Hey everyone! Wolfy here. I'm here to announce something new! Floopyrocks and I have decided to team up and write this here story. It will contain our own OC's with a combination of our writing styles. We hope you all enjoy this :D



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Chapter 1: Cotton Candy?...

Third Person POV

Two girls sat on the back of large wooden wagon that was being pulled by a horse. The wooden wagon was mostly filled with hay so the girls had somewhere comfy to sit.

One girl had short dirty blonde hair, it came to a stop just above her shoulders and it stuck out a bit. Her bangs swept across her forehead pointing to left. She had greenish-gray eyes and she wore a blue jacket and a red t-shirt under it with dark blue jeans. A bright green bandana covered the top of her head. On her feet were purple high top converse shoes. Her arms were skinny and she was small in size. On her fingers were black fingerless gloves. She was 19 years old.

The other girl was at a medium leveled height and her weight was average too. She had long fiery red, curly hair that stopped at the middle of her back and blue green eyes that tended to shift along with her emotions. She wore a red kami with a shorter blue shirt over it and light blue jeans and also white sneakers. She was also 19.

The girl with the short blonde hair reached up to her forehead to wipe some bangs out of her eyes.

The one with the red hair poked the other girl in the shoulder. "Melissa?"

The dirty blonde's mouth twisted into a scowl. "Don't call me that! You know that I don't like to be called by my first name! Call me Wisp." she said.

The red head crossed her arms. "Fine. Sorry 'Wisp'."

Wisp frowned. "Don't give me that look! You're one to talk. You're the one whose got the nickname after an animal."

"What's so bad about Wolfy?"

Wisp looked away as she spoke. "It's stupid." The two girls were about to start arguing but they were interrupted.

A voice came from the man who rode the horse, his name was Cain. "What did you say that your names were?"

Wisp turned to look at the back of Cain's head. "I'm Wisp and that's Wolfy."

"Those your real names?"

Wisp shook her head. "Neither of us really like our real names so we go by different ones."

Cain laughed with a deep hearty laugh. "So what do you two like?"

Wisp didn't even give it a second thought. "I like pineapples and corn."

Cain laughed. "Oh so you're the new farmer?"

Wisp shook her head. "No, Wolfy is."

"I like a lot of things," Wolfy said thinking really hard. For a moment Wisp had forgotten Wolfy was there, she had been quiet up until that point.

"I like strawberries, and flowers,…" Wolfy began.

Wisp rolled her eyes and groaned. "Oh goddess. Please don't get her started!"

Wolfy frowned at Wisp. "I was finished anyways!"

Wisp pretended to wipe sweat from her forehead in relief. "Thank goodness! I thought I might die of boredom if you went on!" It was Wolfy's turn to roll her eyes and while she did that Wisp giggled mischievously.

"So when are your birthdays?"

"Well I'm Fall 6," Wisp said.

"Summer 20th and don't forget it!" Wolfy said.

Things were silent for a couple of moments between the three until Cain finally said, "We're here. Take a look!"

They turned to look at a run-down farm; it didn't even look safe enough to live in. They hopped off the wooden wagon.

"You sure you don't have it mixed up with a much nicer farm?"

"Nope!" Cain said smugly as he jumped up onto his horse. He rode off into the distance quickly.

Wolfy turned to Wisp. "Wait a minute… did you take your ADHD meds this morning?"

"That's absurd! Of course I did!"

"Ok ok… I was only making sure."

"Well, come on lets go check out the house," Wolfy said. They carefully approached the house.

"You open it," Wolfy said.

"Me? Why not you?"

"Cause if it falls, it won't be on me." Wolfy said.

Wisp crossed her arms. "So you want me to get hurt?"

"No." They stared at each other for a second.

Wolfy rolled her eyes. "Ok ok! I'll do it! Fine…" Wolfy slowly approached the door, gripped the handle, and thrust it open.

When nothing happened they walked inside and looked around. "Well at least it's nicely furnished," Wisp noted.

Wolfy nodded in agreement. They stood in silence for a minute.

"Wanna' go check out the town?" Wisp asked.

Wolfy shrugged. "May as well go meet everyone. What else do you want to do?"

"Lets' go to the carpentry shop!"

"Later. Let's go meet some people first!"

Wisp groaned.

