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Naruto woke up, feeling tired and looked around his hotel room and glad he didn't wake up at Kyuubi's prison, he got up and started to get dressed in yesterday's clothes that were a little ragged now because of the explosion. He wondered what he should do today apart from getting stuff from his apartment; he sighed and walked towards the door and left, he looked to the end of the corridor to his left and saw Jiraiya leaving a room with a smiling woman. "That was great." The woman smiled.

"And you made it better." Jiraiya chuckled.

"...You really are a pervert." Naruto says, drawing their attention and a surprised look from Jiraiya.

"What the hell are you doing here!" Jiraiya yelled.

"I'm sleeping here because my apartment blew up yesterday." Naruto says and gained a confused and then nervous look from Jiraiya.

"Well...I better go with my student, thanks for the inspiration last night and I hope to see you soon." Jiraiya smiled and waved at the woman with a 'see you later' wink, he turned to Naruto and escorted him towards the stairs.

"Are we going to eat something?" Naruto asked.

"Well I already ate that woman out last night." Jiraiya giggled like a pervert.

"...Good to know." Naruto says. "Last night I was blown up, nearly raped and rammed a dildo into that Anko's arse." Naruto informs him.

Jiraiya just stared in shock at what Naruto just stared at Naruto, wondering how he managed to do that when he couldn't get any from her. 'Lucky bastard!' He yelled to himself.


Naruto and Jiraiya were eating at the ramen shop, they just got there and Naruto was eating his second bowl of ramen, Naruto was smiling and took notice that Ayame was lusting over him and smiled. He began eating again but he suddenly got a large headache and sudden flashes through his eyes, he placed his elbows on the table and got more flashes until his eyes.

Naruto looked around and it was like he was in two different areas, inside the ramen shop and another seems to be a dark room, but the other he could look around. Naruto stopped focusing on the shop and focused on the dark room, the sight was still not moving the line of sight.

Naruto's sight then moved towards a door suddenly opened from the shadows, a man walked in with similar clothes to Kabuto but more ragged and bloody. The man had yellow cat like eyes and looked at Naruto's direction, he smirked and showed his teeth that were cat like, he began walking towards him while rubbed his hands together. "It's time for your medication."

"Good to know." Naruto says but not sounding himself, sounding gruffer and darker then himself, Naruto was confused as it seemed like he was in a different body.

"So what have you been doing today?" The man asked.

"...Daydreaming...thinking of killing you." Naruto says.

"So the usual then." The man said and stuck a needle into his arm and injected him with its substance, Naruto's sight went blurry after a second. "You're the best of our subjects." The man chuckled as Naruto's sights went blank and came back to the ramen shop; he noticed a hand waving in front of him and noticed Jiraiya.

"Are you okay kid?" Jiraiya asked, Naruto nodded and wondered what the hell that was, he blinked a couple of times and didn't really feel hungry anymore, his head was pounding and tried to ignore it as best as he could.

"I think we should...go now." Naruto says, getting up and feeling his legs nearly give way but stayed strong.

Jiraiya looked in confusion by Naruto's actions and wondered if something was wrong, he paid for them and quickly followed Naruto. He looked to see Naruto vomiting around the corner; he was confused and remembered that people with the Kyuubi have never been ill, not even Kashina had morning sickness with Naruto.

He was worried but he didn't know if it was because of Naruto gaining the Rinnegan or not that it's making him like this, Naruto spat whatever taste was in his mouth and stood back up. "Man, strange experience." Naruto says, never doing that before.

"Well...I think it's best to not do any training today, you don't look like you should be doing anything today." Jiraiya says because he was a little worried about him.

"No, I'll be fine." Naruto says, trying to ignore the headache.

"No way kid, this is the first time I've seen you ill...heard you were ill." Jiraiya informs him.

Naruto nodded but didn't like the thought of not training but then again, the sudden vision or something, he didn't know if he should tell Jiraiya or not. "Um...Pervy Sage...I..." Naruto began.

"No need to worry Naruto, I know what you are going to say." Jiraiya smiled.

Naruto narrowed his eye in confusion. "And what's that?" Naruto asked.

"Here, my signed collections for my student." Jiraiya smiles and pulls out all of his collection of books and smiles.

Naruto sweated a little, he wondered how should he react but shrugged and took the books, nodding and wondering if he should read them or not. He shrugged and put them back, he looked around to make sure no one saw him take them, he sighed in relief and looked back at Jiraiya. "What now?"

"Go and have the day off, maybe even work out by having some of that sweet love." Jiraiya smirked, chuckling and walked away. "Have fun." Jiraiya called.

Naruto chuckled but then thought for a second, wondering what he meant by that. 'Could be an interesting thought...' Kyuubi says.

