Eragon watched as Saphira's head rose in alertness. 'What's wrong?' he asked her through their mental link as dragon and rider.

'It's the human again,' she replies.

'What human? Brom?' he asked confusedly. Brom had gone to fetch fresh wood.

'No, the one that's following us.'

'Someone is following us? Why didn't you tell me?' Eragon is suddenly very alarmed.

'I couldn't be sure he was following us but now I am. He's very close.'

'What should I do?'

'I'll tear him to shreds.'

'No! We should find out what he wants first.' Eragon readied his bow and took a step forward. "I know you're there!" he shouted, not knowing if the boy would hear him or not. "What do you want? Why are you following us? Stop hiding and face me like a man!"

Sure enough though, a boy about Eragon's own age stepped into view. He eyed Saphira cautiously. He had dark hair that was rather not neat and fell over his forehead in jagged bangs. He had dark brown eyes and a sword strapped to his waist. He was wearing black leather boots and gloves to match.

"State your purpose!" Eragon demanded but the boy remained focused on Saphira.

'A dragon. I finally get a good view of you. I've only seen glimpses before. You can tell your rider to stop pointing arrows at me. I'm not here to hurt anyone,' the boy spoke to Saphira's mind.

'Eragon!' she exclaimed to her rider. 'He can talk to me!'

'That's ridiculous'

'No, really, I am being quite honest.'

"You there, did you talk to my dragon?" Eragon asked the boy.

"My name is Leolynn. Yes I talked to her. Would you mind not pointing that at me?"

Eragon lowered his bow and returned it to it's buckskin tube. "Why have you been following us?"

"I wanted to see the rider once I found out about your dragon. You really should be more careful about hiding her. I spotted her."

"Where are you from?"


"So you really have been following us?"


Brom returned and stared rudely at Leolynn. Eragon quickly explained. "He talked to Saphira?" Brom seemed alarmed.

Eragon nodded slowly. "Yes."

Brom walked towards Leolynn but Leolynn suddenly said "Gavista" and a branch hit the older man, knocking him onto his back. Eragon stared in astonishment as Leolynn drew his sword. The blade was sapphire blue matching the sapphire gem embedded in the hilt.

"Don't be foolish boy. Put your sword down. This dragon will tear you to shreds," Brom was now on his feet. He stood as close as possible to Leolynn as possible. When Leolynn didn't back down he added "She'll kill you before you have time to call your dragon."

Eragon couldn't stop himself from gasping in shock. Saphira snorted. Leolynn hesitantly sheathed his sword. Brom quickly grabbed his right arm and pulled off the boy's black glove to reveal a gedwey ignasia.