A/N: Hi there. So this was actually the first CrissColfer I wrote and I've just given it a quick polish and decided to post. I have an idea of how to continue with this story if... well if there's any interest for a continuation I guess :P So this is basically 6,000 words of prolonged smut, plot comes later :)

The title is relevent only in that it's a line from the Liz Phair song 'Fuck and Run.'

Enjoy :)

Chapter One - In Which Boy Meets Boy

'Hey. Don't I know you from somewhere?' Chris slurred, his current alcohol to blood level finally lending him enough courage to approach the guy he'd been studying for some time. He was irritatingly familiar but with full on recognition just out of reach, Chris had been forced into the slightly stalky behaviour of studying his every move and hoping for a brainwave. Which hadn't come. Maybe downing a further five shots of whatever the brutal, slightly green and almost definitely a mistake drink the bartender recommended had not exactly helped matters.

The man, handsome in his way with short curly hair and warm hazel eyes, turned from where he was slumped on his own bar stool and gave Chris a critical look before smirking slightly. 'Really? That's the best you can come up with? It's the oldest line in the book. I mean at least think up something inventive like... I may not be called Luna but I sure know how to Lovegood' he said complete with a cheesy wink and ridiculous eyebrow wriggle.

Chris snorted. 'I'm torn between being horrified at the pure cheesiness of that chat up line and impressed that it was Harry Potter related.'

The man's eyes lit up at Chris' recognition of the reference and he grinned broadly.

'Besides Mr Ego, I was not hitting on you. I genuinely think I know your face,' Chris paused and then with a mental shrug ploughed on, 'I never forget one as cute as yours.'

'Dude please. Now you're just embarrassing yourself' the guy replied but his eyes were kind, not mocking.

'Says the guy who just used a Harry Potter chat up line. I'm not really sure you're in a position to judge.'

'Hey! It's endearing if anything. Never embarrassing. Besides I have better ones. What about... Can I take you home right now or am I gonna have to spend the night whomping my willow over you?'

Chris actually snorted. 'That's just disgusting.'

The man looked ridiculously pleased with himself at the reaction as if he was a puppy that Chris had just patted on the head. Chris grinned despite himself.

'I'm Chris.'


Chris frowned again, the name Darren combined with the face nagging at him as if demanding him to make some connection between the two. But general fogginess bought on by booze and tiredness was making any recognition slip through his fingers.

'So Chris' Darren said, breaking into Chris' thoughts. 'Can I get you a drink?'

'On one condition.'

'Which is?'

'No more cheesy chat up lines.'

'Hey you started it!' Darren protested and Chris laughed.

'Do we have ourselves a deal?'

'Seriously? Because I have a brilliant one about riding a broomstick.'

'I think I can guess the gist' Chris said dryly. 'Besides, if you play your 'magic' cards right, the only broomstick you'll be riding tonight is mine.' He smirked, filthy and full of promise. Darren swallowed convulsively, feeling heat spread up his neck. Chris chalked that up as a win especially when Darren spluttered a little before answering.

'Deal. What can I get you?'

'So what is it that you do?' Chris muttered two drinks later. 'You know? In life.'

Darren chuckled. 'If you mean my job... I guess you could say I'm an actor.'

Chris blinked and wondered briefly whether that was the reason he recognised him. 'You and the rest of LA' he said, not unkindly. 'Because I am too. Been in anything I would know?'

'Nah' Darren said immediately. 'I'm just a nobody really. But I went out for an audition for a big show today. I'm not really sure how it went.'

'What for?'

Darren cocked his head and then shook it, smiling. 'Nah I don't wanna jinx it. It's a dream role. I would get to sing, act, maybe even play my guitar... everything I love.'

'So you're a singer huh?' Chris grinned. 'Hot.'

'You know for someone who isn't chatting me up, you're doing a pretty good job' Darren teased gently.

'Just a bit of friendly conversation' Chris said innocently but Darren didn't miss the way his eyes raked his body.