They exited the house and took the road to the town. Once they took their first step onto the cobblestone, they were approached by a very short fat man with very light blond hair that almost looked white. "Hello there!" he said with a big smile on his face.

"Uh… who are you?" Wisp asked.

"Why I'm Mayor Hamilton!" he said with a big grin on his face. "So you two must both be the brand new farmers!"

Wisp frowned. "No, I'm not here to farm. I came here to get a job at the carpentry shop." She grinned and held out a thumbs-up with her left thumb. "I'm a master when it comes to making stuff out of wood!"

Wolfy giggled. "It's true. She can fix just about anything!"

Wisp nodded. "Yup!"

Hamilton chuckled. He turned to Wolfy. "Well then you must be the new farmer!"

Wolfy smiled and held out her hand to shake. "I'm Wolfy! Nice to meet you!"

"It's really nice to meet you!" Hamilton replied shaking Wolfy's hand gingerly. "So your first order of business is to go meet everyone in town! And that's an order!" He then chuckled.

Wisp saluted. "Will do sir! C'mon Wolfy! We've got a mission!" She grabbed Wolfy's wrist and dragged her into the nearest building.

Apparently, Wisp had dragged Wolfy into the Photo Shop. Simon, the shopkeeper, greeted them warmly and gave them a free camera. "AWESOME! FREE STUFF!" Wisp yelled excitedly. She grabbed the camera from Simon's hands and ran out the door.

"See ya later, Simon!" Wolfy called as she ran out the door.

Wolfy found Wisp gasping and pointing at something. She looked at her with a confused look on her face. "What?"

"Look!" Wisp said in a singsong voice. "COTTON CANDY!" She ran toward something pink and poofy, then tackled it. Wolfy followed her more slowly.

Wisp started licking the pink thing. "Wait a minute… you aren't cotton candy!" She stopped licking it.

"No," the pink thing said. "You're licking my head! AND GET OFF OF ME!" Wisp stood and the pink poofy thing stood up too. The pink poofy thing turned to the two girls and dusted some dirt off of her outfit. She then pointed at Wisp with an angry look on her face. "YOU!" she yelled.

Wisp had that goofy grin on her face. She gasped and clasped her hands over her chest. "Me?" she said enthusiastically, but also sarcastically.

The girl with the pink hair huffed and stomped her feet, like a little kid. "I HATE YOU!"

She stormed off into the nearest building and Wolfy and Wisp watched her go. "Wow, she got mad pretty fast. 'Course if you were licking my head, I'd have slugged you." Wolfy said. She grinned evilly.

Wisp nodded while munching on something. It was pink. Wolfy grabbed it from her and threw it away. "You disgust me." she said.

Wisp shrugged. "What? It actually tasted like cotton candy!"

"Please excuse my sister's behavior." someone said behind them. They turned to look at a girl with two long blue braids.

Wisp walked over to her and shook her hand gingerly. "Hello there! I'm Wisp! And I'm NOT the new farmer. I'm going to get a job at the carpentry shop!"

The girl took a step back. She seemed frightened. "I-I'm Candace. The person who you thought was cotton candy is my sister, Luna. We work at Sonata T-Tailoring, r-right over there." She pointed to the building that Luna had stormed into earlier.

Wolfy smiled at Wisp. "Now we know where we can get clothes!"

Wisp rolled her eyes and started dragging Wolfy by the wrist again. "We can go shopping later." she muttered.

Wisp dragged Wolfy for a long time until they suddenly tripped. A girl with long blonde hair pulled back into a long pony tail helped them. "I'm Kathy! Are you two ok?"

Wolfy nodded. "Yea, thanks! I'm Wolfy." She shook Kathy's hand.

Wisp smiled and shook Kathy's hand too. "I'm Wisp!" Wisp suddenly frowned and jutted her thumb toward Wolfy. "She's the farmer."

Wolfy looked at Wisp with a confused look on her face. "You say that like it's a bad thing!" Wisp shrugged her shoulders.

"Well I hope that we'll all be good friends!" Kathy said cheerfully. She skipped off. "See ya later!"

Wolfy and Wisp waved back "See ya!"

"Well she's cheerful." Wolfy said.

Wisp started imitating Kathy. "Why everything's just PEACHY!" she said with a big smile on her face.

Wolfy giggled. She paused when she noticed someone. "Hey, who's that with the silver hair?"

Wisp stopped to see where she was pointing. "I don't know… hey he looks a bit like Vaughn! But without the hat."

