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Spilt Confessions

Growing up, he's always been the outcast one; forced into the home of a gruesome aunt and her husband, while beaten by an ogre of a cousin just older than him by a month. He was just one when he was dragged from the rubble that was left of what he called home. Asleep in his crib, until woken by the screams, then taken into the large arms engulfing him against a bourbon smelling chest before the actuality of what would of happened had the chance to. Taken from death and thrown into an early grave. School was even worse than living in a cupboard under the stairs. His cousin bullied him to no means, dragging the rest of the students with him. If Dudley Dursley didn't like him then nobody else would like him. Actually, if Dudley Dursley didn't like anybody than nobody else would.

The only thing that young Harry Potter had to look forward to was the summertime. What made the summertime so wonderful? Young Railah Bruhn would visit all the way from America to keep her godfather company. Railah was from the island of Oahu, and thought that visiting her godfather in Britain was cooler than going to the island of Maui for a vacation. Railah was the only one with enough common sense to know that Dudley was a giant brute, and would always take the time out of her day to play with Harry. Of course Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia raged at the idea of another person preferring their scum of a nephew over their perfect little Dudley-Kins, and would talk little of her every chance they got. Harry always got annoyed when they would belittle Railah. She was his best friend. She was his only friend. Who were they to talk about her?

Harry loved Railah in the way a brother would love a sister, and Railah; the same. They told each other everything. Harry told her how he lived under the cupboard, and she told him how she spent a year living on the beach because both her parents lost their jobs. Harry told her how Dudley and his friends pushed him down the stairs once while Uncle Vernon laughed, and she told him about that time that her father got so mad at her, he broke her arm. Harry explained to her that his parents died in a car crash and Railah explained that her godfather was seemingly the only parent she had. She explained how she often wished her parents would die in a car crash.

Then the day came that Harry turned eleven years old…

It was his soon to be his sixth year at Hogwarts, and everything had been a foggy whirl for him so far. In the beginning of the year, the ministry of magic had been calling him and Dumbledore a nonstop load of names, saying that he was crazy and that Dumbledore belonged in a loony bin. There were even a few suggestions that he had killed Cedric himself; in fear that he would no longer be the golden boy. Then that night at the ministry, when Voldemort himself had appeared, had happened; thinking of it, sent the shivers down his spine. The taunting laugh of Bellatrix Lestrange haunted the back of his mind, with that piercing screech of; I killed Sirius Black, laughing while actually skipping down the corridor.

Her own cousin, he thought to himself, taking his glasses off to rub his eyes and his neck. He often thought of killing his cousin at times, but it was just a thought. Dudley deserved it though, no doubt. But to take it to that extreme? The lifeless black eyes staring back at him every time he would shut his own emerald colored eyes; the way that ravens bird nest constantly sat on her head in curls to her back. The mourning black dress she seemed to always wear as a symbol of death. Everything about that crazy woman haunted him. Her own cousin, he thought again, her own fucking cousin.

Hearing the rapping noise from his bedrooms window, Harry stirred out of his thoughts. Jumping in his seat, he half expected to see Errol, the Weasley's family owl or even Gemini, the Grangers family owl, but this one was new. This owl belonged neither to the ministry nor to any of his friends. He tried to think of Luna's owl or Neville's, even Cho Chang's but this owl was seemingly different. Walking over, he opened the window, stepping back to allow the owl inside. "Hullo," he said, petting the owl gently. Whoever this owl belonged to, he envied them. As much as he loved Hedwig, this owl was beautiful. An almost midnight black color with storms of grey and white swirled in only the underbelly and tracing the wings. If a muggle were to see this bird flying at night, he had no doubt they would be shutting their eyes and making a wish.

Grabbing the letter, he noticed his name neatly written on the front. None of his friends had a hand writing this neat. Opening it, the rush of honey and cinnamon flooded his nose, and he already felt himself grinning.

Harry Freaking Potter,

How's my owl? Bet you didn't think I'd have one of my own did you? But she's beautiful huh? I know she's not as gorgeous as Hedwig, but at least now poor Hedwig won't have to make countless journeys on her own. I'm thinking we could share Whisper every now and then huh? Well so anyways… I'm back love. Just thought I'd let you know. So yes, I did send Whisper next door to you to give you this letter. Can we meet? I have so much to tell you. You're never going to believe what I just found out. And I know you have much to tell me. I could tell from your letter last week that you're hiding something from me. I know it's been three years since I actually came to visit, but a lot has happened in three years. For the both of us.