'See anything you like?' he asked drily.

'Plenty, thank you' Chris said, completely unabashed. Darren flushed again and Chris laughed a little. 'You are completely adorable. Don't tell me a guy like you doesn't normally get chatted up in bars?'

'Well... no not usually actually, at least...I mean...' Darren spluttered, trying to find the words that he wasn't usually chatted up by guys but for some reason he didn't want to put Chris off in any way. 'I just got my haircut' Darren blurted eventually. 'Maybe it's that.'

'Maybe' Chris said speculatively. 'Shame about that, I like something to hold onto.'

Cue another blush and more spluttering and really, if Chris was a nicer sort of person he's probably cut the poor guy a break, but this was way too entertaining.

'Yeah well you're very... too' Darren said, flailing both verbally and physically because it seemed his usual relatively put together facade went completely when a cute guy started saying things like that. Which was new. 'You're pretty' he said eventually and then almost groaned in embarrassment. But he held Chris' gaze and tried to play it off like it wasn't some crazy weirdo comment.

Chris smiled a little and raised a quizzical eyebrow. 'Pretty huh? Well thank you Darren. I think you've earned yourself another drink, you sweet talker you.'

Chris turned away to motion to the bartender and Darren breathed a sigh of relief, finding it much easier to think when Chris wasn't actually looking at him. Of course he immediately thought of a thousand more smooth or sexy things to say but the moment had passed and he had to content himself with tipping back the rest of the beer he had been drinking. He really needed to relax.

Several beers and a long rambling conversation about Star Wars later and Darren is arguably feeling a bit more relaxed. But he also can't stop staring at Chris. The way he smiled more with his eyes than his mouth because he seemed to have a thing about his teeth, only showing them when Darren really made him laugh. And how pale his skin is and how smooth and soft looking it is and God Darren wanted to kiss that neck, and that thought wasn't as worrying as perhaps it should have been. The beer, at least was preventing Darren from questioning his new found 'fluidity' too much.

Maybe because there was no getting away from the fact that Chris was stunning but also hilariously witty and incredibly easy to talk to. He also gets Darren's totally geeky references and dorky jokes. And Darren had always been the first to say that the person was so much more important than the gender.

Lately life had been fairly stressful, what with playing shows that no one really came too, working hard on musicals that hardly anyone saw and the auditions of course. He was tired of being told that he was too much of this, not enough of that, or not quite what they were looking for or just plain not good enough. Which is why he had found himself in this bar with the sole purpose of drowning his sorrows. It turned out drowning one's sorrows was so much more fun with a guy like Chris around.

'Let's dance' he said suddenly, realising that he had given up on listening to Chris a few minutes previously, too caught up in staring at his lips.

Chris started in surprise, pausing in his extolling of Chewbacca's virtues versus Yoda's. To be honest he'd had a hard week, dancing being a major part of the equation and he wasn't really keen to do any more of it. He must have made some sound of dissent because Darren's eyes turned imploring and damn he knew how to work the kicked puppy look.

'Please Chris?' he leaned forward to breathe the words directly into Chris' ear and Chris had to suppress a small shiver.

'Uh...' he said, for the first time momentarily lost for words.

Darren seemed to take that as a yes because next Chris knew, Darren's hand was in his and he was being led over to the dance floor. He was about to protest when Darren turned and practically beamed at him and it was hard to remember his objections when Darren was looking at him like that.

The music was the sort of deep throbbing dance music that was common for this sort of place, as anonymous as the faces that frequented it. There was a reason Chris had picked a complete dive to go and drink in after all. But it was music that you could feel, music that your body wanted to respond to.

Darren danced like he talked. Erratic, joyful and all over the place. Chris vaguely wondered if it was the alcohol or if it was just Darren and decided that he didn't mind too much either way. He allowed the music to take him, slipping into it as easy as water. If Glee had taught him anything, it was how to move.

