Maggie's POV.

Guys… that's my daughter

I can't believe it! Quinn has a daughter?

"what world?" I ask.

Remy and colin look at me oddly but Quinn looks uncomfortable

"well this was before you and colin came sliding with us" Quinn starts off then turn to remy

"remember the world were woman where deprived of love and the breeding facilitys?" Quinn asks

Remy shudders "yeah, how can I forget"

"well the woman who helped me get to the park gave me a price to pay. She said that all she wanted was a child, ans that I couldn't leave till she got a confirmation on her pregnancy. So…"

I know what he means.

"DADDY! I'M READY!" Katie shouts

"gotta go guys!" Quinn says over his shoulder as he walks towards the bedroom door

This is gunna be one heck of a slide tomarrow.