Messages in the Sky - 1987 to 2007ish - A story that follows the life of Mikoto Kagarashi from her wedding to Fugaku all the way to the birth of her son Wataru. The song this preview is set to is SHIVER by the Gazette(Kuroshitsuji II opening). Now available for reading. Kinda follows the last few chapters of this fic. Finishing 6/6/12.

"I do." Mikoto whispered, a smile on her face as she pressed her lips against her new husband. The male wrapped his arms around her, pulling her closer.

"Go Uncle Minato!" The two chuckled at the call from Mikoto's son. Pulling back, Mikoto looked into Minato's deep blue eyes.

"I love you." She said sincerely. Minato cupped her cheek, nodding.

"And I love you."

tatoe owaru koto no nai kanashimi ga anata ubattemo

hanarete yuku kokoro nado koko ni wa nai to itte

"Minato…come on, you need to go home." A soft voice said softly.

"Come on nii-san. Your children need you." Another joined soon after. The president opened his eyes to stare at his little sister and best friend. Mikoto was gripping his shoulders as Rin held a sleeping Naruto. He pushed himself off of his desk, sighing again. Mikoto hugged him tightly, the male quickly returning the embrace.

"I know. It's just so hard. I can't believe she's gone." He said softly. Mikoto nodded, cradling his head gently against her shoulder.

Kushina Uzumaki died three days ago. The funeral had been earlier that day. The 9 leading families had attentened.

"I know. You need to focus on your children though. You have four beautiful children who need you." Rin said softly. He nodded, standing up.

"Can I call you later?" He asked Mikoto, looking into her concerned dark eyes as he gently cupped her face. She nodded.

"Of course. My cell though so the babies will stay asleep." She added as he hugged her again. He nodded.

"Thank you Mikoto." He said dully as he pulled back, gently taking Naruto into his arms. The Uchiha wife nodded, following the siblings out of the oval office. She gently pulled her three month old son Riki from her husband when she spotted him. The twins were asleep in a stroller in front of him, Kane asleep in his other arm. Itachi was nodding off at his feet

kakeyotta senaka ni toikakeru ashita ga donna katachi demo

yuruga nakatta no wa mou shinjiru koto wo wasuretaku nakatta kara

"Ki told you, didn't she?" She mumbled. Minato frowned at her tone as he supported Yuuri up as the child walked over to him.

"Yes. We wondered if it would happen after he…you know." He trailed off. Mikoto nodded.

"Maybe we should cut our relationship off." She suggested. He glared, taking her hand.

"Mikki…I love you. Very much. Just because you're having another baby doesn't mean anything to me. I'll do whatever you want me too, of course." He quickly added. She giggled softly as she sat up.

me wo sorasu kuse mo aimai na taido mo waraenu uso mo

"I love you, Mikoto Uchiha, and there is nothing you can say or do that will ever change my mind." Madara murmured, pressing a soft kiss to Mikoto's lips. Mikoto's dazed eyes filled with tears and she wrapped her arms around his neck, returning the kiss.

"I've missed you." She murmured.

tonari ni inakereba ima sae nijin de yuku

"Thank you for another wonderful evening Minato" Mikoto whispered tiredly from his arms. He chuckled.

"Anything for you, remember?" He asked. She nodded, one of her fingers trailing down his bare chest.

tatoe owaru koto no nai kanashimi ga anata ubatte mo

hanarete yuku kokoro nado koko ni wa nai to itte

"It's really his?" She asked, distraught.

"No mistakes?" Lin asked shortly after. Mikoto's parents, siblings, and in-laws stood in the oval office. So did Minato's.

Rin shook her head, sighing.

"No. I'm so sorry Mikoto." The woman murmured softly. Lin gasped as Sana's eyes widened.

toosugita kono kyori wo umeru kotoba ga mitsukaranai

sugisaru kisetsu no naka de oitsuke naku naru koto mo shitteta yo

"Things can't easily be fixed, Fugaku." Mikoto snarled, wrenching her hand from his. Fugaku frowned, reaching for his wife once more.

"It didn't mean anything." He insisted. Mikoto snorted, rolling away from him.