Wolfy nodded. "Wait a minute… Is he in the middle of blinking for a long time or is he asleep?"

Wisp squinted her eyes. "I…can't…tell…"

"Let's go ask him!" Wolfy said. She walked over to the guy and poked his shoulder. "Excuse me mister?"

The silver haired person turned to look at them. He held a fishing pole in his hands that was cast into the water and wore a light blue outfit. "What?"

Wisp came up next to Wolfy and leaned into whisper into her ear. "He's awake."

Wolfy gave her a mean look. "Thank you Ms. Obvious!"

Wisp smiled goofily. "You're welcome!"

Wolfy raised an eyebrow at Wisp questioningly. "You absolutely sure you took your meds this morning?" Wisp nodded and Wolfy turned back to the fisherman. "I'm Wolfy; I'm the new farmer on the island. And this is Wisp; she's going to get a job at the carpentry!"

"And I'm getting tired of waiting! WHEN ARE WE GOING TO GET THERE?"

Wolfy rolled her eyes again, and ignored Wisp. "What's your name?"

"I'm Toby." he said slowly.

Suddenly someone yelled at the trio. "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING WITH MY BOYFRIEND?"

"Huh?" Wisp said. Wisp and Wolfy turned around to see a girl with short brown hair wearing a yellow dress.

She angrily stomped over to them and pointed accusingly at Wisp. "YOU!"

Wisp rolled her eyes. "This is like Luna all over again!"

Wolfy turned to look at her best friend. "Well you did try to eat Luna's hair…" she said.

Wisp lifted her shoulders with a confused look on her face. "Well what did I do now?"

"You're flirting with my boyfriend." the girl said.

"We're what!" Wolfy said.

The girl pointed to Toby who was concentrating on his fishing. "MY boyfriend. You were flirting with him."

Toby slowly turned to the girl and smiled reassuringly at her. "They weren't flirting with me. They were only asking for my name."

"Wait a minute… who are you anyways?" The girl asked.

"I'm Wisp, the master of wood! And that's-"

"I'm Wolfy," Wolfy interrupted Wisp.

"Hey I wasn't finished…" Wisp huffed.

Wolfy smiled smugly at her. "I know!"

Wisp pouted and crossed her arms while the girl with the brown hair smiled gingerly. "I'm Renee, Hannah and Cain's daughter. I live over at Horn Ranch! We've been thinking about giving you a free calf but we've got several colors so stop by sometime to choose a calf!" she said with a big smile on her face.

Wolfy shook Renee's hand with a smile. "That sounds great! I promise I'll stop by later!"

"Well I gotta go now. Later!" Renee said. She kissed Toby on the cheek and he feverishly blushed as she walked away.

Wolfy watched her go. "Wow. People are really friendly here."

"Well, all except for Luna," Wisp pouted.

"Push your lower lip back in and smile. If you smile I promise we'll go to the carpentry next!" Wolfy offered.

Wisp brightened up almost immediately. She bounced up and down; she could barely contain her excitement. "Let's go!" She was about to run off but then she realized that she didn't know where the carpentry shop was. "Wait… do you know where it is?"

Wolfy pulled a map out of her rucksack. "Well according to this map that Cain gave me, there's a mine cart up ahead and it goes straight to the Garmon Mines District, which is where the carpentry shop is…"

"A ROLLER COASTER RIDE? THIS ISLAND'S GOT EVERYTHING!" Wisp screamed excitedly. She grabbed Wolfy's hand. "Let's go!"

They arrived at the mine cart ride a couple minutes later. Wisp jumped in without a second thought. "Jump in! C'mon Wolfy!"

Wolfy scratched the back of her head. She started to inspect the mine cart. "I don't know Wisp. It doesn't look too safe."

"Aw come on Wolfy! It'll be fun!" Wolfy looked around the mine cart and her eyes rested on a lever. "Hey what's this do?" She pushed it. The mine cart groaned and started move.

"ACK! WOLFY!" Wisp screamed.

"It's ok Wisp! Meet back at the house later!"

"AAAAAAaaaahhhhhh….." Her scream faded as the mine cart got farther and farther away.

Wolfy sighed. "Well I hope she's okay. What am I going to do with her?"

Sighing again she walked away from the mine cart tracks and started to slowly walk back to Harmonica Town. The sun was starting to set so she knocked on the nearest house. The house was tall and seemed to havea mysterious appearance about it.

