A/N: This is a story – written between 1995 and 2004 - that used to be on an old geocities site that became defunct several years ago – I rediscovered it, did some minimal editing, and decided to re-post it onto .

By: MavenAlysse
Rating: G
Date: 12/29/00
Series/Sequel: Not really. This was inspired by Sushi, Sasquatch...and Sandburg by Shiloh and Beth Manz (part of their Progression series), but not related to their fine story in any way.
Category: Drabble
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Warning: None.


The high pitched human-like whistling had been going on for some time now.

It was driving Jim nuts.

The fact that Sandburg seemed able to sleep through it drove him nuts, too.

A well aimed elbow had the anthropologist open bleary eyes. "What?"

"Can't you hear that?"

Head tilted, Blair gave Jim a shrug and nestled back into his sleeping bag. "Relax, Jim. It's just Bigfoot. Go back to sleep."

"Bigfoot? Sandburg, you don't expect me to believe in Bigfoot, do you?"

A soft snore was his reply.


The whistling got louder.

Jim lay back down, listening intently.