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Ciel Phantomhive sighed as he once again signed his name. It had been a relatively nice
Friday, but the Earl was eager to finish the week quickly. It had been quite tiring, and he was looking forward to the weekend.

"Young master?" Ciel looked up to find his butler standing in the door way, a tray full of sweets. "Are you ready for lunch now?" He asked. Ciel nodded, returning his eyes back to his stack of forms. However, Ciel noticed quite quickly that his eyes would not remain there. They followed his butler as he leaned over to place the food on the table, and jumped to his ass when he turned and kneeled to get something off the bottom of the tray.

"Earl Gray?" Sebastian asked, bringing Ciel's wandering, teenage mind back to reality. Ciel snapped his eyes back up to Sebastian's face.

"Uh, what?" He asked, his mind still wandering over his butler's body.

Smug bastard. He thought to himself when he noticed that his… observations were not as subtle as he would have liked, if the smug smirk on Sebastian's face was anything to go by.

"The tea. Is Earl Gray suitable?" Sebastian asked, not attempting to his immense amusement from his voice. Ciel nodded, irritated at himself.

"It's fine." He agreed, watching as his butler immediately began to serve him. "Is Lizzie still coming over this evening?" He asked a few minutes later, attempting to regain his bearings.

"Yes she is. She sent over a telegram just to make sure she got the time stamp right. The young lady seems to become more… abetting of the young master as your wedding date for next January draws near." He said, smiling gently. Ciel snorted, sipping on his tea.


"I suppose that is one way to think of her. Anyone else tonight?" He asked. Sebastian shook his head.

"Not that I am aware of, young master." He replied. Ciel nodded, and the two fell into a companionable silence as Ciel finished his meal.

At sixteen years of age, Ciel, to his utter dismay, was only 5 inches taller than he was at the age of thirteen. Lizzie was just half an inch shorter than him, and she loved to tease him about it.

"We'll have such short babies, Ciel!"

"If you can't make your suit fitting, I could fill in!"

"We'll never be dragged onto scary rides at the fair!"

With these memories swirling in his mind, Ciel faced his future wife with some less than pleasant emotions.

Ciel yawned as Sebastian began to disrobe him for his shower.

"Lizzie can be quite exhausting." Ciel mumbled, rubbing his eyes. Sebastian simply chuckled, focusing on the task at hand.

"How would you like your water, young master?" Sebastian asked, moving towards the bathtub. Ciel shrugged.

"Like always, I suppose." He said. Sebastian nodded.

"Yes, my lord. "

As they waited for the water to heat up, Ciel once again began to look over his butler. Suddenly, an idea he would blame on his raging teenage hormones and the wine he drank earlier that evening, came to his mind.

"Sebastian." He said. His butler looked up from his task, eyes ranking over his naked body for a minute.

"Yes, my lord?" He asked. Ciel took a deep breath, calming his nerves.

"Bathe with me."


"Are you alright?"

"Don't stop you idiot!"

A chuckle.

"Yes, my lord."

"Sebastian, close the windows. You're letting in a draft." Ciel murmured, closing his eyes tightly to block out the sunlight. Sebastian chuckled from somewhere nearby.

"Young master, the windows are closed. I do believe it is your lack of clothing that is the problem." He teased. Ciel eyes snapped open as he sat up. Looking down, he suppressed a gasp. He really was lacking clothing… which meant that the dream he had about Sebastian in the shower… and the bed… we not very dreamlike at all.

"Oh my god." He murmured, burying his face in his hands… his suddenly inflamed face. Sebastian smiled softly, sitting down at the edge of the bed beside his master. Ciel reached a hand out and curled his fingers against Sebastian's sleeve.

"Sebastian." He muttered weakly, gently tugging at his butler. Sebastian bit back a chuckle, giving into his master's tugs. He didn't even blink when a hand nearly ripped his cheek off.

"Hold me," came the next demand. Sebastian wisely kept his amusement to himself and complied with his master's orders.

His master was such a spoiled child.