He closed his eyes for a moment, allowing himself to be swept up and when he opened them again Darren had calmed his movements slightly and was examining Chris with dark eyes.

'Where did you learn to move your hips like that?' Darren asked, arching an eyebrow and moving closer.

Chris grinned. 'Natural rhythm. Of course I'm told my skills apply extremely well off the dance floor as well.' He raised a significant eyebrow and rolled his hips, not touching Darren but teasingly close. He watched, pleased, as Darren choked on air for a moment.

'Uhm...' Darren was clearly trying to bring the conversation back onto equal footing and, as he thought, he reached out and put his hands on Chris' hips, gentle enough that he could pull away if he wanted. Which was the last thing on his mind. 'Maybe you could teach me sometime' Darren tried a wink. Chris fought down a laugh.

'Maybe' he said, low and seductive, tugging Darren in to speak directly into his ear. 'But I'd have to charge.' He released Darren completely and took a few steps back.

Darren went from gobsmacked to amused in the space of a few seconds. 'Oh God. Dork' he said fondly.

'Hey if Kelis has taught me anything it's that' Chris said sagely.

They danced together then and Chris felt giddy from the alcohol, the steady throb of the music and Darren's sweet smile. They moved together, not quite grinding but with the suggestion that they could be if they wanted to. They brushed together and every point of contact sent sparks shooting across Chris' skin. It was almost like everyone around them disappeared and the only thing he was really aware of was the music, the touch of Darren's body and Darren's blazing honey eyes.

Chris had tried the whole dating thing and when that failed (like Adele and ice cream failed) he had turned his interests to finding something a bit more casual. That said, this was rare for him. He didn't often chat up men in bars. He didn't often do one night stands but was no stranger to them. And Darren was something else entirely.

'I feel really...' Darren shouted suddenly and made a vague arm gesture like he was trying to encompass everything he was feeling in that one movement.

'I know' Chris yelled back.

Darren stilled then and looked at him for a moment like he was engaged in some internal conflict. Chris was about to ask when he was interrupted by Darren's mouth on his.

It should have been at least a little awkward in the way that most first kisses are. They'd both been drinking quite a bit and they didn't really know each other but they just seemed to fit, lips sliding easily together. It was brief, no more than a soft, perfect press of lips but Chris was still left slightly breathless when Darren pulled back.

'Oh shit. Sorry. Was that OK? I mean...' Darren spluttered, releasing Chris and backing off slightly.

'It's fine Darren' Chris said, interrupting the babbling. He smiled gently. 'More than fine.'

'So er... do you wanna come back to my place?' Darren blurted. 'You can see my Hogwarts Express.'

'I thought I said no more cheesy Harry Potter lines?'

Momentary confusion flitted across Darren's features and then he laughed. 'Sadly that wasn't a chat up line. I really do have a model Hogwarts Express that I think you'll find cool. And as a euphemism the Hogwarts Express is frankly just a little disturbing.'

'I don't know, it's long and hard and goes in tunnels... if you know what I'm saying.'

'I do. But you're cute so the offer's still open if you want.' Darren still blushed at the end of the sentence but he managed to hold Chris' gaze.

Chris grinned. 'I'd love to.'

They settled up their tab and grabbed their coats before making their way to the exit. Chris took Darren's hand, entwining their fingers together. Darren was struck by the easiness of the gesture, how they just seemed to fit. This is something he thought. I don't know what yet. But it's something.

Chris was momentarily worried about paps as he left the bar with Darren but no one would expect a celebrity to be spotted anywhere near a place like that, the main reason Chris likes it so much, and their way was clear. They hailed a cab and Darren gave the address and they sat together in the back seat, trying not to make it abundantly obvious to the cabbie that they were about five minutes away from fucking each other's brains out. Darren smiled a little nervously, edging his hand over the seat and let out a relieved breath when Chris took it.