"It did to me."

omoidasu yori mo wasurerarenai hibi to ieta kara

mou kore ijou ga nakute mo uketomereru

"And as we lay my precious baby brother to rest, we ask that you guide us, Grandfather Hiroki, to help with our grief. Help his sons and wife and brothers and parents. Help him to guide us." Fugaku spoke, tears in his eyes.

douka modoru koto no nai toki ni namida wo nag asanai de

wasurete yuku kokoro nado koko ni wa nai to itte kureru nara...

"He's worth it, Minato." Kunishina whispered to her husband, kissing their blond son's forehead. Her husband nodded.

"I know. I understand it. I just wish we didn't have to choose."

ushinai dashita futari no asu ni anata ga naiteru

yatto mireta sugao ni wa mou furerarenai

"Ne, Gaku. Do you think this counts as an affair since we slept together, but you only have a limited amount of time left?" Mikoto wondered. Fugaku stiffened slightly.

"Maybe. Will we tell Minato? I doubt out kids will find out." He explained. She shook her head.

"No, I'm going to marry him. I have to tell him."

hitorikiri de mita sora mo surechigau naka de mita yume mo

ano hi no mama nani mo kawarazu anata no naka de ima mo zutto..

"Even though I should hate him for so many thing, Minato, I just can't. When I think of him, think of the little boy who I was best friends with growing up." Mikoto mumbled into Minato's arms as they watched her youngest two sons sleep.

"It's because he's family." Minato said. Smiling, Mikoto agreed.

Confessions of the Uchiha Book 1 - Keeping Together - 2007 - 2011 - follows the Uchiha siblings on their paths of life. Death, marriage, pregnancies, hidden children, deceit, you name it, this story has it. Not nearly as complicated as it looks if you follow and pay attention. Lin appears in this at random and is very insight. Sebastian does as well. This story will span six individual installments. I will post one chapter a week starting 6/9/12. It has been written for nearly a year now, with a sequel finished as well. This is my pride and joy. Preview set to Daughtry's September.

Soft sunlight fell across a set of blood red sheets that contained two small boys, ages six and seven. The smaller of the two sat up, staring at the older. His pale and bony hands reached out to gently brush back his bedmate's dark hair.

How the time passed away All the trouble that we gave

Mikoto gasped and gripped onto her wide-eyed son as Oten came running up, her two year old bouncing on his shoulders, dragging Yuuri and L behind him. Wataru laughed as he was shoved to his mother. Mikoto held him tightly as she glared at a grinning Oten. Sasuke rolled his eyes, picking up Ginkai.

"See you Mom." He waved. Oten nodded, he and Yuuri following.

"I would have caught him if he fell." L murmured in his monotone at her feet. Mikoto half-glared at him, shifting Wataru to her hip and taking his hand.

And all those day we spent out by the lake Has it all gone to waste?

"Did you just call me stupid?" Wataru demanded, dirty gloved hands on his hips.

"No, I said you were less intelligent than myself." L corrected without missing a beat.

"…sometimes I really can't stand you."

All the promises we made One by one they vanished just the same

"Actually, it's not. It's his baby." Akina admitted, pointing at the green haired male beside Sasuke. The crowd gasped. Her fiancé looked at his feet, then glared at her as he stomped off.

All the things I still remember Summers never looked the same

"Come on Akina." Itachi said softly, offering her his arm. Blinking back tears, she took it gratefully. Squeezing her hand softly, the two followed. The church was full of warm, smiling faces(some with tears running down their faces). Akina smiled as she watched her husband-to-be high five their daughter. To his left stood her other brothers: Sasuke, Oten, Yuuri, and L. He caught her eye, sending a gentle, heart melting smile her way.

Years go by and time just seems to fly But the memories remain

"I want to watch Sherlock Holmes." L said, smiling at his sister. She returned the smile as the rest broke out into an argument over which movie to watch. Looking out the window, her eyes wandered to the clouds.

'Well Dan, looks like my siblings have kept me grounded today…my first Valentines Day without you…' She thought sadly.

"Kane!" Oten muttered impatiently, effectively bringing her back to reality. She laughed as she noticed each of her siblings staring, including Wataru and Hitomi. Maybe, just maybe, life would go on normally. Someday.

In the middle of September We still played out in the rain

"Kida?" L whispered. Kida bolted awake just as thunderstruck outside, eyes wide. Looking around her room, she froze at the sight of L.

