Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or Bleach. If I did I won't be living inside the apartment. Any way this is a Naruto x Harem, The pairings are: Sui-Feng, Yoruichi, Momo Hinamori, Tatsuki, Nel, Tia Hallibel, Unohana, Orihime, Sakura, Hinata, and Konan. Anyway without further ado the summary, Naruto at the chunnin exams, unlock his long sealed powers. He unlocks his Zanbatou, Hyorinmaru, any way without further ado the story:

"Regular Speaking"

"Zanpakuto or demon Speaking"

"Regular thinking"

"Zanpakuto, demon or persona thinking"

(1st point of view)


"Very well…I shall show you the reason never to hurt family" I flapped my wings taking flight. I pointed the sword at Neji. I then shot off like a bullet toward Neji whom if you looked closely could see a hint of fear in his eyes.

"I will not be beaten by a commoner. Kaiten" He rotating thinking it would stop the attack. The sword cut straight through the attack and pierced his shoulder, he screamed in pain as I pulled the sword from his shoulder. He attempted to attack me when he felt a cut to his legs, he screamed in more pain as he fell over clutching his wounds.

"This fight is over." I said as the ice began to fall off my body.

"Winner Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze" The medics carried Neji out on a stretcher. I went up to stands to see my two fiancés giggling; I gave them a questioning look.

"What's so funny?" I asked them. They looked at me innocently. I rolled my eyes and sat next to them. "So did you enjoy the show?" I asked looking over to Shikimaru and Temari tryi8ng to outwit each other. I smiled at my old friend and kissed my two fiancé's and went back to the competitor's box. After Shikamaru given up and claiming he didn't have enough Chakra, he came back into the competitor's box. I smirked at him knowingly, he just muttered a troublesome. I chuckled and he gave me a smile.

"Since Shino has forfeited, would Naruto Namikaze please come down to the field." I shunpo'ed onto the field to see Gaara with an emotionless mask, I looked at the proctor and nodded. "Begin!" I then disappeared from sight and slammed my foot into his sand shield. I grunted as the sand began to encase my body. He was smirking as he got ready to finish me off. I then released a lot of Rietsu breaking the coffin of sand. I then unsheathed Hyorinmaru and charged Gaara, when I got close enough the sword sliced clean through, cutting his cheek. He was honestly surprised and screamed. Then sand began to gather around Gaara and began to take form.

"Wahoo, I'm free!" he looked toward me and sent a wave of sand toward me.

"Sit upon the frozen Heavens-Hyorinmaru." I yelled sending the ice dragon toward the wave of sand freezing it. Then the tanuki tried to crush me though I dodged. "Twice in one day is too much! Bankai! Daiguren Hyorinmaru." Then the ice began to form once again around my body. I then took flight to be level to the giant tanuki. I stared at him and then flew toward the monster and sliced the arm clean off freezing where the arm was cut. He again tried to crush me beneath the sand only for me to disappear. I then roared.

"1000 year ice prison!" then ice began to rise from the ground covering the Biiju. He tried to get free but to no avail. The tanuki was trapped and it knew went all the way up to Gaara where it stopped. I flew up to Gaara whom was trying to get away in fright. The ice fell off my body and I freed him from the ice. When he landed with a thud, I landed beside him and he tried to scoot away.

"No you will not finish my existence!" he said as he continued to move away. I looked sadly at him.

"It hurts doesn't it, the pain of being alone." I asked him "I don't care if you are a demon brother, I'll kill you if you threaten my precious people. I will kill you." He looked at me shocked.

"Why would you go so far for them?"

"Because they saved me from my loneliness, you have your sister and brother, cherish them Gaara." He nodded as medics took him away.

"Winner, Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze." the crowd cheered as I walked to the competitors box, taking a nap, not caring about the other matches and waiting for my next match.

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