Chris glanced at Darren and noticed the affectionate smile lighting his face. He wasn't sure what to make of it. His previous one night stands had never looked at him like that. They had looked at him as a means to an end. They were horny, he was horny. If you really thought about it one night stands basically amounted to a public service. But Darren was not playing by the rules at all. He was being sweet and silly and fond and Chris couldn't have that. So he leaned over to kiss that expression off his face.

It was far less gentle this time, Chris claiming Darren's lips firmly and with a lot more confidence than Darren had exhibited earlier. Darren let go of Chris' hand and fisted it in Chris' shirt instead, pulling him awkwardly closer over the middle seat. He just wanted to feel Chris' body against his and let out a small frustrated sound when he realised that, for now, Chris was as close as he could get unless he was willing to straddle Darren in the back of a cab. Darren almost hoped he was.

He felt Chris smile into the kiss almost as if he could guess what Darren was thinking but he forgot all about it when Chris sucked and nipped at his bottom lip, making him moan softly. Chris' hands found Darren's curls and tugged on them roughly eliciting a gasp from Darren. Their tongues met tentatively for the first time in a brief, heated tangle and Darren dimly registered that under the diet coke, rum and vile green cocktail, Chris tasted really good.

Darren soon got lost in the feel of Chris' tongue against his, the tug of hands in his hair and the smell of him, a combination of senses both heady and arousing and he was just considering whether it might be worth his while to just climb on top of Chris after all when Chris pulled back.

'Darren...' Chris said and Darren really just wanted to lean over and press their lips together again but felt like interrupting him would be poor form.


Chris smiled smugly. 'We've arrived.'

'Huh?' Darren said stupidly until he realised that the cab was indeed stationary. He reluctantly tore his gaze from Chris' to look at the cabbie, who was staring back at them with his eyebrows raised and a distinctly leering expression. Darren shuddered.

'Twenty dollars' the driver said and Darren was finally spurred into action, disentangling himself from Chris and stumbling out of the cab. Chris merely watched in amusement while Darren tried to get through his drunken and lustful haze enough to fish out a few bills and thrust them at the driver.

'Thanks' he mumbled, handing the money over.

The driver winked, still grinning in a way that made Darren feel distinctly uncomfortable. 'Have a good evening' he said significantly and laughed before driving off.

Darren was silent as he led the way into his apartment building and called the prehistoric elevator. Chris was unsure how to proceed. Something was clearly bothering Darren but what was the proper protocol for dealing with sensitive issues with someone you essentially just wanted to fuck?

'Um what's up?' he asked eventually, awkwardly and really maybe he should have just shoved Darren into the elevator and kissed him like he wanted to.

'The driver' Darren said vaguely but didn't elaborate. Chris rolled his eyes because seriously if he wanted to listen to someone talking about their feelings he would just get a fucking boyfriend already. This was awkward enough without actually having to work to get Darren to open up. Chris momentarily grinned as a far less PG version of 'opening up' flashed through his mind. But he quickly set his features into an expression of sympathy. He even tried patting Darren on the shoulder.

'Could have been worse' Chris said bracingly, not entirely sure what it is the cabbie is meant to have done. 'He could have been a homophobic dick.'

Darren noted it was said with the sort of forced nonchalance that suggested Chris was used to such things and he frowned at the thought.

'Mmm. It's just...' Truthfully Darren was freaking out a little bit. He had never done this before after all. And knowing that some random stranger was perfectly aware of what was going to happen once he got Chris into his apartment suddenly made Darren a lot more aware of it too. He hadn't really thought about it when Chris was kissing him and tugging on his hair and sucking on his lip just the way he liked it. Kissing a guy and kissing a girl was not so different. Ironic that while thinking with his dick he hadn't really considered what he was going to be doing with it. 'I'm kind of a private person' he settled on eventually.

Chris raised his eyebrows and couldn't help a smile. 'You probably shouldn't have made out with me in the back of a cab then.'