Naruto nodded and looked around, seeing that many people were glaring at him but there were a few women looking at him with interest and chuckled.


Naruto wondered around the village, trying to forget the headache he has suffering from, he looked around and wondered what was causing this. He had asked Kyuubi but she hasn't said anything since that small comment earlier, he was slightly curious but was in too much pain to think of anything else.

He sighed and walked towards a nearby bench, he sighed and rubbed his head in pain again, he waited there to what seemed like hours but only minutes pass. He head people walking towards him and opened his eyes, looking to see Team 8 walking towards him, Kiba was helping Hinata walk while Kurenai talked to Shino. "Hey Naruto!" Kiba yelled, somehow recognising Naruto with his new gear.

Hinata looked and blushed hard before clutching her chest in slight pain, Kiba looked a little concerned for Hinata and Shino wondered over to see if she was alright. Hinata coughed while Kiba and Shino helped her towards another bench, Kurenai looked a little worried but saw that she would be okay.

Kurenai walked over to Naruto and looked at him, seeing that it really was Naruto and remembered. "Um, Naruto...did you see Anko yesterday?" She asked.

"...I think I did..." Naruto says, trying to suppress laughter and blushing at the same time.

"Well...apparently she wants payback from what I understand...and saw..." Kurenai says, Naruto looked in slight confusion and looked at Kurenai who was scratching her cheek and a large blush.

"...Wait...did you walk into...her apartment?" Naruto asked.

Kurenai blushed and nodded; Naruto repressed the urge to laugh and wondered how that turned out. "Yeah...she wasn't really pleased when I found her." Kurenai informs him.

"I can imagine." He chuckled.

"Yeah...thought I better warn you that she wants payback."

Naruto chuckled nervously, looking at his fellow Leaf Genin and saw Hinata breathing heavily but was slowly regaining her breath. Naruto looked back at Kurenai and nodded before getting up and smiling at her. "Thanks for the information." Naruto says weakly, head still pounding.

"Mind if I ask why the new clothes and the half red hair?" Kurenai asked, tilting her head at Naruto's new look without the damage on it.

"...A little complicated...I can say that I changed in one day."

"...Really?" Kurenai asks, slightly surprised since she's heard that Naruto is a person who doesn't change much.

"Yeah, I've got to get going now, hopefully lose this headache." Naruto informs her while rubbing his head in pain before walking.

Kurenai tilted her head in slight confusion, wondering why Anko was interested in him but she was slowly starting to understand and smiled before going to her students.


Naruto yawned as he looked through a large stack of books, yes, books in the library, his headache was nearly gone and he gained some knowledge that he missed during him academy days. He chuckled as he remembered how many pranks he played on Iruka, he nearly misses those days, nearly but he then remembered all the tests.

Naruto looked at the time and was surprised that it was night time already, he got up and placed the large stack of books back where they were in the first place and quickly left the library. He yawned again and looked around while stretching; he got a sudden tingly feeling in his left hand but ignored it.

"Naruto?" Someone says in confusion, he looked around and saw Sakura standing nearby with a book in her hand. "I never thought I'd see the day that I'll see you walking out of a library...or were you just taking a nap." Sakura said in a dark tone and then realises his new getup and hair. "What's with the new look?" Sakura asked.

"Uh...I was reading and I wanted something new." Naruto says, moving his goggles a little.

"Suits you." Sakura smiled, still finding it hard to believe that he read inside the library.

"Yeah...I'm just about to get dinner and go to bed so I can train early tomorrow." Naruto informs her and starts walking away.

"Where you eating?" Sakura asks while blushing.

"Ichiraku ramen." Still walking away as Sakura followed him.

"I know of this great little place, I'm sure you'd like it." Sakura smiled even more, not too sure why she was acting this way, maybe it was the look, or maybe his half red hair.

"No thanks, I'd rather eat ramen since I hardly had any today."

"Okay then, mind if I eat with you?"

"If you want." Naruto says, getting slightly confused to Sakura's behaviour as she got closer with a look that slightly reminded him of Anko and got a little freaked out.

"Great." Sakura says in a lustful voice, thinking that she'll make Naruto want her, and yet again they're both confused by her behaviour, she reached for his hand with hers.

'Oh no you don't' Kyuubi said in an annoyed tone, taking control of his hand and pushing Sakura away. "Don't try that you bimbo." Naruto/Kyuubi says.

Sakura was surprised by this and her temper rose very rapidly. "What did you say you bastard?" Sakura yelled in anger and went to punch him.

He just stood there and wondered what the hell happened as Sakura smashed her fist into his face, she expected him to go flying but he just stood there, a little confused and didn't seem to realise that she'd just hit him. "That was wired...don't do that again Kyuubi, otherwise I might piss Sakura off more then I want." Naruto said, whispering the last part.

