A/N: This is a story – written between 1995 and 2004 - that used to be on an old geocities site that became defunct several years ago – I rediscovered it, did some minimal editing, and decided to re-post it onto .

Title: Christmas Carols? (in 6 parts)
Author: MavenAlysse
Spoilers: none
Setting: On the University's grounds - the Christmas after 'Sentinel, Too'.

Disclaimer: All Sentinel characters and settings belong to Pet Fly and are by no means being stolen for any nefarious purposes (as if being canceled wasn't nefarious enough). As I am a teacher, and everyone knows that teachers don't get paid much, suing really won't get you anything but an eclectic collection of books, CDs, video tapes, and comics. There is an OC in this - but trust me, there wouldn't have been much of a story without it.

Warnings: Please read all six short stories before deciding that I am a Scrooge. All lyrics were made up by myself, some of my friends, or overheard in my classrooms (the things some of my students think up!) and are not
intended to insult anyone. Please take these in the fun spirit in which they were thought up in.

Thank you.

Christmas Carols? part 1

Blair Sandburg sat in his office, his window cracked open an inch to keep the small room from getting stuffy. The snow had finally stopped falling, leaving the campus looking clean, crisp, and serene.

Outside his door, in the hallway, the beginnings of a song floated through the air:

~Dashing through the snow...~

'Well, perhaps not so serene.' Blair started on his grading, one ear partially tuned to the caroler as she made her way past his office and towards the exit.

He blinked in astonishment at the next line:

~In a beat-up Chevrolet.

Over the fields we go,

killing all the way. Ha - ha - ha. ~

He heard the door swing open.

Putting down his pen, he strode over to the window, waiting for the singer to appear on the stairs. A young lady, with a well-worn backpack on one shoulder, skipped down the steps, her wide grin almost muffling the

~Bloody bobtails bang.

Making spirits bright.

What fun it is to ride and sing

a slaying song tonight.~

Blair shook his head, a rueful smile on his lips as he listened to the ... colorful ... rendition of Jingle bells.

The girl hopped the last two steps, backpack bouncing as she rounded into the chorus:

~Oh, hack and slash,

hack and slash;

kill them where they lay.

Oh, what fun it is to ride

in a one-shot killing slay.

Oh, hack and slash,

hack and slash...~

Blair saw the professor turn the corner of building just as the singer did. He grinned as she smoothly transitioned into the traditional song, slowing the rhythm down:

~Jingle all the way.

Oh, what fun it is to ride... ~

She nodded at the professor, who smiled back. As soon as the man had entered the building, she slid back into her "new" song:

~In a one-shot killing slaaaaayyyy!~

Blair snickered to himself as she walked out of his view. "Merry Christmas."