Previously in All Dogs Go To Heaven 2...

Belladonna: So, Heaven's gold is controlled here.

Charlie: I had family issues, Bella!

Bella: I don't ever wanna see your face again.

Sasha: Itchy, you and I have a mission. We have to protect the arcade machines.

Charlie: Can this day get any worse!

Charlie ran up the road until the lava was behind him.

Charlie: Annabelle, the baby's gonna have to be born early.

Annabelle: Lily...

Sasha: Charlie! Grab a machine!

Charlie and Belladonna grabbed an arcade machine and they both were shocked.

rocker95 presents...

with characters created by Don Bluth and rocker95...


Chapter 1: The Beginning Of The Second Reel

Belladonna got up and examined her paws to see that she was in Charlie's body. She looked up and saw her body on the ground. Next, she walked over to it to see it waking up. It let out one of Charlie's screams.

"Why do I see myself!" Charlie panicked.

"Isn't it not obvious, Chuckie?" asked Belladonna. "You should know after it happening once before."

"I switched bodies with you!" Charlie panicked. "That means I'm a girl!"

"You're smarter than you look." said Belladonna. "Oh well. Don't break a sweat. I am now a boy. A sexy one."

"The only thing I got out of that is that you think you look dumb." said Charlie.

Belladonna put "her" paw over her eyes in shame.

"I was meaning how you normally look." said Belladonna.

"Oh, so you look dumb now?" asked Charlie.

"When this thing is over, I'm killing you with my bare paws." said Belladonna.

"And there will be consequences for that." said Sasha. "I don't care how evil you are."

"You're stupid to believe you can beat me." said Belladonna.

"No, you're just stupid to believe we can't." said Sasha.

"Maybe I'll just leave your sight!" said Belladonna and ran out the door.

"Oh no!" said Sasha. "We gotta follow her."

"Right now, I'M the her!" said Charlie.

"I'm gonna smack you with a plate if you be a smart eleck!" said Sasha.

"I mean, we gotta follow her!" said Charlie.