"L?" She questioned. Seeing his shaking frame, she silently lifted her blanket, much like how Itachi had for her. L quickly climbed into the covers, curling up close to her.

"I…had a bad dream." He said softly. She wrapped her arms around him, pulling him close.

"It's okay. I'm here." She replied. He nodded.

"Love you." He said.

"I love you too." She said, warmth filling her chest. Despite his obvious terror, Kida couldn't help but be giddy by this reminder that she wasn't alone.

Nothing to lose but everything to gain Reflecting now on how things could've beenIt was worth it in the end

"As long as we have each other…" Kane drawled, sharing a smile with Riki.

"We can get through anything." Akina finished, sending Sasuke a half-smile, their dark eyes still connected. Sasuke chuckled again, allowing his family to comfort him.

Now it all seems so clear There's nothing left to fear

"I swear Ginkai, I will make your life much better than it has been." Itachi swore, pulling him to his side. The boy nodded.

"Thanks Dad." He replied again.

So we made our way by finding what was real Now the days are so long

"No. Let me see my baby for payment." He said, holding out his hands expectantly. Akina rolled her eyes, but handed him his daughter anyway. Ren yawned, flopping against his chest as well. L watched them interact, but his mind flew to when Watari had first knocked on the door.

"L? Honey, you're looking kind of pale." Akina's worried voice pulled him out of his depressing thoughts. Shaking them away, L sighed.

That summer's moving on Reach for something that's already gone

"Who's to say Riki isn't in on it?" Kane asked darkly.

"Kane." Itachi's suddenly cool voice came out as clearly as if he was in the room. She flinched. "If our brother is anything at all, he is loyal to this family. He knows the Red Tigers have been after us for years. A wild child, he is. A crook, he is not." Itachi said firmly. Kane nodded, her face flushing with flame.

"He abandoned us Itachi. What the hell else am I suppose to think?" She asked dully, collapsing into a chair. Itachi's expression softened. Obito gently squeezed her shoulders.

"You are suppose to think we raised him right. And that he will return when the time is right." Itachi said.

All the things I still remember Summers never look the same

"That's the last of it." Yuki announced proudly. His two children clapped from beside the Uchiha Family Oak.

"Yay Daddy!" Ren clapped, jumping up and down in excitement. Her four month old brother Yukio beamed, sitting up. Month old Hitomi glanced up from her position on her belly beside her niece and nephew.

"Good job men." Oten said seriously. Kane rolled her eyes as she walked over to them, Dan at her side.

"Bravo everyone. Take care of my man while we females go in and make supper." Kane said, kissing Dan's cheek. Her mother nodded, she and Akina going to retrieve their daughters.

"Food, Mommy?" Ren asked. Akina nodded.

"Yup. You and Hitomi can lick the batters." She promised. Kida chuckled as she followed her mother and sisters.

"And that leaves you with us little man." Yuki said, picking up his son.

"Let's play football guys!" Oten exclaimed, producing a football from nowhere. His male family members nodded.

Years go by and time just seems to fly But the memories remain

"Popo." She smiled, patting the spot on the bench beside her. When he stared at her, she frowned.

"I know. I'm going to ask my mom when we get back." She assured her best friend, smoothing back his, at the moment, dark hair. He liked to keep it that color whenever he was around the Uchiha family. It made him feel like he was apart of them.

"I promise, Po, I won't leave you with those jerks." She said sincerely, gripping his hand. He nodded, dark eyes full of despair. His foster father had taken to sexually abusing him lately, and Kida offered to have him move in with her.

In the middle of September We still played out in the rain Nothing to lose but everything to gain

"Miss? Miss!" Turning, her black eyes widened. Before her was a man…holding her purse and an umbrella.

"Thank you!" She breathed, quickly taking the purse from him. He chuckled, quickly covering her and the baby with the umbrella.

"No problem. I was just having coffee inside the store, and when I saw you forgot it, I decided to do the right thing and return it to you." The stranger explained, chuckling as she hastily placed her son in his car seat and wrapped him in a blanket. Turning, she smiled.

"Kida Uchiha." She said, hoisting her purse onto her shoulder and offering him her hand. He nodded, extending his hand to shake hers.