'Maybe not' Darren agreed. 'It's not my fault you're so irresistible.'

Chris smiled again and Darren moved forward to kiss him but the elevator chose that moment to ding to a stop so he settled for taking his hand again instead and practically dragging him out of there in his haste.

Chris just laughed, tightened his grip and stumbled along after him.

'This is me' Darren said slightly breathlessly, shouldering his way into the apartment. Chris went past him, curious to see the place.

It was kinda small but clearly a well loved space. It was the sort of organised mess that Chris was used to because he's exactly the same. He always insists it's the sign of a creative mind and if the instruments everywhere are any indication, Darren certainly has one of those.

The lounge was cosy. One shelf was heaving with Disney DVD's, another with what looked like every Star Trek ever made. Chris found himself staring at a corkboard covered in photos, smiling at the young ones of Darren and a boy that was clearly his brother, and pausing over others, convinced he recognised some of these people too.

Before he could think too much on it though, a pair of arms slipped around his waist and a mouth found that sweet spot just below his ear.

Chris moaned softly before twisting out of Darren's grip and gently shoving him backwards so he was against the wall. Darren licked uncertainly over Chris' bottom lip, realising Chris was essentially the dominant one in this situation and not entirely sure how he felt about it. Except incredibly turned on.

But Chris opened up for him, their tongues moving together relaxed and languid. They kissed slow and deep, hands finding hair and hips as Chris pressed Darren harder into the wall and just kissed him thoroughly but somehow sweetly. It was quite different from the frenzied kissing in the car, the urgent aching need Darren felt earlier now replaced by a slow pleasurable tingling that seemed to spread through his entire body. This was nice. Very nice. Which is why Darren made a sound of distinct displeasure when Chris pulled back slightly.

'So where's this Hogwarts Express of yours?' Chris mumbled against Darren's lips, seemingly as reluctant as Darren to completely disentangle himself.

'Bedroom' Darren whispered at once.

Chris kissed him again once, twice, before finally allowing Darren to unpin himself from the wall and stagger unsteadily towards the bedroom instead.

Chris had a second to examine the place. It was slightly tidier than the lounge anyway, the double bed was made, the bookcase crammed with books but neatly stacked. Chris spotted all the Harry Potters along with some old Tin Tin comics. In one corner there were two guitars propped against the wall. Chris had the distinct impression that Darren was the sort to not only name his guitars but give them personalities. In the opposite corner was a desk with an ancient laptop buried underneath heaps and heaps of sheet music. Chris realised he didn't normally have time to look around him in these situations (too busy being pinned to a bed) but Darren wasn't really playing by any of the usual rules of a one night stand so why start now?

As if in answer to that thought Darren turned, brandishing the model train in his hands as if Chris really wanted to see it. 'Here it is!'

'Oh honey' Chris said, the endearment slipping off his tongue before he could stop it and noticing with distant concern the way Darren's face brightened. He moved in, eyes dark and Darren swallowed visibly. 'Put the train down, Darren' Chris whispered.

The minute Darren had complied Chris' hands were on him again, this time pushing him down into the mattress and, after quickly toeing off his shoes, straddled him comfortably.

'You're kinda pushy, you know that?' Darren said but not as if he minded.

'I know' Chris grinned and leant down to claim Darren's mouth again.

Darren decided that kissing Chris was certainly something that was quickly making a place for itself on his list of Most Awesome Things Ever. Now that they were unlikely to be interrupted he let his hands roam. It was slightly weird finding hard lines and muscle where he would normally expect to find soft curves but not quite as jarring as he expected. He slipped one hand under Chris' shirt and brushed his fingers over the soft skin of Chris' hip. Chris shivered and Darren was rewarded with deep messy kisses that were all teeth and tongue and felt so good that Darren was melting into the mattress, welcoming Chris' solid weight on top of him.

