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I have been plagued with the idea of a Harry Potter story, and decided it was time to get started on it. It will be slash, so be prepared.

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Narcissa Malfoy and her husband Lucius, stood over their dead son's body. It took a few minutes for them to realise that he was not alone, wrapped in the protection of his wings, was Harry Potter. Narcissa's broken sobs were interceded with the words, 'why,' and 'please Lucius, fix this.'

From the looks of it Lucius would say that Harry Potter had been dead for a week, while Draco had only just recently passed. It had taken that long to find them, and Lucius now realised the only reason they had was due to Draco's death.

Harry Potter looked badly beaten, like he had be tortured, and not just once. The scans Lucius ran showed he had been abused his whole life. He wondered why no-one put a stop to this travesty. Who was protecting The Boy Who lived.

Lucius ran from the room, heading for the Floo, kneeling down he threw in the powder and called for Severus. The man came through immediately when the name Harry Potter was mentioned.

"Lucius, we have been searching for him for over a week, tell me, where is he." Severus demanded.

"He's dead, Severus. He has been for a week or so it seems. Draco," Lucius turned away, his jaw clenched tight as he tried to get his emotions under control, there was no time for a break down, he had to fix this. "Draco, he is dead too. We aren't sure what happened, only that Draco is not responsible, he died of, he...Severus." It was too much, and Lucius collapsed into Severus' arms, his eyes filled with despair as he looked at his friend.

"Merlin," Severus exclaimed, when he realised what must have happened. He knew the Malfoy's were Veela, he knew the only reason Lucius took the dark mark was to save his family. Now, Draco and Harry Potter. "Merlin," he said again, this time in a whisper as the pieces fell into place.

"Give me a minute, Lucius, I need to grab a few potions from my lab, I will be right back," Severus said as he moved to the Floo. He ran to his lab, only to be stopped by Dumbledore.

"What is it Severus, what have you found out?" the old man asked. Severus turned at looked at the man that had started all of this, the man who had endangered Harry, from what it seems, his whole life. But he had no proof yet, that's why he needed the potion.

"Draco is dead, I have to leave, now." Severus almost hit the man when he smiled at that bit of news, but just kept running, leave the old man behind. He grabbed what he needed and then ran back to his office. He was glad to see that Dumbledore had gone. He Flooed back to Malfoy Manor and ran straight into Narcissa.

"What are you doing Severus?" She asked, her voice trembling with her grief.

"I am going to find out what happened to Mr Potter. I can not fix it, if I do not know the truth," he stated, and brushed passed her. He needed to concentrate.

Severus pour the potion over Harry, after he extracted the boy from the protective grasp of Draco, and waited. It was not long before a bubble appeared above the boys head, and his life from the moment he was born played out above them. They watch as he was born and loved with his parents, as he survived the killing curse. They watch as he was placed on the doorstep of those muggles, with nothing but a note to explain.

The watch as Harry was subjected to the cruellest of treatment from his supposed family. There were broken bones, bloody wounds, and no food for starters. They watch as the years progressed and the treatment got worse. They watched as Dumbledore turned a blind eye and encouraged everyone that Harry was just fine. They watched as Harry was put in danger again and again, and always on the outskirts of the memories was Dumbledore watching.

Narcissa howled in outrage as they watch Harry beg Dumbledore to save him from those despicable muggles, and she fell into the arms of Lucius as the man told Harry to stop making things up, all with that damn twinkle in his eye.

Finally they watched as on his sixteenth birthday Harry Potter was beaten and stabbed to death by his vicious Uncle. They watched as the last light left the boy, and they could see, the glint in his eye that said to them all, finally he was at peace.

Severus poured the liquid over Draco's body, and they watched his life roll on in front of them. His was full of happy memories and fun. Until the day he meet Harry. They watch the fights between the two, and now they could see the hidden tension in both boys. Time sped on as they watch Draco try to make his father proud. Narcissa looked at Lucius in this moment, when her son was crying about how he was never good enough, and shook her head.

"You will fix that too," she demanded as she moved away from the man. Then what they were waiting for happened.

They watched in horrid fascination as Draco appeared out of no-where, took one look at Harry, bend down to pick him up and realised he was dead. Draco screeched, and spun around, all humanity gone from his features as he ripped that family apart. No-one was spared his vicious treatment, and Severus found himself almost clapping.

They watched as Draco took Harry's remains to a hidden house, they watched as wards automatically raised and then they watched as Draco lay down with Harry in his arms and stopped all movement but to pet Harry's hair. The only words spoken where, "I will be with you soon, my love."

Narcissa dropped to the floor, her pain could be felt for miles around as she watched her son take his last breath with a smile on his face. "FIX IT," she screeched, startling the two men out of their own grief. Severus' mind was ticking over. Not only was he drenched in guilt about how he had treated Harry, how much more pain he had caused the poor boy. But he was disgusted in the people around him, who were suppose to love and protect him.

None of them, not even his best friends had come to his aid. They had all listened to Dumbledore. That was going to change. Severus took the memory of what he had just witnessed out and placed it in an unbreakable vile, he encouraged the Malfoy's to do the same.

"We will have to relive our younger days," Severus said matter of factly, startling the other two.

"Time travel? Severus it's not possible," Narcissa breathed out, though you could see by the look in her eyes that she was hopeful.

