hey there! yeah...i'm back again with another story. Well, i'm just plain bored and i want to post this up. Okay, so I don't know whether Sora and Yamato's kids are but in this fic, they're a boy and a girl. The blonde girl that looks like Yama is seven years old, is named Yukino. And the young redhead boy that is somewhat like Sora is named Shin, a five year old. I guess that's enough. And also a disclaimer: Digimon is not mine!! (do we really have to say that?! it's somewhat annoying.)

Chapter One: A Daughter's Wish

"Here you go guys!"

Yukino turned her head around and saw her father making his way towards them. He was holding three cones of chocolate ice cream, all melting fast in his hands. Yukino ran to his father and got one and licked it up fast. "Thanks Daddy!"

They both returned to the bench where they were previously sitting. "Where's your brother?" Yukino pointed her little finger by the slide, still licking her ice cream. "He's over there. Shin!! I'm gonna eat your ice cream if ain't here!!" Yukino yelled across the playground, making her father laugh.

A red-head boy standing at the top of the slide shot his head up and looked at where his father and sister is sitting. He quickly slides down and runs as fast as he could towards them. He reached them just in time and his father handed him his ice cream.

"It's gonna melt soon." His father told him. Shin nodded and sat beside his father. "I'm not gonna give you my ice cream, Yukino!" Shin said, eating the ice cream fast. Yukino stuck his tongue out at him and rested her head on his father's arm.

"I wish Mommy is here with us" Yukino said, biting on the cone slowly. Yamato sighed and brushed his daughter's blonde hair.

"She can't come with us. She's a little" Yamato lied. He knew too well that Sora doesn't want to see him.

"But she's always busy every time we go out!" Yukino reasoned out, pouting her lips as well. Yamato sighed and draped his left arm over Yukino's shoulder. He and Sora have been divorced for eight months now. Shin was too young to understand. And Yukino

She won't accept the fact that we're no longer together Yamato thought bitterly. He finished his ice cream and turned to his son. Shin finished up the ice cream also, but didn't even bit on the cone. "I'm done!" He exclaimed cheerfully. He threw the cone at a nearby trashcan and returned again.

Yamato looked at his watch. It was already 4:00. "Okay guys! Let's go home now! Mom's gonna be worried." He stood up and carried Shin in his arms while Yukino stayed put in her place. "Yukino, let's go..."

She hesitated at first. But then stood up when Yamato reached out his other hand. Shin sat on his right arm while Yukino holds his left arm.

"Are you gonna stay in the house tonight?" Shin asked quietly. Yukino looked up at his father's face and crossed her fingers behind her back, hoping that Yamato would agree.

"I can't. Daddy's gonna head home and do something important." Yamato replied.

"But your home is with us Daddy" Yukino said. Shin nodded, hugging Yamato and burying his face on Yamato's neck.

"Daddy, don't you love us anymore?" Yukino asked, her grip on Yamato's hands tightened.

They continued to walk until they reached the parking lot. "Of course I love you! Whoever told you that I don't?"

Yamato opened the car door at the rear and placed Shin inside. He turned to Yukino, who was looking at him like she's about to cry.

"Nobody told. If you love us, why aren't you with us?" She asked again, climbing inside the car. Yamato closed it and sat down at the front seat.

"BecauseDaddy is very, very busy and he can't do his job in the house." Yamato explained. He knew it was a lie again, but half of it is true. Why would an astronaut do his work inside his own house?

"Daddy's right Yukino. After his job, he will stay with us!" Shin exclaimed. Yamato opened his mouth to explain again, but shut it. Shin sounded happy, he wouldn't want to disappoint his two kids.

Yukino's eyes lit up a little and she looked at Yamato. "Really?! Okay then"

Yamato smiled a little and started the engine. "I hope that will happen" he muttered.

They arrived at the house by 6:15. Yukino opened the door and went inside, calling their mother. "Mommy! Daddy's here! Hurry!!"

Yamato entered the house, holding hands with Shin. "Mommy! We're here!" He chirped in, pulling his father towards the couch. He lets go of Shin's hand and knelt down. "I have to go. Daddy's busy, remember?" Yamato winked at his son and brushed his hair. Shin looked upset, but his smile didn't leave his bright face.

He hugged Yamato tight. "Come back again! Then we'll play all afternoon at the park again. And maybe there will be a circus and lots and lots of animals!"

Yamato chuckled and stood up. He walked towards his daughter and took her in his arms. He placed a kiss on her forehead and smiled. "I'm going now."

"Butyou haven't seen Mommy!"

"Daddy needs to go, okay?"

Yukino stared at his father and hugged him also. "I love you Daddyand Shin tooand also Mommywe all do" she whispered in his ear. Yamato smiled sadly and puts Yukino down. "Me too. I'll go now."

With one last look at his kids, he made his way to the door and closed it gently.