Chris smiled against his mouth and tugged at Darren's shirt, managing to pull it off his shoulders without detaching himself which Darren considered to be a useful life skill worth learning. He had to stop kissing Darren to pull off his own t-shirt and Darren protested the loss, chasing Chris' lips until they were out of his reach.

'God you're hot' Chris mumbled, looking at Darren spread out beneath him, eyes dark, lips swollen and hair messy.

'Kiss me' Darren demanded impatiently and Chris actually laughed, the bastard.

He did lean back down and brush a few feather light kisses to Darren's cheeks, his nose, and mouth. Darren was surprised by the sudden, heady rush produced by the feel of Chris' naked skin directly against his and he hooked his arms around Chris' waist, pulling him impossibly closer. Chris huffed another small laugh before pulling back.

'Jeans' was all he said. Darren merely stared at him as the word fought to get through his lust addled mind. Another quick kiss and then Chris' hands were on his waistband, gently tugging at Darren's jeans. Darren finally understood and arched his hips upwards, allowing Chris to pull off both jeans and boxers in one swift movement. He twitched slightly, the sudden desire to cover himself up nearly overwhelming. But he was distracted by Chris who, pulled off his own jeans without a shred of embarrassment.

Darren made a small noise somewhere between discomfort and arousal. He had felt Chris' cock of course, digging into his hip while they kissed but that was somehow quite different to being presented with hard (and really he should have thought of a better word) evidence.

'Darren?' Chris asked uncertainly, taking in the sudden tension in the body beneath his.

'I've... I've never...' Darren blurted out.

Chris stilled immediately, letting out all his breath in one sudden whoosh of air. 'You mean... you're a virgin?' he whispered incredulously after a moment.

'No! I mean... well no not technically. I've just never... with a man.' Darren felt like this confession could have gone a lot better, especially as Chris was definitely drawing back now, clearly unsure. 'Wait! Wait... I want to.'

Chris looked down at Darren's earnest face and wondered how someone could put such blind trust in a complete stranger. He bit his lip as he thought. He was gonna do the usual 'flip Darren over and just fuck him until they both came' deal that was usual for one night stands but that seemed a tad callous under the circumstances. Fucking virgins.

'OK' he said finally, a little uncertainly. 'I got you. Just tell me if I do anything that makes you uncomfortable alright?'

Darren nodded eagerly and Chris' jaw tightened. 'Darren' he said, his eyes blazing.

'I promise' Darren insisted and Chris nodded, slightly assured.

'OK' he said again.

His kiss was slow and sweet this time, Chris' tongue just a soft, lazy brush over Darren's lips. He allowed one hand to trail down Darren's chest, tracing gently over Darren's skin, making the motion as soothing as he could while still making his intention clear. Darren still jumped slightly at the unexpected touch when Chris's hand found Darren's cock for the first time but he soon turned to moaning quietly as Chris stroked him teasingly slow, matching the pace of his kisses.

'Darren?' Chris mumbled.

'Mmm Chris please' Darren said, not even entirely sure what he was asking for. Just more. He wanted more.

'Do you have lube? Condoms?'

Darren tensed slightly at the question but Chris just rubbed a soothing circle into the skin at Darren's hip until he relaxed again.

'Drawer' he muttered, gesturing.

Chris had to momentarily cease in his ministrations to grab what he needed and then he hesitated. Normally he liked to top but maybe with this being Darren's first time it would be easier on both of them...

His thoughts were interrupted by Darren who had grown impatient and tugged Chris back down, hands settling comfortably back on his hips.

'Impatient' Chris smiled, brushing his nose against Darren's.

Darren shrugged which was quite impressive seeing as he was flat on his back. 'You're a good kisser' he said shyly. 'You also promised to show me what those hips could do off the dance floor' he added and then flushed adorably.

'I did, didn't I?' Chris said thoughtfully.

Without further warning he ground his hips down, letting out a slight moan at the feeling which was nothing compared to the noise Darren made.

'Is this OK?' he checked breathlessly.

