. "WHAT THE HELL IS THE RINNEGAN!" Naruto yelled, the toad was lifted a few dozen feet in the air before dropping onto the ground while Jiraiya flew backwards and slammed into a tree, this surprised Naruto. "What the hell was that?" He asked, feeling as though his chakra did that.

"Don't use that bloody Jutsu on me!" Gamabunta yelled in anger.

"Bloody hell, I don't even think Nagato could use that Jutsu until later in life." Jiraiya complained as he rubbed his sore areas as he stood up.

"Now will you tell me what the Rinnegan is?" Naruto asked.

"Well...I think I should show you first." Jiraiya said and pulled out a mirror, he looked at himself for a second before winking at his reflection before showing Naruto's.

Naruto looked in shock as his blue eyes weren't there anymore, is eyes were now light purple with rings around them. "What the hell happened to my eyes!" Naruto yells in shock.

Jiraiya began to tell Naruto about the Rinnegan, (I assume you all know) and Naruto stared in complete surprise and couldn't help grin. "But that's just a small extent of what I actually know, however, it'll blow any opponent you come across away, just like that...who are you facing in the first match?" Jiraiya asked.

"Neji Hyuga." Naruto reminded him in annoyance.

"Hyuga? Well you're very lucky that you gained this, otherwise I would have put all my money on the Hyuga." Jiraiya chuckled, making Naruto glare at him. "However, the Rinnegan is more superior to the Byakugan." He says.

"And why's that?" Naruto asked.

"Because the Rinnegan allows the user to use 'all' Jutsu's with ease, in some ways, it's more superior then the Sharingan. The Rinnegan may not allow you to copy everything you see, but it still allows you to use any Jutsu you can think of." He smirked.

Naruto couldn't help but grin madly at the thought of it, but was still confused on what happened to him and the chief toad when he got angry. "Great, but why did you get blown away?" Naruto asked.

"That's one of the most powerful Jutsu's the Rinnegan is capable of, you can control any object to come towards or away from you, it also allows you to crush things when use properly...I even hear that it can make you fly for short periods of time." Jiraiya whispered the last part in Naruto's ear, making Naruto go excited.

"Alright! Now let's see how I can do that!" Naruto yells and starts jumping.

"Wait! You won't be able to do that now! And besides!" Jiraiya yelled, making Naruto stop and look at him. "I think we should hide your eyes." Jiraiya told Naruto.

The orange ninja was confused by this. "Why?"

"It'll be like hiding your trump card...and I think people will start asking questions about those eyes, that'll lead to trouble and I'm sure you'll like to shock everyone of what you're made of." Jiraiya laughed.

"Sounds like a stupid idea." Gamabunta says.

"Why!" Jiraiya yelled.

"He's facing a Hyuga; he'll see through it and notice this twerp's new eyes." The chief toad says.

"...True...But I still think we should cover those up, it'll still lead to trouble if we don't." Jiraiya says. "And after we do that...I'll start teaching you some ultra cool Jutsu's." Jiraiya grinned.

Naruto got excited and quickly rushed over to Jiraiya and lifted him up as they ran towards the village, leaving the chief toad there. "Damn brat forgot to unsummon me." Gamabunta complained and had to dismiss himself in a large explosion.


Inside Naruto's landscape, the Kyuubi couldn't help but giggle as Naruto rushed to the village at high speed, failing to notice a screaming Jiraiya as he ran. "This really is an interesting child...I can't wait until I have my hands on his body again." She said seductively, making Naruto hear this in his head and making him blush without him knowing.

The Kyuubi noticed this and continued to talk. "Oh how my body is aching for attention, and what I could do to that child would make that perverts books put to'll even make his thoughts seem like the saint amongst saints..." She said, sending images to Naruto of what she'd have done to him.


Naruto dropped Jiraiya and fell face first into the ground, making the old man roll several feet until he hit a tree, making it collapse. "What the hell are you doing kid! You could have stopped me writing my next book!" Jiraiya yelled as he walked up to the fallen Naruto and role him over and was highly confused, Naruto was losing a lot of blood from the nose and it wasn't even broken, the kid also had a shocked/happy face. "I think that's what I looked like when I saw Tsunade naked while we were teens.' Jiraiya giggled like a pervert at the memory before picking up Naruto and headed to the village.

Sleepless D: Here we are, I hope you enjoyed the story, and I hope soulofdragon1 enjoyed it. Peace out.