Maggie's pov

"I can NOT believe you did that!" I shouted at Remy "was it really worth it to make out with her 15 seconds before the slide!" "Relax Maggie" Quinn said "it was probably worth…." He trailed off looking behind us "uhhhhh, guys?" yeah?" Me, Remy, and Colin ask at the same time. You see we had all become a family in the past year of sliding and come to know what the other was thinking and were usually speaking in unison. "Did any of you invite a little girl to slide with us?" we all shook our heads. "Well then we're in trouble, look behind you" we all looked over our shoulders. I had to do a double take, there was a little girl looking straight at us. I was the first to react "hi what's your name sweetie?" "Katie." She said, sounding a little dizzy (no surprise there). "Did you jump into the vortex with us?" I asked, already knowing the answer, "yes. Do you know where my mommy is?" "Ummm…" Shit Maggie how are you going to tell this little girl that her mom is possibly dead "we don't actually know." It wasn't the whole truth but it will do I look at her and see she is looking behind me. I follow her wide eyed gaze and see she is looking at Quinn. "Umm Quinn, would you mind taking her around town, maybe get her some new clothes. "Sure" he said sounding a little dazed "come on Katie" he said. As the start walking away I can't help thinking about who she is and why she seems so familiar.