"Ugh. What the bloody hell have you been feeding me?" Ciel groaned as he was helped up from the toilet. Sebastian frowned.

"The same thing I always do. My lord, I think we should ask the Undertaker or William about this." He said, rubbing his master's shoulders to ease some of the tension. Ciel had recently begun to get an odd stomach virus that Sebastian could not cure. It caught them both off guard and was quite worrisome. This bug would strike at weird hours and would range from a simple gag to a violent offering to the porcelain god.

Sebastian also sensed something demonic about this stomach virus that a normal doctor would not pick up on.

"Very well. Gather my clothes." He ordered. Sebastian nodded.

"Yes, my lord."

Silence. Deafening silence.

That was why Undertaker dealt with the dead. They weren't surprised by bad news.

Heh heh. They expected it.

"What the hell do you mean?" Ciel glowered at Undertaker. His normally quick witted butler, for once in his life, was speechless. Lizzie, who insisted on joining them for this visit, was most certainly not.

"No, not my Ciel!" Lizzie sobbed, gripping onto Paula's hand tightly. The girl had caught them on their way out and insisted on going. Ciel, against his better judgment, did not feel like listening to her nag and gave in.

"How is this possible, Undertaker?" Sebastian asked—the voice of reason as usual. Undertaker chuckled wickedly.

"Who knows? Things are not normal with your relationship with the young master, now are they?" Undertaker asked, grinning like the maniac he was. Sebastian's eyes narrowed as Ciel groaned, covering his eyes and mumbling something along the lines of 'stupid butler.'

After leaving Undertaker's office, Lizzie filled the tense air between Ciel and Sebastian with wails and protests, denials and self-pities. While they seemed to bounce off of Sebastian, they cut straight through Ciel, subtly making him flinch. It continued on until the trio—Paula was abandoned in the living room—arrived in Ciel's office.

"We were supposed to get married next month, and now you want to throw it all away?" Lizzie was currently shrieking. Ciel flinched, looking at his hands intently. He had let many people down over the years, Lizzie included. But to take away one of her biggest dreams in life… what in the hell was he thinking?

Sebastian picked up on this train of thought, frowning. His master did not need this type of stress at this moment in time.

"Lady Elizabeth, I understand that you are upset, but I feel that I must remind you of why the young master wants to 'throw it all away' as you so delicately put it." Sebastian said softly, yet firmly. Lizzie froze at the warning in his voice. Before she could unleash her furry onto Sebastian, Ciel spoke.

"I'm… so sorry, Lizzie. So very sorry." He whispered, his bangs covering his eyes. When a tear streamed down his cheek, Lizzie gasped.

"Ciel!" She exclaimed, running over to hug him. He gripped onto her, allowing himself to sob like he hadn't in years, in the arms of his ex-fiancée. He had let her down so terribly; betrayed her in the worst possible way. What really hurt him was that Elizabeth only seemed to understand half of it; the innocent half of it. He had no intention of giving her the other half.

As Elizabeth began to sob alongside him, he wondered what his mother and father thought of this. Then of how this would change everything. And what of the Queen? He squeezed his eyes shut, burrowing into Elizabeth's embrace, firmly shoving away those thoughts for now.

Sebastian joined them a few minutes later, wrapping his arms around them both. The butler looked at the picture of Vincent and Rachel in front of them. With an internal sigh, he asked that they help get them through this.

They needed all of the help they could get.

"So what is it you wanted to talk to us about, young master?" Mei Rin asked. Bard and Finny stood on either side of her, Tanaka by the door. Ciel sighed, gathering his wits about him.

A week had passed since that fateful day at Undertaker's. As Lizzie returned home to call off the wedding, and Sebastian began to make subtle preparations around the house and Ciel's schedule to accommodate for this new health condition, the duty of informing those that would be directly in the know fell upon Ciel. So, before bed that night, he had called his three incompetent servants to his office.

"We're getting two new house members." He announced without preamble. His servants gasped, sharing curious looks amongst themselves.