I'm sorry to hear about your godfather. I know you loved him deeply, and from the letters him and I often shared, he was a great man Harry. When you wrote me what happened I cried for him. I cried for him. I cried for you. And I even cried for my own godfather, which is one of the reasons I'm here this summer. To spend time with him. I hope my selfishness doesn't upset you. But stay strong Harry. If you've managed to live with the Dursley's all of your life, I know you'll win this war. This Voldemort - see I'm not scared to say his name - guy has no idea who he's fucking with.

Okay… long letter, I'm dragging right? It's just that there's so much I want to say. But I can't say it all in here. I know how much you dredge long letters. So this meeting of ours? One hour? The park at the corner? There's a swing set with our name on it!

Okay this is it now. See you in an hour…

Lots of love,


Harry couldn't help but to laugh at the letter he just received. Quickly scribbling a messy, an hour seems to long but I'll be there, and shoving a cookie into the owl's beak, he watched the beautiful bird fly directly into the window next door. He couldn't hide the grin on his face. Railah always has been and always will be his best friend. Granted he had Ron and Hermione. But before them, all he had was Railah. Sure he had all of the Weasleys and Ginny, oh how badly he wanted to introduce Railah and Ginny; they would just love each other. Even Hermione, they would both get along with Railah so much, but before he had any of them, he only had Railah. They were all the other had.

He couldn't help but to think back to the day when he first got his letter that he had been accepted into Hogwarts. Uncle Vernon had gone nearly insane with all the owls and all the envelopes coming for him from every possible angle. They ended up at a remote cabin; somewhere Uncle Vernon thought they would be alone. Then Hagrid showed up. The memory brought a smug grin to his lips as he remembered how Hagrid gave Dudley a tail. Hagrid took him that night, promising him he would love it at Hogwarts and telling him how much of a great headmaster, Dumbledore was. Hagrid took him back to the house, and told him to pack his clothes and whatever necessities he would need. He promised him that he would return for him in two weeks' time, so he could pick up his school things, then another two weeks from then he would pick him up to take him to the train station.

Harry watched through the window. The large giant of a man with the tickling beard, and oddly familiar bourbon scent walked down the driveway, careful not to run into any of the neighbors, or muggles as he called them earlier, then disappeared into the nights. Without anticipation, Harry ran out the front door. Reaching below the window opposite Dudley's, Harry began to throw stones at it.

"Harry James Potter," came the sleep filled tiny American voice. "What do you think you're doing at one in the morning?"

Unable to control his grin, Harry waved his hands at the eleven year old girl. "I need to tell you something Railah," he whispered, watching the tiny caramel hand run through the mangled blonde colored hair. The rainy leaf colored eyes were still filled with sleep. "Come down and meet me."

Yawning, she nodded her head. Taking in his ruffled black hair and the twinkling emerald green eyes, she also noticed he was still in his grey sweats and the old beaten looking grey t-shirt that once belonged to Dudley. "I'll be right there."

Noticing that his friend didn't even bother to change out of her red pajama shorts with the white hearts on it and the black spaghetti strapped shirt, he saw that she was still yawning. At least she remembered to put her slippers. Reaching his hand out, he linked fingers with hers, and ran quickly up the street. With his own heart racing, he could tell she was starting to wake up now.

"So that time that Dudley ended up disappearing from the garden and wound up in the bathroom?" Railah asked with wide eyes. "It was all magic? Because you're a wizard? From you're parents? Who didn't really die in a car crash?"

"Yep," Harry nodded his head proudly.

Forming her mouth into a wide grin, her teeth shone brightly against the nights moon. "That's so awesome," she began excitedly.

"And the best part," Harry bragged, "Is that I get to go to a school with other wizards and witches just like me. I don't have to get stuck with Dudley at that idiotic school anymore."

"Just don't forget about me Harry Potter," she teased him. "Don't you get all popular on me, and leave me in the dark. I want my friend back when I come and visit again."

"Me popular," Harry scoffed. "I doubt I'm going to make any friends. They probably all know each other anyway. And who would wanna be friends with Harry Potter?"

"Me," Railah said in a duh tone, as if to state the obvious.

"I'm gonna write to you," he said promisingly, feeling the swing move in his antsy excitement. "Every day, I promise."

"Well you better Harry. I want to hear all about it. Now tell me again, how did Hagrid give Dudley a tail?"