'Ngh' Darren said which Chris took as a yes. He laughed again at the look on Darren's face. Darren tried to glare at him but the effect was somewhat lost when he was arching his back in an attempt to get more friction, throwing his head back and exposing a very beautiful neck.

Chris' lips were on it without any further thought. Kissing, sucking, biting.

'Fuck' Darren gasped breathlessly, digging his fingers into Chris' hips. Chris just hummed a response, too busy with the hollow of Darren's throat to form words. He continued grinding his hips downward, shuddering at the feel of Darren's cock against his.

'Chris please' Darren moaned again, pushing upwards, hands dragging across Chris' skin. Chris nodded, pressing one more kiss to the delicious skin of Darren's collar bone. If things were different maybe he would drive Darren slowly crazy by kissing and licking every inch of his skin but as it was this was already getting far too intimate for Chris to be strictly comfortable with.

He reached for the lube, coating his fingers before reaching behind him. Darren, realising what Chris was going to do a split second before he did it, grabbed his wrist.

He looked up at Chris with dark eyes, licking his swollen lips. 'Let me' he said breathlessly. Chris raised an eyebrow, it was the first time Darren had really taken any initiative all night since the first kiss but he nodded and handed the lube to Darren.

'Just one first' he whispered, guiding Darren's hand.

Darren watched Chris' face closely as he gently pushed one finger past the tight rings of muscle. Chris' breath hitched and he closed his eyes, throwing his head back. Darren had never seen anything so beautiful as this man with his elegant features, messy hair and eyes screwed up in pleasure. And it was all because of something he was doing. Darren knew he was staring but he couldn't help it, Chris was breathtaking.

'More' Chris said and Darren slid in a second finger next to the first. 'Further... move them a bit, there's this spot that...'

Chris' words dissolved into a moan as Darren crooked his fingers experimentally, apparently finding the spot Chris was talking about. He scissored his fingers and crooked them again causing another cut off sound from Chris.

'Shit that's it' Chris gasped and he was finally losing his composure. Darren didn't need any further prompting to add a third finger and he gasped himself when Chris made a truly obscene noise and actually started fucking himself on Darren's fingers. 'Oh God Darren'.

Darren suddenly became aware of how hard he was as he watched Chris breathlessly writhing around on top of him. 'Fuck Chris. Chris' he moaned, the sight of him was almost enough and he had to take a few deep breaths. They were silent for a moment, the only sound their pants as Chris ground himself onto Darren's fingers.

Chris scrambled for the condom, tearing it open expertly and wasting no time in rolling it over Darren's cock. 'Fuck me' he growled and Darren's brain short circuited slightly.

'Um yes. Right.'


Darren quickly poured a generous amount of lube into his hand and coated his cock hurriedly.

'Ready?' Chris whispered and Darren nodded breathlessly, still just watching Chris wide eyed. Chris positioned himself, hands pressed to Darren's chest. He reached for Darren's cock, holding it and then slowly sank down onto it, every muscle quivering as he fought to go steady for both their sakes. It took everything Darren had to not thrust up into that tight, welcoming heat.

'God you feel so good' he panted, settling his hands back onto Chris' waist. Chris just sat there for a moment, gasping, getting used to the intrusion. And then he started to move.

Darren's head fell back onto the pillows and he tightened his grip so hard that he was worried about leaving bruises. Every time Chris would pull himself almost completely off before grinding down again hard and Darren found himself jerking up to meet every roll of Chris' hips and using his grip to urge Chris down onto him harder, faster.

'Fuck, fuck, fuck' was all he could say. 'So good Chris.'

Chris was letting out a delicious staccato of gasps and moans, some which sounded like they could be Darren's name. Darren forced himself to open his eyes so he could watch Chris coming to pieces above him.

'What does it feel like?' he gasped suddenly.