"It is. I have been working on the potion for some time, and finally perfected it two days ago," Severus looked down, his mind whirling with what he was giving up personally, "I was going to go back and save Lily."

"Severus, if you save Lily, Harry could die," Narcissa said, her hand at her mouth as she tired to regulate her breathing. Her one and only goal was to save her son, and in order to do that, Harry Potter must live.

"I realise that, Narcissa, and I realise that we must let it play out as it did, until the point Harry was taken from the wreckage. We must get their before Sirius goes after Peter. But first we must go back to before Lucius took the dark mark, and myself. I can slip the prophecy to someone else to give to the Dark Lord. The only time line we must change is Harry's. That way, we will know what the old man is going to do before he does it."

"With this potion, we will slip into our own bodies, but retain full memories. We shall meet at the Potter's in Godric Hallow on the 31st of October, 1981. Remember, change nothing but what you must, or you will be putting your son and Harry's lives in danger."

Lucius and Narcissa nodded, and smiled at each other. They could do this, they could get their son and his mate back and get Harry raised in a loving family, with the help of Narcissa's cousin, Sirius Black. "For the potion to work, you must think of the date and time you wish to go back to, tape the potion with your wand three times and drink it quickly," Severus said, "be well, do not loose your memories of the event, and be safe."

With that all three concentrated, tapped their potions with their wands, downed them and disappeared from sight. Harry and Draco, hovered just above their bodies, their arms wrapped around each other and smiled. "Maybe they can get it right this time," Harry whispered to Draco, before they two vanished.

Severus felt sick as he paced in front of the now destroyed Potter home. He was so close, he could have just reached out and grabbed Lily, pulling her away from that house. It was Lucius who had held him back, and it was Narcissa, who now held a sleeping Harry Potter in her arms, while she cleaned the wound on his head.

"Lucius, there is something different about this scar, can you see it," her Veela senses were picking up a foreign body in the boys scar, it was fresh and weak, but if left it would get strong on the boys magic and weaken him. They could not let that happen. Lucius gasped when he laid his hand over the scar.

"Abomination," he hissed as he pulled his hand away fast. At the looks Severus and Narcissa were giving him, he elaborated, "that monster left a part of himself in this boy," he spat out, trying to remember where he had left the soul stone, so he could remove it as quickly as possible before it was too strong and could resist the stone. They had 24 hours.

Before anyone could utter a word, Lucius popped away, and was back in seconds with the ruby red stone clutched firmly in his hand. "No," Narcissa whispered, horrified, her hand over her mouth. "Horcrux," she murmured so softly, Severus only just made out her voice and his knees buckled at what he heard. His mind raced furiously as it flashed back to that diary that possessed Ginny Weasley.

"He has more, I remember, that diary Lucius, the one you gave the Weasley girl." Lucius shuddered, he knew something was off with that diary, but when he had the dark mark his power had been muted, so unless he knew what he was looking for. He sighed.

"I will be able to track them easily this time around," he said as he lifted the sleeve of his left arm to show the smooth white skin, unblemished by that horrible tattoo. Severus, show his also and they both grinned. It had been hard work and lots of confundis charms and memory wipes to avoid the dark mark but they had managed.

Harry wiggled in Narcissa's arms, burying his face into her chest before settling back down. Narcissa's heart skipped at beat at the action, and in that moment, she fell a little in love with the messy haired boy, for more than just the fact he was her son's mate. She gently turned his head away from her, so that Lucius could reach the scar, and held on to him tightly. "Lucius," she said.

He got the message, and placed the soul stone over the boys scar, once in place he began chanting. "Ego vocote, quod non pertinet. Invocote in lapidem. Relinquo puero hoc ego vocote. Ego vocote, quod non pertinet. Invocote in lapidem. Relinquo puero hoc ego vocote." On the third chant, Lucius' voice rose as he felt the soul fragments fight lessen and black smoke started to pour from the child's wound, "EGO VOCOTE, QUOD NON PERTINET. INVOCOTE IN LAPIDEM. RELINQUO PUERO HOC EGO VOCOTE." With the last word, the last of the smoke entered the stone, and Lucius fell to his knees, sweat pouring from his face.

"If we had not done this now, even in 24 hours we would have been to late. I have never felt anything so strong in my whole life. The stone will not work on the others, we must fine a way to destroy them." Lucius said as he raised the stone above his head and smashed it against the ground. The stone shattered and an inhuman scream echoed through the night, angry black smoke raising, before it dissipated into nothing.

"Merlin," Severus muttered as he looked on in horror. "He left that thing inside the boy all those years," he whispered as he looked between Lucius and Narcissa, "I trusted him." Severus turned to the side and vomited. Years of his own torture and pain coming to the surface. He had thought he deserved such things, that he should suffer, but now, after all he had seen. Lucius banished the mess and cleaned Severus' robes, quickly and made no comment. He could understand what the man was feeling. A betrayal like that of Albus Dumbledore was horrendous, especially when you trusted the man with your very life, only to find out he care nothing for that sacrifice.

They were pulled out of their musing by a loud crack, and heard Sirius' voice, "James, Lily? Merlin no," he screamed, his voice cracking under the emotion. Narcissa looked at her husband and her best friend and nodded before walking out into view, baby Harry bundled in her arms protectively. It was time to begin.

Translation: I summon thee, what does not belong. I call thee into the stone. Leave this child, I summon thee.