He looked at Sakura and became confused as she rubbed her hand in pain; he was confused to why she was doing that and went to check to see if she was okay, she backed away nervously. "Don't come near me." Sakura said in a nervous tone.

"Why?" Naruto asked her, sounding a little worried.

She backed away and ran, leaving him looking confused and worried about this. 'She doesn't deserve you my deserve someone that can take you, all of you inside her and want even more of you.' Kyuubi says in a sensual tone, turning him on slightly and made him confused.

'Okay then...I hope Sakura will be alright because I really don't want her hating me or something.' Naruto sighs, hoping that he can occupy his time long enough to not worry and came back to the thought of Neji and his match with him.


Naruto returned to his hotel room after reaching his record of three dozen bowls of ramen in half an hour, he yawned and heard Jiriaya laughing his head off near his room and sighed. 'Damn pervert.' He says to himself and enters his room.

Naruto started feeling a sudden headache, the same one that he had earlier and quickly fell onto his bed and groaned. He wondered what the fuck it was and quickly closed his eyes, wanting to go to sleep as quickly as possible. Naruto did manage to fall asleep, feeling slight relief because of it, but Naruto felt as though he was dreaming yet felt so real, knowing he was asleep yet feeling like he was awake as sudden images came through his closed eyes.


Naruto was back inside the dark room, he looked around in the room and could somehow feel everyone beyond the room, and Naruto felt himself smirk as he felt two people walking towards his door. The door opened and two men with white robes, covered in blood and masks covering their faces. "Time for your injections." The leading man said.

"Where's Neko?" Naruto asked, wondering if he was dreaming or something.

"He's in control of the base now." The second man said, taking out a syringe.

"...Then that would mean that most of the other men in base are I right?" Naruto asked, getting the sudden remembrance of feeling the people in the base leave.

"Yeah." The first man said, taking the syringe from his companion. "Why?" He asked and walked towards him.

"...Because we're all leaving." Naruto said in a blood thirsty voice, raising his hands which he realised were covered in metal bindings, the two looked confused and chuckled.

"You're not strong enough to do anything, the drugs are still in your system and you won't be able to do any-" The first man chuckled, the bindings suddenly exploded and sending shrapnel everywhere, cutting into him, the men and the walls.

The two men looked in horror and quickly charged towards Naruto with the syringe in hand, Naruto shot his hand forward and grabbed the man's hand with the syringe and caused him to crush it. He screamed in pain but the drug went through his system quickly and fell to his knees, the second man jumped toward Naruto but he just raised his hand and the man stopped in midair.

"I am more advanced than any of my brothers and sister, even those half-breeds you've been making." Naruto says and moves his hand slightly.

"No! No! Don't!" The man began but his head moved violently to the left and a sickening snap was heard before he landed on the floor.

Naruto smirked and let go of the other man's hand and he collapsed, knowing he won't be getting up anytime soon, he walked towards the door and placed his hand on the door. The door smashed away from the wall and continued down the hallway on the other side, Naruto felt himself smirk and walked out the room. "...Ridd! Don''ll be...killed!" The man that got drugged says, trying his best not to pass out.

Naruto looked around, not knowing if he was talking to someone else or if he's called Ridd now. "I am the strongest being from my clan in this base; everyone will die by my family." Naruto says, making him wonder if he's having a past experience or something.

"Yeah, everyone will die!" Someone laughed loudly from behind Ridd, he looked around and saw a man hovering in the air, smirking and laughing hard.

"How...the fuck...did you...escape?" The drugged man asked, pushing himself up and looking at the two men.

The man chuckled and vanished in a flash of blue and reappeared next to the man. "All the tests your second leading doctor has been interesting." He chuckled, kneeling down and showed long red hair and strange coloured eyes, he had Rinnegan eyes but his left one was very dark and the other one was very light compared to the normal Rinnegan eyes. "I can teleport...but I get these sudden headaches." He says, holding his head but smirked. "I'll make you all suffer my pain." He chuckled and moved his hand directly in front of the man.

"Don' it!" The man yelled but the ground below him collapsed and crushed him with the force and spurting up blood.

"...Nice work Bird." Ridd says.

"No problem, let's release our brothers and sister." Bird says while feeling them call for release, even the half-breeds that he would call.

Ridd nodded. "I'll make sure they're free." He says and walked towards the other end of the corridor.

Bird chuckled and started glowing red and clutched his head in pain. "I'll have some fun without you then." He chuckled, glowing less red and turning blue before vanishing.

Ridd chuckled slightly as he walked down the corridor, feeling the longing to breathe fresh air as much as everyone else in this place is. He had finally reached the end of the corridor and remembered that a large room containing cells was on the other side, he reached for the handle but it was locked. He sighed before placing his hand on the door and it exploded, sending shrapnel outwards and making agonising sounds come from the other side.