"Fern Asumi. It's nice to meet you, Miss Uchiha." Fern said. Kida chuckled, examining her new acquaintance. Fern was tall, probably 5'7, with a lean frame. He had a head full of auburn hair, with lovely, chocolate brown eyes.

Reflecting now on how things could've been It was worth it in the end

That night, as Popo slept in the armchair in her room, and her infant slept beside her in his crib, Kida climbed from her bed. Wincing slightly at her muscle's protests, she walked over to her baby. Looking down at him, she smiled sadly and picked him up. Sitting down in the nearby rocking chair, she cuddle her son close, smiling down at him.

"Hey little guy. I'm your Mommy." She whispered, kissing his forehead. He grunted in his sleep. Chuckling, Kida watched him sleep for a few minutes.

"Looks like it will be just you and me until your Daddy returns, my baby. I hope that this is okay with you. Someday, I know your Daddy will return to us." She promised. Standing, she walked over to the window. She smiled as the pale moonlight accented his features.

Yeah, We knew we had to leave this town But we never knew when and we never knew how We would up here the way we are

"Akina gave birth to carbon copies of her husband. I hope I don't." L said, snuggling closer to his step-father. All of his siblings, both of his nephews, and his niece all stared at L, who ignored them. They all shared a look before deciding to pretend they never heard that.

"Bye bye, Princess. Be good for Auntie Kida." He said to his daughter. Ren glared at him as Kida picked her up. He felt her glare until he was back beside his wife…and felt the guilt eat him alive.

"She glared huh?" Akina asked. Yuki nodded.

"Her glares are hard to take, babe. I'll be glad when you can go home." He sighed. Akina nodded, leaning against him as they watched their newborn sleep.

We knew we had to leave this town But we never knew when and we never knew how

"Fantastic. Sign away." She said. The twins complied.

"I now pronounce you Co-Heads of the Uchiha family and Corporation." Kosuke said warmly, clapping both on their shoulders. Akina smiled, standing up and hugging her grandmother as the media began to take pictures.

"Now all you have to do is move into the complex." Lin said cheerfully. The twins shared a look. This move would most certainly be an adventure.

All the things I still remember Summers never look the same

"Welcome ladies and Popo!" Riki smiled warmly as his little sister's friends climbed into their mini-van after Kida.

"Riki!" Miyako Harada exclaimed happily, patting his shoulder.

"I hope you're well." Hikari Inuzuka added.

"Yada, yada. Hurry it up." Oten grumped, climbing into the front seat.

Years go by and time just seems to fly But the memories remain

"Un Yu!" Aiden babbled, reaching for the phone. Riki gwuaffed as Kane snorted.

"Is that Itachi in the reflection?" She asked. Kida squinted, then nodded.

"Looks like it. Wonder why he's in there?" She wondered.

"Sasuke was with that," He paused, leaning over to cover Aiden's ears so he could say 'bitch', "at a doctor's appointment. She's been feeling fatigued." He said, rolling his eyes.

"Poor baby." His sisters deadpanned.

In the middle of September We still played out in the rain

"Sure you can handle it?" Sasuke asked her. She nodded, eyes glowing with anticipation. Before he could toss her, the doorbell rang. Ren sighed her disappointment as Sasuke situated her on his hip.

"Let me get that real quick." He said, walking over to the door. Ren nodded, wrapping her arms around his shoulders. Shooting her a reassuring smile, he pulled open the door.

What he saw made that smile slip off his face.

"Hi Aunt Sakura!" She chirped, running into the house. Sakura chuckled, waving after her. Sasuke frowned, closing the door behind him. Sakura looked at her hands, which were resting on her slightly swollen abdomen.

Nothing to lose but everything to gain Reflecting now on how things could've been It was worth it in the end

Minato Uzumaki yawned as he entered his house. After dropping his coat and shoes into the hall closet, he made his way upstairs to his bedroom. Walking in, he smiled softly.

In the middle of his bed, Kane and L were curled up together. Akina had her arms wrapped around Kane, and Kida had her's wrapped around L. Mikoto was on Akina's other side, and Itachi was on Kida's. Chuckling, he quietly closed the door and went to sleep in Kida's bed.