Sitting on the swing, that Harry spent so much of his years sitting on; both with and without Railah by his side, he stared out into the neighborhood, waiting for her to arrive. This was the same park that the dementors started to attack him and Dudley at the year before. Right before they led them down into the sewers. Sometimes he wonders what would have happened if he did just let the dementors kill him. He could have saved Dudley of course, told him to run, but then just let them give him that final kiss. As quickly as that thought popped into his head, he shook it out. Then Sirius wouldn't be the only one dead right now, he thought to himself with a self-hatred in his heart. If you died, Voldemort would have won, and everybody would be dead right now. Mrs. Weasley, Ron, Hermione, Mister Weasley, Neville, Luna, Ginny, Fred, George, Seamus, Dean… everybody Harry. They would all be dead right now if those dementors killed you.

"Thinking that hard is only gonna give you a headache Harry," came the soft spoken voice.

Lifting his head, Harry dropped his jaw at his sight. "Railah?"

"Oh c'mon Harry," the sixteen year old laughed at him. "It's only been three years. I haven't changed that much."

But actually she did. She changed more than Harry could have imagined. Railah was no longer the young, innocent looking girl he used to play with and make fun of Dudley with all the time. She grew up now. And she let her American side show. He wanted to laugh because she looked the same height as Seamus, but he was too in shock with the rest of her.

Skin as golden as when the sun is just about to set in the sky, with doll like rounded eyes, the color of a rain covered leaf, sitting in the sun. In her left ear she had, five gold balls in the cartridge, a yellow diamond in the tragus and four white diamonds in the earlobe. Her right ear had three red diamonds in the cartridge, a yellow diamond in the tragus and five green diamonds in the earlobe. There was a pink diamond in her left nostril and in her upper lip on the right side, and when she spoke, he could see a flash of a neon pink ball in her tongue. Her hair was what brought on the trail of loud chuckling. From when she was only nine years old, she already started dying it blonde. This time though, it reminded him of Malfoy in a way. The white platinum blonde reached her thighs, as the untouched raven colored bangs hung right above her eyes.

Even her way of dressing, and her body gave hints that the Hawaiian girl grew up. She was wearing tiny black jeans with a yellow colored strapless shirt, reaching the pink diamond in her navel. She had also gotten a couple tattoos. Across her lower stomach, from hip to hip she had the word, Forgotten, and going down from her left breast to her pierced belly button were separated praying hands holding a broken rosary with tear shaped beads, and the cross as the 'T,' in Forgotten. Her left thigh had a monarch butterfly the size of a baseball, flying up her black shorts, with a giant crow, the size of a football flying up the back of her leg after it. Only the tips of the crows wings were black, making it look more like a shadow than anything. There was a trail following the butterfly, wrapping around the crows neck, and reaching her ankle. The trail was made up of words, even in the darkest of times; remember there is always a light.

"You look all bloody American now," he scoffed at her, quickly jumping up to hug her.

Laughing as she wrapped her arms around him, she took in how he was taller than her five foot two by only three inches. "I am a bloody American," she reminded him, then stepped back. "Damn Harry, you look like shit."

"Oh thanks," he rolled his eyes. "I don't have the time to make sure I look as good as you, what with death eaters trying to kill me every couple minutes."

"Being hunted for murder is never an excuse to look like shit," she rolled her eyes this time, then taking a seat on the opposite swing from Harry's one. Licking her lips, in a non-seducing way, Railah then sighed. "So how you been Harry? Your last letter worried me. I wasn't supposed to come back to Britain until next month, but once I got your letter I called Uncle Bruce up, and asked him to come earlier. You sounded like you're bout ready to give up," she hesitated at her last sentence. It was so wrong.

"I am," he shamefully admitted to her. Looking out into the lightly pink turning sky, he sighed at her. "It's hard Railah. I mean yeah I have Ron, Hermione, and Ginny, and the order with me, but it just gets so unbearable sometimes. Sometimes all I wanna do is give up."

"But then you feel guilty," she frowned pitifully at him. "Like there's this weight crushing down on you and everybody's expecting you to just keep holding it up. They tell you that you're not in it alone and they stay by your side through it all, but in your mind you're telling yourself that you can't let it drop. No matter how much they say they're with you or no matter how much they always stand by your side, you're the only one holding this weight up. You're the only one who can actually keep it up?"

"Yeah," he nodded his head, turning to raise an eyebrow at her. "How'd you know that?"

Shifting uncomfortably on her swing, Railah looked down at the dirt her toes were buried in. "So how's you and Ginny?" she asked him to change the subject.

"We're doing fine," he told her, noticing the quick change. "Now tell me Railah. How'd you know how I'm feeling? What's been going on with you? Why haven't you come back here in three years? What's going on with you?"