He walked forward and saw a few badly wounded men around the door; he looked around and saw several men around the large room, knowing that they were guards. They drew their weapons and looked slightly nervous by the sight of Ridd, they took a couple of steps forward before they heard the alarm go off "Warning, warning, prisoner escape...several prisoners escape and attacking the guards..." A voice came from the speakers, but suddenly a large amount of static came after it for a few seconds and a dark voice came from it.

"This is Doctor Lem, I am sorry to inform everyone in this base that is loyal to Lord Orochimaru is now doomed...prisoner holding cells in sector 8 let's see some entertainment." The person chuckled.

Ridd looked at the sign near him and smirked as it read 'Sector 8', a buzzing sound came and all the doors around opened into darker rooms. All the guards looked scared now as a person walked out from the corridor that Ridd left and stopped next to him.

Ridd looked around and smirked when he was messy red hair, torn prisoner clothes and green Rinnegan eyes, knowing that it wasn't natural but was hidden inside his blood from his heritage. "Hello Cain, I'm glad you haven't been dissected yet." Ridd smirked.

Naruto who was seeing everything through Ridd's eyes was looking confused, finding the red hair unusually familiar to him. "They nearly did brother, but these weak excuses of humans aren't even strong enough." Cain smirked, words sounding slightly strange for him as if he hadn't spoken in years.

Soon, several people walked through the shadowy doors to the holding cells, most looking rather pale and sickly but two looked relatively healthy. They both headed towards the two men, one walking and one hovering. "I see you weaklings managed to survive the snake's experiments." The one that was walking said, revealing themselves as a woman with trimmed red hair and dark red Rinnegan eyes.

"Rita...Rain." Cain nodded and gained a sweet yet psychotic smile from the teenage boy who was hovering.

"Is it playtime?" Rain asked, he was short, a little chubby and had light yellow Rinnegan eyes, he looked around at the guards who began walking away nervously.

"Yes little brother..." Rita smiled and held onto her little brother's shoulder and smirked darkly.

"To all you half breeds, if you wish for freedom...join us." Ridd announces.

The other people surrounding the guards looked at them and nodded, they looked back at the guards and the guards attacked immediately. They managed to kill a few by the surprise attack but all the weapons and Jutsu's they used stopped suddenly, as if they were hitting an invisible barrier.

A few of the prisoners raised their hands and stopped a few of the attacks by their powers, but Rita was the only one with her hand raised, glowing red as she smirked. "No more of that." She says.

The leader of the guards stepped forward and looked determined. "We will serve Orochimaru until you are all dead!" He yelled.

Suddenly, Rain rose out of the ground and looked at the man; he was shocked that he failed to even notice him gone from the group. "You'll be fun to play with." He says before making an echoing moan as he started glowing yellow around his body.

The man started screaming in horror and clutched his head, blood started leaking from his eyes before his body shook violently and he collapsed. The guards looked in horror and charged at Rain, but he sunk back into the ground and the other prisoners threw their hands towards them, sending most of them flying as they were hit by an invisible force.

They quickly got back onto their feet and rushed towards the prisoners, knowing that they are much weaker than them, but they have numbers and they were going to cut it down to size. Rita looks to the two men but they didn't move, Cain just stared and smirked at the carnage he was seeing while Ridd observed the fight.

"Should we help them?" Rita asked.

"No, these half breeds need to prove themselves." Cain said and heard distant horrifying screams from the exit, knowing that Rain left the room.

The three of them walked casually through the bloodshed, Ridd looked to his right and he saw one of the prisoners wave their hand quickly and a guard burst into flames, he screamed in horror and tried to put himself out but dies quickly. The prisoner was sudden sliced in half by another guard who then threw a kunai with an explosive tag on it; it was heading towards the three, Rita waves her hand and it stopped in midair.

It exploded and sent the people near it flying and the three walked casually through the blood and bodies that started littering the large room. They reached the doors and went to open it but it was locked, Rita sighed and moved her hand towards the door and it shook violently but didn't move from its place.

"Looks like it's meant to keep us in...Most of us lot anyway." Ridd says and places his hand on the door and sighed. "It'll take a lot of my power to get through this." He says but suddenly it opened, surprising them slightly but a figure walked towards them chuckling.

"I see that I came on time." He chuckled. "Almost wish I didn't."

"Good work Bird." Rita smirked.

Ridd smirked, smelling freedom close at hand. "Let's go." He orders and walks through the door with the others following.

Sleepless D: Sorry for the late update, been very busy and sorry if many of you expected a lime or lemon, and what is Naruto witnessing? Could it be a vision? Or is he living it for real? Find out in the next chapter. Peace out.