After hearing the door closed, Sora stepped out of the kitchen and greeted her kids.

"Hey! How's your day?" she asked sitting down on the couch, followed by the kids. Shin started talking about their day in the park, talking fast and excited.

"We played tag, and we fed the ducks, we sang many songs! We ate hotdogs, and corn and chocolate ice cream! And then before we got home, we stopped at the pet shop and the toyshop and looked at the puppies and hamsters, rabbits and fishes! And the toys were really nice, especially the guitar!!" Shin beamed.

Sora smiled. "Guitar, huh? It must be nice." It surprises me how Shin could be so interested in music. Much like his father Sora thought, frowning by the end.

"It was, Mommy. I wish you weren't busy, that way you were with us." Yukino said. I don't want to talk about this right now Sora thought. She stood up and looked at the kids.

"I'll just be in the kitchen fixing up dinner. Why don't you go ahead and freshen up. I'm sure you're tired"

Shin ran up the stairs and towards his room while Yukino stared at her mother. "Mommy?"


"When will Daddy finish his work?"

Sora smiled and looked at Yukino, a little puzzled. "I really don't know, honey. Why?"

"Because Shin told me that when Daddy's work is finished, he'll come back here."

Sora sighed and turned around. "I don't knowFreshen up now"

Yukino walked slowly to the stairs and went to her room. Sora looked at her until she closed her bedroom door.

"I just don't know if we'll work things out again" she whispered, entering the kitchen.

Yukino jumped on her bed and cried. She can't bear seeing her parents not together. Every night she looks out at her open window and gaze at the stars wishing that they'd be complete again.

"We'll never be complete again" she muffled, crying harder on her sheet. She crosses over the tear-stained pillow and bit on it. Why?

She closed her eyes for a moment and recalled her nights together with her father. It was fun. All those jokes and laughter maintained a special place in her. Yukino would never let her father go out of her room. He would smile and suddenly sing his own song, which Yukino always call a "magic song".

The soft mellow had always enchanted Yukino, and her eyes would usually drop to sleep. And she would feel her father kiss her on the forehead and say goodnight.

Sometimes, Shin and Sora would join them and they would talk endlessly together. It was too memorable.

But not all ends in happiness.

And this confuses Yukino. Why can't they be just like their old times?

Her door creaked open and Shin entered her room. "Yuki-san! Can you tell me a story with Mommy later?......Why are you crying?"

Yukino didn't move. She just lies down on her bed. Shin dropped at her side and snuggled closer. "If you cry, I'm gonna cry also"

"I'm already crying!" Yukino said angrily, her voice scaring Shin. Yukino's sudden outburst surprised Shin. His shoulders shook and then tears started falling from his eyes also.

They were too busy crying that neither one of them noticed that Yukino's computer was casting off a green light.

"Why are you crying?"

Yukino and Shin looked across the room, but no one was there. She sat and backed up, followed by the trembling Shin. She clutched her pink pillow tight and asked, "WhoWho's there?"

Her computer lit up brighter and cast an eerie look at her bedroom. She shivered slightly as the shadows became larger and darker. Shin embraced his sister tight and dared not to look at the shadows.

By the computer, an image of a kid appeared. She was a girl, with long black hair and big dark eyes.

Yukino removed the pillow and smiled slowly at the girl. "Are you from the Digiworld?" she asked, figuring that if she came from the computer, then she could have been from the other world. She patted Shin and told him it was all right to look.

The red-head peered form his sisters back and looked at the girl.

The girl nodded meekly and floated towards Yukino. "Why were you crying?" Her voice was so quiet, but so scary. As if they were being threatened.

Yukino saddened and hugged her knees tight. "BecauseBecause our parents are not together"

"Do you want them to be?"

The two kids nodded appreciatively. The girl held no emotions, and she continued to ask the children.

"Why do you want them to be?"

"Because we're very, very happy!" Shin exclaimed. He didn't like the girl at all.

"If I granted you your wish, will you be happy?"

Yukino looked at her brother, who was smiling. "Yuki-san! Say yes! That way, Daddy's gonna be here all night!"

She smiled at Shin, and then looked at the girl. "Yes!"

The girl smiled, scaring Yukino and Shin a little. "I'll gladly make your wish come true, but a favor rests in youonce the wish is done, my deed is next"

A little confused with what the girl had said, Yukino nodded. The girl reached out her hand. "The only way to do that is to deal with the pasttouch my hand" the girl whispered.

Yukino gulped. I will do anything to have Daddy and Mommy back together again! She thought, oblivious to the fact that the girl in front of her was reading her mind.

She smiled evilly. When Yukino rested her right hand on her own, the whole room lit up.

"I am the Dreamweaverwhoever believes and hopes in dreams would gladly be help by mereturn to the past!!"

Shin clutched Yukino's hands as their bodies lit up and lights glistened and danced upon them.