'Yeah it feels really good Darren' Chris moaned, a mindless reassurance to the gay virgin. And it did. Darren was filling him so completely, so perfectly, just brushing against his sweet spot each time, enough to be pleasurable but light enough so that Chris knew he could last until Darren came. He looked amazing as well; all spread out under Chris, eyes wide and wondering, hair mussed up and sweat glistening over his neck and chest. Fuck he looked good.

'No I mean what does it feel like?' Darren gritted out, slowing his pace slightly just so he could think for one second. But Chris was so perfect, the heat, the slide of their bodies together that he almost forgot the question before he even got the answer.

Chris, realising that Darren was actually trying to ask him a genuine question in the middle of a fuck might have rolled his eyes if he wasn't feeling so blissed out. 'Feels amazing... I feel so full and... yeah it aches a little bit but in a really good way. I can feel every inch of you inside me and it's really fucking hot.' Not exactly poetry but it was the best he could do with a cock in his ass.

Darren swallowed compulsively at Chris' answer and pressed a kiss to Chris' wrist, the only part of him he could easily reach with his mouth. Chris seemed to understand his sudden need because he leaned over to press a messy kiss to Darren's lips. The angle changed and Darren slid in even deeper and Chris fucking keened in pleasure as Darren scored a direct hit on that bundle of nerves. He grabbed Darren's wrists and pressed them into the bed, entirely taking over the pace, fucking himself hard and fast on Darren's cock, still pressing wet, open mouthed kisses to any part of Darren he could reach.

Darren felt the tight coiling heat in his stomach and groaned. He didn't want this to be over already, it felt so good.

'Fuck Chris I'm going to...' Darren warned.

Chris released one of Darren's hands so he could stroke himself rapidly. 'Come with me then Darren' Chris demanded, squeezing tightly around him. Darren came nearly instantly with a yell of Chris' name, his whole body coiling up tight before releasing in one big rush. He came down just in time to see Chris come and he was glad he did. Head flung back, mouth open in silent pleasure and face flushed, Darren couldn't picture anything more perfect at that moment.

Chris collapsed down onto him, trying to twist to the side slightly but still ending up mainly on top of Darren who couldn't stop himself from brushing his fingers lightly through Chris' hair. After a few moments of quiet basking Chris shifted slightly and mumbled something into Darren's chest.

Darren laughed softly. 'What was that?'

'I said I should go' Chris said, sitting up and sliding off of Darren, hissing in mild discomfort. Darren felt himself go cold. He knew what this was of course but he couldn't help hoping...

'You can stay if you want' he said quietly and as steadily as he could.

Chris, who had only got as far as flumping into the mattress next to him, clearly about as close to moving as Darren was which wasn't very, turned to look at him. 'Tempting' he said slowly, biting his lip.

'Let me clean us off' Darren said, willing some energy into his limbs and finally managed to summon the power to get off the bed and walk over to the bathroom.

Chris knew he should go, staying was an extremely bad idea even on the Chris Colfer scale of bad ideas. But he was tired and comfortable and Darren was an extremely good fuck, no doubt about it. Surely staying the night couldn't hurt?

Darren returned with a damp cloth and wiped Chris down with a sweet tenderness that made Chris' chest hurt. He would stay. But he would have to leave before Darren woke up.

'Thanks' he mumbled sleepily with a small smile and dropped off almost immediately. Darren watched him for a moment, wondering what post one night stand protocol was. He was a cuddler by nature but he wasn't entirely sure that Chris would appreciate it. After a few more moments of doubt he simply snuggled down next to Chris, looping one arm loosely over his waist. Not quite cuddling but a small point of contact.

In the morning Darren would wake up to an empty bed and a hastily scribbled note.

Hey D

Had to go to work but thanks for a great night ;)


He would turn it over a few times, trying not to admit that we was hoping that a number had been scrawled on the back and then he would sigh and curl back up into the empty space, breathing in Chris' smell that had been left behind on the pillow.

But for now he nuzzled into Chris' shoulder and quickly drifted off into a peaceful sleep.