Karai, Alex. Leo, and Mikey's Lives

Hey! This is dedicated to Scar of Mine. I wrote this cause she likes the Karai and Leo couple. Don't know why. But, this is also about Mikey and Alex. So, as always, enjoy!

And Alex has no clue about the turtles yet.

Here's the first chapter!

"Karai? Can we explore the sewers?" Alex said.

"No!" Karai said quickly. Karai held a secret that she did not want her sister to know.

"Why nooooooot?" Alex wined. Alex was hyper. She had ADD, ADHD, and asthma. So she often fainted during battles. But not much. She was like all of the turtles. That was why Karai got along with her sister.

"Well, I guess we could..." Karai said. 'I guess it's time I introduced her to the turtles.'

"Yay!" Alex said jumping. Her asthma started affected her. Karai ran to the medicine cabinit in the bathroom of their apartment. She grabbed her sister's inhaler. She ran back to her sister and stuck the inhaler in her mouth. Her sister started breathing again. She pushed the inhaler out of her mouth and started breathing good again.

"I'm fine sis. Thanks." Alex said.

"NNo prob. Now lets go." Karai said, walking towards the door.

"Um... Karai?" Alex asked.

"Yea?" arai asked, turning around.

"You do know we're still in our P.J's, right?" Alex asked, holding back her laughter. Karai looked down and saw she was still in her blue tank top and white shorts, as well as her hair being a mess. Then looked up and saw her sister in her orange tank top and black shorts.

"Right. Let's go change." Karai said.

So Karai changed into her blue top, jeans and black sneakers. Her hair was up in a ponytail.

'I guess it's time for a change.' Karai said, referring to her hair being in a ponytail.

Alex got dressed into an orange top, short shorts, and orange high tops. She put her long hair in a side braid.

"Yime for a change!" Alex thought cheerfully, grinning at her reflection, wondering why Karai why all of a sudden she accepted going to the sewers.

Karai and Alex then left the building, went to the closest sewer opening and jumped down. Alex was the one to close the opening. She joined her sister. They walked throughout the sewers. Then out of nowhere, a green foot knocks Alex to the wall and a sword it up at her neck.

"Leo!" Karai yelled. The blue-masked ninja turtle looked at Karai.

"Leo! Why are you doing this? Look at how scared she is!" a purple masked ninja turtle yelled at his brother. The one known as Leo looked at Alex.

Alex's eyes were a baby blue, filled with scaredness, timidness. Then turned icy, and determined, filled with rage.

Alex knocked Leo into the wall. There was a flash and Alex now had a black ninja outfit on, her orange hair in a high ponytail, and had katanas on her back.

"Alex..." Karai said.

Alex saw the red bandana get mad. She smirked. He attacked. She easily dodged, and knocked him into the sewer stream. Then both the purple and the orange bandanas attacked, purple with a bo-staff and orange with nunchucks. When it was time, she jumped back and the two knocked into each other. She smirked.


Hey guys! This was dedicated to Scar of Mine. As I said before, she likes the Karai and Leo pairing. So, here it is! But it's not only Karai/Leo, but Mikey/Alex. Next chapter will be up soon!