"Who?" They exclaimed excitedly. Ciel smiled to himself, returning to his chair. They were good people, and made his personal hell a little brighter. He could overlook their… large flaws for these little moments of earnestness. With this thought in mind, he moved along.

"Well, Lady Elizabeth will join us next week. The second… will not arrive for some months." He said, looking at them all. They all nodded, having been expecting this for a long time now. Elizabeth had been pushing for this move for months.

"For the wedding, right?" Finnian asked.

"The wedding has been canceled." Sebastian said nonchalantly as he entered the room. If one looked close enough, one could spot a pleased quirk of his lips. "It is time for your medicine, young master." He added to Ciel, walking over to him with a tray upon which three pill bottles stood. Ciel groaned, nearly pouting at the butler.

"What?" The trio exclaimed, clearly surprised.

"Who is this person?" Bard asked, frowning. Sebastian chuckled as Ciel sighed, glaring at Sebastian once more. Stupid butler, 'stealing his thunder.'

"My offspring. The wedding is canceled because I slept with Sebastian." He explained casually.


That night found Ciel at his newest evening hangout - the bathroom.

"Sebastian." Ciel said weakly, curled up beside his toilet. His butler gently knelt down beside him, and then lifted him up.

"Time for bed, young master." He insisted, while his red eyes showed concern at the discomfort clearly written all over the young man's body. Ciel nodded, grateful at the idea. Those blasted papers were clearly the fault of this latest round with the porcelain bowl.

"Very well. Carry me, Sebastian." He ordered hotly, feeling the need to reinstate his authority. Sebastian chuckled, gently cradling him to his chest. His master, so very needy.

"Would you like anything else? Some crackers?" He offered, laying Ciel down in bed. Ciel shook his head, rolling his eyes when Sebastian gently reached out to touch at his stomach. However, he hesitated, looking up at Ciel for permission.

"I'm guessing you want to say goodnight." He stated. "Go on. Who am I to keep you from the baby?" He added with a sniff of indifference. Sebastian smirked, gently lifting up the nightgown that Ciel wore. His eyes softened at the already slightly swollen abdomen, then pressed his lips to it.

"Good night, my little one." He mumbled. Ciel's expression softened. At the sudden rush of tenderness that shot through him, Ciel laced his fingers through Sebastian's fine hair. When he gently tugged, Sebastian looked up at him. The butler smiled, the leaned up to captured his lips within his own.

As summer hit its peak, Ciel entered his second trimester. Lizzie rambled on and on at lunch around once a week about how he should be grateful it's not his first or third.

Sebastian was in process of writing to everyone they knew that as of August first, he would be going on a Sabbatical in the Americas until next spring. It was the easiest solution to his growing abdomen. Ciel had already written to the Queen a more personal and persuasive letter that he and Sebastian had no doubt would be enough for her.

On a rarely cool July day, Ciel found himself wandering through the gardens. Dressed in one of Lizzie's looser blouses, Ciel spoke softly to his unborn child about the many types of flowers his beloved garden held, a tender smile of his lips.

"And begonias are simply lovely, little one. They were Mama's favorite." He said. When the child kicked, almost as if responding to his statement, Ciel chuckled and rubbed at the spot. With a content sigh, he went on his way, musing still. Spotting Sebastian hosing down Lizzie and Finnian by the edge of the house, his mind went to the father of his child.

He and Sebastian had changed over the last three months. Something seemed to have clicked into place subconsciously. Ciel had mellowed out for the most part, only becoming truly enraged when something important or baby related did not go the way it should have. His patience had grown, which would help when raising the child, and so had his tolerance.

Sebastian had tapped into some kind of paternal instinct, often becoming more involved in the lives of the other members of the household. He was helping to teach the employees their reason for employment and was helping Lizzie with her education in the business world. Ciel suspected this to be for when he would be forced to pass the child onto Lizzie but…he preferred to avoid those types of thoughts.

Together, things had changed between them as well. Sebastian seemed to either hover around him more or listen more closely to his actions. Ciel couldn't so much as move a stack of papers without Sebastian knowing where they had come from and where they were relocated to. He had also become protective of his master, always around whenever he feared Ciel could potentially hurt himself or was with someone else.

