BlackCat12 here! I found this really old story that I wrote with Deidara having a nightmare about Bananas. *loong story* so I'm going to post it as a small crack fic. And then I promise not to pick on him anymore after this. Enjoy!

Banana Nightmare!

Deidara tossed and turned, twisting himself in his sheets. His body broke out in a cold sweat. He jerked awake, half screaming. He sat up taking in big gulps of air. His alarm clock blinked 8 in the morning. He swung his feet over the side of his bed, not noticing that it had mysteriously turned into a giant banana peel. He made his way into the kitchen. He screamed in shock horror. Everyone in the kitchen had bananas for heads! They rose up out of their chairs and reached their arms out towards Deidara, slowly walking towards him. "Become the Banana!" they chanted louder and louder. Deidara took off running, throwing exploding clay bombs behind him. He suddenly tripped over a giant banana that mysteriously appeared in his path. The Banana Heads advanced closer and closer. Deidara scurried to his feet, but was too slow. One of the Banana Heads grabbed one of his feet, dragging Deidara towards him. Deidara tried to kick his foot free, but another grabbed his other foot! He screamed in terror as he watched his feet turn into bananas, then his legs, then his arms. Just when his vision was turning into a blurry yellow color, Deidara screamed himself awake, kicking and flailing his arms and legs. He stopped and looked around cautiously. He tiptoed to the kitchen to find Itachi and Kisame sitting at the table. "Good morning!" Kisame greeted him, holding a banana out to him. "Want a banana?" Deidara's eyes widened with horror. He turned and ran out of the kitchen screaming "NO BANANA HEADS!" repeatedly. Itachi and Kisame stared at each other in surprise. "What's up with him?" Kisame asked. Itachi shrugged. "I don't know. Maybe he had a nightmare about bananas." Kisame burst out laughing. Itachi sighed. "Well…You never know."

Well there is my Deidara crack fic. This will NOT be continued. If you liked it, review and all that jazz.