Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or Bleach. If I did I won't be living inside the apartment. Any way this is a Naruto x Harem, The pairings are: Sui-Feng, Yoruichi, Tatsuki, Sakura, Hinata, and Temari. Anyway without further ado the summary, Naruto at the chunnin exams, unlock his long sealed powers. He unlocks his Zanbatou, Hyorinmaru, any way without further ado the story:

"Regular Speaking"

"Zanbatou or demon Speaking"

"Regular thinking"

"Zanbatou, demon or persona thinking"

(1st point of view)

"FIVE-PRONGED SEAL" Orochimaru yelled as he rammed his hand into my stomach. I coughed up blood as I fell to my knees. Then I felt a power erupted from my body. I then heard a voice in my head

"Grab the sword, CALL OUT MY NAME-" I then reached out as a sword materialized in front of me. I grabbed the hilt and roared.

"Sit upon the Frozen Heavens, Hyorinmaru" Then I sliced my sword, a frozen dragon roared soaring at Orochimaru, he was caught off guard. Then next thing he knew he was frozen solid. I then stood in my new outfit. I wore a 10th shinigami captain Hakama. I sheathed the sword on my back. I shunpo toward my team, I saw my team panting from fighting off a Sannin.

"Are you two alright?" I said to them. They looked up to see me in my new outfit. Sakura blushed a bit seeing me.

"Is that Naruto?" she thought. "Damn he looks sexy, but I like Sasuke-kun…Right?" Sakura then picked up Sasuke.

"Can you walk?" I asked them. She nodded barely, I sighed. "We'll rest for the night. Let's go find cover." I picked them up and began to walk through the forest until I saw a tree with a trunk large enough for the two to rest for the night. Sasuke was unconscious on my shoulder. Sakura walked limping holding onto my arm for support. I laid Sasuke down within the trunk. He was exhausted, nothing more. I laid Sakura down next to him.

"Thank you Naruto." She said to me, I looked back and smiled.

"Even if I look different I still love you Sakura-chan." I said looking at her. She blushed harder looking away.

"I still like Sasuke-kun." She said. I nodded a little sad.

"I understand." I looked out while the two fell asleep. I began cleaning Hyorinmaru.

"Why hello Young Hatchling, we have things to discuss Hatchling." I heard within my head. "I will begin, you manifested your powers 12 years ago, but because of the Kyuubi I too was sealed, but now that the infernal demon is closed off from you I was released. All the knowledge from my previous owner flooded into you. Now onto your abilities, the Shikai, what you first did when I was unsealed, is a powerful attack, but it takes a heavy toll on your body. Now you're Bankai you unlock when you pass a test, and I won't tell you what this test is but it is the way of the Dragon. "

"Thank you…now it seems I have company" I stood up to see the sound team.

"You wake up Sasuke so we can kill him" Said Dosu. I stared coldly at them. I pulled my sword up and pointed it at them.

"Die" I said disappearing from view, I shunpo'ed behind the two sound males and made them 8 pounds lighter, by cutting their heads off. I looked at the female member and pointed a sword at her. "Put the scroll on the ground and leave as I don't harm women, but I will if I must." She nodded leaving the scroll and left in fear. I picked up the scroll and placed it within my Hakama for safe keeping along with the heaven scroll. I sighed as i fell asleep. I held my sword while I slept.

(With Sakura)

She slept soundly while lying next to Sasuke.

"Bitch" said Inner Sakura.

"Why are you calling me a bitch?" thought Sakura.

"Because Naruto treats you perfect and you always treat him like shit"

"No I don't, I just don't like him is all."

"And you like an ice cube of emotion, he tells you he loves you and you once don't acknowledge him. I for one see a boy who will treat us correctly. He loves you because you're intelligent, but I guess not."

"What are you talking about I'm not intelligent? I'm smart."

"Apparently not, because that sweet boy right there sleeping, guarding us so we can rest…do you remember what he said at the Wave mission?"

"Should I have?"

"look, what he basically said that he grew up without parent's now…imagine what it would be like without your parent's around"Sakura did so, she grew pale at the thought of having her mother, her father died during the Kyuubi attack. "Not pretty is it? Now Naruto grew up without either parent. He craves love, attention, that's why he did all of those pranks…he strived for attention. Something he begged you for, hell even that Hinata girl give him attention. You don't you go after someone who DOESN'T even want to be around us, let alone be with us. Naruto on the other hand LOVES us and you do a damn thing about it. He craves our attention…think about it" and with that they both fell asleep.

Two set of eyes watched the team of three. One seemed to be a dark skinned woman with long purple hair. The other seemed to be lighter skinned with black hair and tow rings attached to the end of two hair tails. "So it seems our husband is alive after all…I'm going to kill Sarutobi."

"Agreed Yoruichi-sama."

"Shall we, my little bee?" she nodded before they both jumped away.

Ok so this is my story, it's going to be a harem as I said. Ok this will mainly be a first person. Before people start bitching that it takes years to master a Shikai, Hyorinmaru saw his memories and deemed him worthy of Shikai. So don't bitch to me about that shit. Ok so this is my story where Naruto is god like. Ok so there is going to be Sasuke, council bashing. There will be a good Akatsuki, Good Danzo. Aizen and Madara will be the main villains in this story. I will explain everything later, and for Sakura-bashers…F*** you! I'm not going to bash on Sakura, Just because "She's a bitch" I for one think that she's a great person, only caught up with the crowd.