Whether this need to protect was for Ciel or the baby, Ciel doubted he or even Sebastian would ever know.

Ciel had grown to be tender with his butler. Whenever they were alone together, he instantly felt himself soften around the edges and found himself reaching for Sebastian, wishing to establish physical contact. It was almost embarrassing the overwhelming need to touch his butler whenever he spotted him.

Then there was, of course, the number of activities they now did together that they used to do separately. Bathing, sleeping, and eating, though Sebastian really didn't do the last two, were now done almost solely in the presence of one another.

Both were aware of these changes. In fact, they had had a discussion about it in their bath last week.

Where these changes were headed, neither knew.

"You called for me, young master?" Sebastian murmured softly as he appeared in the doorway to Ciel's bedroom. He had been making sure the leak in the kitchen would not worsen overnight. He wouldn't be able to go to bed without knowing. Ciel looked up from under the covers, glaring slightly. He had a strange cramp in his leg and it was making him irritated.

"Get dressed for the night and join me in bed." He ordered; the demand in his eyes as well as he stared at Sebastian. His butler suppressed a chuckle, knowing it would irritate him further. Quickly, he followed his master's command.

"Such a slow butler." Ciel complained, though he curled closer to the body next to him anyway. His butler chuckled, and then wrapped his arm around him.

"And you are a whiney pregnant man, my lord." Sebastian replied with an easy grin. Ciel glared, though a smile was shining in his eyes.

"Shut up, Sebastian." He teased sternly. Ciel flinched suddenly as the baby kicked sharply at his side

"Are you alright?" Sebastian asked, concerned. He cupped Ciel's face in one hand, then used the other to find Ciel's on his stomach. Together they rubbed away the sting of the kick. Ciel nodded, laying his head back onto the pillows.

"I'm tired." He whispered. Sebastian nodded, pressing a kiss to his lips.

"Then sleep. I'll be here though out the night." He promised, as he always did. Ciel nodded, allowing sleep to overcome him at last.

As he entered his third trimester, Ciel began to see Will instead of Undertaker. Grell informed them that Will had better technology, so Ciel insisted they switched.

It didn't turn out nearly as bad as it could have.

Will and Sebastian had never seen eye to eye, and when it came to the baby, this fact remained. Often times Ciel demanded them to quit arguing because it became so repetitive. Other than that, Will seemed to genuinely care about the baby and often advised Ciel and Sebastian on ways to continue on their healthy tract. He also informed them that the baby was due mid-December and that he would be coming to them for the checkups as the day grew closer.

His third trimester was full of discomfort, Ciel quickly realized. He hit his breaking point early November.

He had been filling out the latest paperwork when the baby kicked some muscle that activated a muscle spasm that had him in tears.

"I hate this! It feels like my body is falling apart!" He had sobbed in Sebastian's arms. After Sebastian had calmed the muscle, the child quieted down and the day went on. Then, when they were bathing, they discovered that Ciel was no longer as flexible as he had been before, which infuriated him quickly.

The real deal breaker was that night. He had been attempting to go to sleep when his child decided it was a good time to be as active as possible. Nothing soothed it back to sleep and Ciel spent the majority of the night in a restless doze.

He just wanted it to be over.

A tragedy struck them in early December.

When Elizabeth returned home from her mother's in tears, Sebastian quickly hauled the servants away to town to give the cousins some alone time. That night, Ciel informed Sebastian why.

"Do you feel how active it is?" Ciel asked, staring up at the ceiling. Sebastian chuckled, his fingers chasing after the fingers and toes of his unborn child as it turned over.

"Such an energetic child. We'll have to put a tracking device on it." He replied. Ciel nodded, his hand wandering down to rub his stomach. When his gaze became troubled, Sebastian stroked his cheek in concern.

"Ciel?" He questioned softly. Ciel sighed.

"Lizzie… cried again today." He said simply.

"Why?" Sebastian asked.

