The walk was pleasant enough. Somehow Milo and Rudy hit it off immediately. If anyone passed by the two they would assume that Rudy and Milo had known each other for years.

This Rudy was much more emotional and heartwarming than the twat she met earlier. But don't get her wrong, he was still great, she just preferred this side to him. Though she was curious as to why the sudden change. Was it because there was no one else around and he felt no need to put up his rude exterior, or was it something else? Milo pondered this for a while until she realized they were at her door. And by the look on Rudy's face, he was surprised at how fast their walk was.

"Thanks for walking me back. I bet you do this with all the newbies on probation." she joked.

Rudy grinned slightly, finding the humour in her words. "No, not really. Just the one's named Milo."

She definitely laughed at that. "You smooth talking bastard. Anyways, I'll see you tomorrow, right?" Milo did not want to seem to hopeful about running into him again, but she could not help it. She was never really good with a poker face. Explains why she never gambles.

"O-Of course, I'll count the minutes." Rudy coughed after speaking, hoping she wouldn't find it awkward. Both then said their goodbyes.

Milo closed the door to her apartment and locked it while Rudy slowly went down the stairs and left the building. Immediately Milo headed to her room to relax. Probation work was straining, much like school, she recalled.

Rudy did slightly the same, going back to his/rude Rudy's flat. He was smiling most of the way back. Something about that girl just made him smile, and he began to wonder if the other Rudy thought of Milo.

"Where the fuck have you been?!" Moody!Rudy winced slightly as he heard the others voice once he entered the flat. His other self was sitting on the raggedy sofa, the only light in the room was the television playing in front of him.

"I uh... Walked Milo home. We had a chat. She's nice," Moody!Rudy smiled slightly. It soon fell when he saw a mischievous smirk rise on his face.

"Oh, that new girl, eh? She show you a good time as a thank you?" He hated it when the other him was like this. It was almost like a crime letting him run around with his bits and pieces hanging about.

Moody!Rudy frowned deeply, slightly glaring at his other half. "No, she didn't. Be nice to her, don't try and get into her pants when we separate, all right? I like her."

Other Rudy snorted loudly. "I'm always nice. Whether you like her or not, she's fine as f-" Moody!Rudy had heard enough by that point. He stormed over to his other self and glared down, hard.

"Listen, don't touch her. You break her heart and I'll kill you. You treat her badly, I'll kill you. Understood?" Rudy was surprised, never before had he seen the more emotional side become violent. Well, threatening violence. There must have been something about that girl that changed him.

"Whatever you say."