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Time Moves On

Auror's were walking up and down the Alley in force, while the adults were staying close to the children as they shopped for their school supplies. Dobby was plastered in between Harry and Draco, a hand holding each of their robes securely, and a glowing shield surrounding all the children. Pansy and Hermione were chatting about classes while Neville and Blaise where smiling and shaking their heads. Severus and Lucius walked in front of them, and Sirius and Remus took up the rear all the while alert, in case someone would try to attack, yet again.

"It looks like the force we have come out with has put off any attempts..." Severus stopped abruptly as he looked at the crowd in front of the books store, and his eyes track the sign stating Gilderoy Lockhart would be signing books today.

As the adults became statues in front of them, the children stopped and turned to see what had garnered their attention. "What's so important about Gilderoy Lockhart?" Harry asked as he moved to Severus' side.

"Did we not do anything about that?" Lucius asked as he pointed to the abomination of a man.

"I could have sworn we did, I don't understand, how can this be?" Severus said, trying to remember if they had indeed acted upon the plan they had for that man. "Sirius is still the Dark Arts teacher, correct?"

"Of course, that can not be changed without the boards approval, and there is no other position available in Hogwarts at this time. Plus the board has not been notified of any new staffing switches, which as you know Albus must do." They were brought out of their thoughts by a seething Narcissa, who had taken Beth to Flourish and Blotts while the boys took the children shopping. Beth's love of books was bigger than her daughters.

"Albus has decided to start a new duelling club at Hogwarts this year, for second years and above, and guess who is in charge of it?" Narcissa sneered.

"Can he do that, Lucius?"

"It would seem he can indeed do that, the board only took over the hiring of teaching staff, not for extra curricular clubs, an oversight on my part, it seems. I should not worry too much, between Dobby, Fawkes, Harry's friends and Sirius, Remus and you, Severus, Harry can be protected from that man, and the club is not mandatory, so the boys will just not sign up for it." Lucius said as he strolled over to the book store, when he noticed the children were about to enter.

Just as the adults reached the door, a loud bang was heard, followed by screams and shouts. Lucius looked behind him at the other adults quickly, before he threw the door open and ran into the store. What greeted him, made his stop dead in his tracks, his hand automatically going to his mouth as his brain comprehended what he was seeing, causing a loud snort to leave him, in a very UN-Malfoy like way, before he could suppress it.

The other adults seemed to be caught in with the same problem as they surveyed their surroundings. Lying on the ground, covered in what seemed to be a muddy like substance was a very red and spluttering Gildory Lockhart. Standing over him was a very angry and outraged elf, a screeching Phoenix had just joined the fray as the adults began to move.

The kids were standing around Harry, Draco in front of him, his face contorted into rage, as Harry stared in disbelief while shaking out his hand, and rubbing his wrist. That quickly brought the smiles from the adults faces as they rushed forward to find out what had happened.

"That things," Draco screeched, "grabbed Harry and pulled him so hard he broke his wrist." That was all they were able to get out of him, and Lucius was a little worried when he saw what appeared to be a fire ball trying to manifest in one of his sons shaking hands.

"Harry," Sirius asked as he looked him over checking to see for any injuries and was surprised when he couldn't find any.

"Fawkes healed me, Dad," Harry said, never taking his eyes off of the man that had grabbed him. He was kicking himself, because he had told Dobby to drop the shield so he could grab some books off the shelf, and then asked the elf to ask about a book he had been looking for but couldn't find. Dobby had been so reluctant to leave him, but he had promised the elf he would be fine in a crowded book store. Shaking his head, Harry just knew Dobby would never leave his side again, it had taken this long to get even a moments peace.

Harry reached out a hand and placed it on Draco's shoulder, he was surprised at how quickly the Veela had reacted. He had Lockhart on the ground and Harry behind him, before he could even blink, though the damage was already done. Neville had taken pictures of Harry's injuries before Fawkes had healed him, which was lucky. "For the lawyers and DMLE," he mumbled as he clicked away.

Draco relaxed slightly when he felt his mates hand on him, but he couldn't quiet stop the shaking that was going on. His insides felt like they were on fire, and he was having a very hard time trying not to kill the man laying on the floor. Deep down he understood it was the Veela in him reacting, but he was unsure how to deal with it. He shook his head quickly and looked at his father before turning around and burying his face in Harry's neck, inhaling his scent to calm him more. Harry returned the embrace and rubbed Draco's back in a hope of helping him. It was a very daunting experience, even though it had been over in seconds.

Something in the back of Harry's mind had shuddered and recoiled when he had heard and felt the snap in his wrist, and it made him feel helpless and alone. So he took comfort in his family surrounding him and in Draco's arms wrapping around him, reminding him of safety and home. He still wondered how his wrist had snapped so easily though, but he would discuss that later with his dad.

From the shadows an old man shook his head and mumbled to himself, "damn, that compulsion must have been too damn strong," before apparating away from the scene.

The family was, once again, sitting around the table at Potter Manor, Draco with his arm wrapped securely around Harry and Dobby plastered to Harry's other side. Fawkes was caught between laughing at Harry's predicament and being furious that his charge had been injured. All in all it seemed to be the same end as any time they ventured into Diagon Alley.

The adults were in the other room with Amelia Bones, they had taken the pictures from Neville with a grateful smile and praise at his forward thinking, and taken memories from each of the children of the event that took place. It was not long before Lockhart had been arrested and was awaiting trail for assaulting Harry Potter. Sirius could just see the headlines now, and couldn't stop the chuckling that left him.

"What's so funny, dad? Harry asked from between his cocoon.

"I was just thinking about the headlines and how the public will react to the fact golden boy Gilderoy attacked more popular boy-who-lived-to-save-them-all Harry potter." Harry groaned and dropped his head onto the table in a rather dramatic display as the rest of the group chuckled. Though Draco's hands did tighten slightly around Harry before he eased up.

Harry had seen Draco's struggle with the manifestation and let Draco crowd him, more than he usually would. He didn't think it would be healthy for Draco to manifest now, he knew it shouldn't happen until he went through his inheritance, but knew stress to protect his mate could bring it early. Though this was too early.

"Do you think there will ever be a day when someone is not trying to hurt, maim or kill me, Dad?" Harry asked, head still on the table. Draco's growl was expected as was everyone else's sharp inhale of breath.

"Of course, son, one day when we get rid of Tom Riddle and Dumbledore, you will be free to live your life and be happy. Maybe even go to Diagon Alley and actually have a fun day." Sirius grinned at Harry when he lifted his head to glare at his dad.

Brilliant, he thought, how long would it take before that would happen. But he had to remember that he was loved and protected and surrounded by family and friends. Life wasn't so bad.

Second year went on without too much fuss, the Headmaster seemed to keep his head down since his plans had failed before they had even began, and Harry, Draco and friends studied hard and had fun, though Harry was never left alone, not that he minded too much.

The end of the year came and went, without much fuss, and third year turned out to be much of the same, except no new teachers or clubs were brought into the mix. The Headmaster stayed out of their way which concerned the adults to no end. They could not figure out what his game plan was, to just sit back and watch, until the end of third year when they heard rumblings in the Ministry about the Tri-Wizard Tournament.