"I lied to you," she blurted out suddenly, taking in a deep breath of air. "Six years ago. When you got your letter to Hogwarts, and you said that you wished I could go with you, but I said that I wasn't a witch and that I wouldn't be able to go. But then remember how happy I was for you, and how much I wanted you to go and to have fun and never forget about me, no matter how popular you would get?" letting out the air she was holding in she laughed at the irony. I cursed Harry when I told him he would become popular. If only I knew then, what I knew now. I would have forced him not to go. I would have forced him back to Oahu with me. I would have never put him through any of that pain. "I lied." she repeated to him.

The confusion showed in his face and his eyes. "What the bloody hell are you talking about?"

"I got a letter to," she told him, looking into his eyes this time as she explained it. "I was a witch, it said."

"But Railah if you were a witch all that time why didn't you come to Hogwarts with me? We could've been together all this time?" he was more confused than hurt or angry.

"It's from my mother's side," she answered sheepishly, "I got the letter two months before you did, on my eleventh birthday. I wanted to tell you everything. Once I got here, I wanted to run to you and tell you, but Dad forbade me to go. I was just a freak and there was no way in hell he would let me go to some freak school. Plus they were scared of what would happen to me. Mom wasn't exactly popular in her days, and she thought I'd be better off not going to the school."

Instinctively putting an arm around her shoulders, he said, "You should have just told me Rai."

"I just wanted to forget about it," she frowned, thinking back to her eleven year old self. She was such a foolish little girl then. "And then you got your acceptance letter, and I was so happy for you," she ended up smiling for him. Harry could see she was sincerely happy for him in that one smile. "You would finally get away from that hell hole of a cupboard you slept in, and we were more alike than anybody. I was so proud of you. And then the letters started coming in from you, and even more I was proud."

"If you're father wasn't so much a prat, you could've been right by my side through it all," he finally realized. "We would've been in Gryffindor together, and instead of the Golden Trio, we would've been the Golden Square or the Golden Foursome or something like that. You would've been right by my side through it all."

"But I wouldn't have been in Gryffindor," she shook her head at him. Harry looked into her eyes now, and saw the tears surfaced in them. She was refusing to let them fall. "My mother was a Slytherin. Her parents were both Slytherins. Her grandparents were all Slytherins."

"Y-you're of Slytherin lineage?" he slacked his jaw a little. "A Slytherin? Your mother was a pureblood? And a Slytherin?" when he saw the white take over her face, Harry quickly began to shake his head and laughed it off. "But it doesn't mean you're bad or that you would've been in Slytherin anyways" he tried to assure her. "Sirius was a pureblood and his family was all in Slytherin."

Thinking about it, Railah nodded her head to show that she understood. "But that's not all I lied about," she told him. The guilt began to eat at her insides. "I'm so sorry Harry. I didn't mean to lie. I wanted to tell you. I was going to wait for your first letter and then I was going to tell you everything. I was going to write it to you in a response letter, but then… then you wrote to me. You wrote about how much you hated the Slytherins. You said that you hated Malfoy, Crabbe, Goyle, Zabini and even Parkinson. Then you went into how much you cursed them and their families. And then I knew," she sobbed. "I knew right then, that I couldn't tell you. I liked being your friend. I didn't wanna lose you."

Hearing and seeing the tears, Harry felt a tang of guilt flood over him. He hated seeing people cry, and it always made him feel awkward. But with Railah it was different. He was used to seeing her cry, just as much as she was used to seeing him cry. "Why wouldn't I wanna be your friend?" he asked, wrapping both his arms around her now. "You would never lose me Rai, you were the only one I had for all of my life. Even when you stopped visiting, we still wrote weekly. So you kept something from me? I forgive you for it."

"Y-you forgive me?" she sobbed even harder into his maroon colored shirt. "I don't deserve your forgiveness Harry. I'm one of them. I'm one of the families you curse so much. I'm blood to the ones that you hate so much. And the worst part is I knew it all these years. Even before you knew you were a wizard. Mom still kept in touch with her sister. They were the best of friends. Her son is my age, and he goes to Hogwarts and you hate each other so much, but you're my best friend. I wanted to ask you if you met him and to tell him I said hi. We used to be so close. But then the letters of hate just kept coming and coming and coming, and I didn't want you to hate me to. I don't want you to hate me."

"Your cousin?" Harry asked, still unable to feel any hatred or rage at this girl. Instead he only felt guilt. She was excited to share family with him, to introduce him to one of her close cousins, but because he hated the Slytherins so much, she stopped. All these years she listened as he went on and on and on about his hatred for his enemies, and not once did she stop him. She even wrote hate mail back. "You're cousins with one of the death eaters." he gasped as the realization hit him.

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