"Her mother disowned her." He said softly. His lover pulled him close, frowning.

"Elizabeth… she's given so much up for us." Sebastian stated. Ciel nodded.

"I know." He mumbled, still concerned for his oldest and dearest friend.

When Ciel and Sebastian had been brainstorming ways to have this child be accepted into society without severe repercussions, they decided that Elizabeth, if she agreed, could be the child's governess. It would be disrespectful for her to go through with the wedding. When they presented this idea to Lizzie, she agreed happily.

Her mother was not. All through the pregnancy she had attempted to dissuade her child from this duty. Lizzie ignored her and kept making plans. Her mother finally had enough.

"We'll be here for her, whenever she needs us. Try not to worry too much, okay Ciel? You'll make yourself and the baby sick." Sebastian insisted. Ciel nodded, curling as close as his swelled abdomen would allow them.

"Okay." He agreed. After a few more moments of silence, a thought occurred to him.

"What do you want, Sebastian? A boy or a girl?" He asked softly.

Sebastian pondered this, rubbing at Ciel's swollen abdomen. "Hm…I would love to have a son. A daughter would be nice under other circumstances, but in our lives, a son would be able to defend himself immediately." He said. Ciel nodded, looking up at the ceiling.

He jumped when warm lips pressed against his stomach, and the child became active. He patted Sebastian cheek, shooting his butler a soft smile when he looked up.

"I do not have a preference, though I'm sure Lizzie would prefer a daughter. I suppose we'll have to see." He shrugged. Sebastian nodded, looking down at the little foot pressing against Ciel's stomach.

"I suppose we shall…"

Ciel went into labor at 6:30 in the morning on the 15th of December. It ended twelve hours later. Sebastian had been the one to deliver the baby, having been prepared to do so via classes from Will. Lizzie had acted as a nurse.

"It's a daughter?" Ciel whispered in awe, staring at the infant in Lizzie's arms. It was squirming and an off, pale red with wrinkled skin. Wow, she had strong lungs.

"She's so cute, Ciel! She got your father's eyes." Lizzie cooed, looking down at the baby.

"Let me see my child, Elizabeth." Sebastian said softly, finishing his patchwork job on Ciel's stomach. He put the tools in a bucket of water, then after washing his hands, held out his arms for the baby. Lizzie nodded, passing over the black haired infant.

"Is she okay?" Ciel asked, searching for any deformities. Sebastian nodded. His red eyes widened for a fraction of a second when her dark eyes flashed red.

"She's fine." Sebastian replied before Ciel could question his pause.

"Give her to me." Ciel demanded as he and Lizzie managed to get him sitting up.

"I'll go tell the guys." Lizzie murmured, and then ran outside of the room to give the new family a moment. As Sebastian handed him his daughter, Ciel's eyes became full with tears.

She was so much more beautiful up close. Still voicing her protests of the outside world loudly, her dark hair and eyes were the stunning. Her skin was paling rapidly and it was as fair as his.

"She's beautiful!" He breathed, breath hitching slightly. Sebastian nodded, sitting down next to him as Ciel kissed her forehead. Gently, the butler rubbed Ciel's back as his emotions came crashing down from their pregnancy-elevated levels. "So innocent Sebastian, how did we manage to create something so innocent?" He asked, looking up at Sebastian. The older male shrugged, reaching out to pet at the baby's cheek.

A little girl…his little girl.

"I didn't expect to love her this much!" Ciel continued to sob. Sebastian smiled gently as he pulled them onto his lap. Rocking both sobbing people, Sebastian watched them both tenderly. After pressing a kiss to each of their foreheads, he confessed something he realized months ago.

"Neither did I. I never expected to fall for either of you." He murmured in his ear. Ciel froze, tears halting as he looked up at his butler. Seeing no lies in his red eyes, Ciel smiled that rumored, beautiful smile of his.

"I love you too." He breathed, and then kissed Sebastian. When their infant let out a bloodcurdling shriek, both laughed and pulled back, turning their attention to the infant.

Their little girl.

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