The door opened a minute later, and a gorgeously tan skinned man, with white hair and some pulled into a small braid on the side of his face, answered the door. He had bicolored eyes, with one being a golden yellow and the other one being an unidentifiable shade of green.

"Oh, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to disturb the elderly." Wolfy apologized.

The man didn't even change the monotone expression on his face. "I'm not… an old man… I'm actually younger … than I… really look."

Wolfy gasped bringing her hands over her mouth. "I'm so sorry!" she lowered her hands and smiled at the guy. "I'm Wolfy. What's your name?"

"Wolfy? That's… a… peculiar name," he said. He started walking back into his house and made a small motion with his hands, inviting Wolfy in. Wolfy stepped into the man's peculiar house and lookedaround his home.

"Most people… in this town… don't know my… name…. They all call me… Mr. Fortune Teller… But if you… must know… my name is actually… Wizard."

"That's a… mysterious name," Wolfy said.

"It's… my name… please…don't… wear it out."

"You don't find anything funny… do you Wizard?" Wolfy asked.

Wizard gazed up into a giant telescope pointed at the night sky. "I… don't know… you tell… me."

Wolfy smiled. This guy would prove to be fun…

After a lot of bumps, Wisp was psyched. "That was the most fun! I've ever had!" The mine cart came to a sputtering stop. "Uh oh," she said. She jumped out of the cart and looked at the wheels. "Hm… the wheels are just a bit rusty… I know I have an oil can in my rucksack somewhere…" Wisp started digging through her rucksack and finally pulled out an oil can. She put some oil on the wheels, then pulled the lever and watched as the mine cart rolled away almost as fast as lightning.

"Woah! The mine cart looks better than ever!" Wisp turned around to see a little girl with short blue hair. For some reason her hair style look really familiar. She wore a white bandana with blue flames on it and an axe was tossed carelessly over her shoulder.

"Who are you little girl? You shouldn't be carrying that axe around like that. It's dangerous!" Wisp asked, bending down to the girl's level.

"First off, I'm not a little girl. Second I'm 14 and I'm the carpenter's daughter, I can very well carry around an axe without getting hurt, thank you very much!" she said.

"Well then." Wisp said.

The girl smiled and offered her hand to shake but then she pulled it back and started to suck on her knuckle. "OW! I nicked my knuckle." She pulled her knuckle away from her mouth and tiny little bead of blood was forming on her finger.

"I told you to be careful. Anyways I'm Wisp."

The girl bobbed her head. "Floopy."

Wisp did her best not to laugh. "What kind of name is Floopy?"

Floopy scoffed. "What kind of name is Wisp?"

Wisp narrowed her eyes. "Touché.'"

"So anyways you said that you that were the carpenter's daughter?" Wisp asked.

Floopy nodded. "Yuppers, that's a right'o."

"Can you take me there?" Wisp asked.

Floopy shrugged. "Sure," she said. "Follow me!" Floopy lead Wisp to a tall wooden building. "So this is it!"

Wisp looked up at it and smiled. She walked over to the door and opened it.

"Wait… No. I don't think you want to do that! We're not open!" Floopy tried to say, but Wisp wasn't listening. Inside a tan man, with blue hair like Floopy's, was placing some kind of green dish on the table. Around the table sat an incredibly cute guy with blue hair, also similar to Floopy's, and another teenager with blondish hair and a white cloth tied around his head.

The tall man looked up. "I'm sorry we're closed." Ignoring him I looked around.

"This place is so cool!" I said. I ran over to an unfinished chair that was on a table. "Woah! Who made this?"

The cute guy with the blue hair stood up, holding a finger up in the air. "I did!" He smiled a goofy smile and she smiled right back at him. Wisp turned back to the chair and took a look at it.

"With only two legs, it's not going to support its weight. You're going to need three legs," She said. She picked up a block of wood on the table and sanded it down as fast as she could. When Wisp was finished she attached it to the chair and flipped the chair over. It stood up. She placed it on the ground and sat on it. "See? Three legs!"

The big man with blue hair came over to me. "You fixed the chair…"

Wisp got up. "I'm sorry. I'm interrupting something… aren't I?"

The man shook his head. "No. You're not. That was the best work I've ever seen. The fastest too." The man held his hand out to shake. "I would be honored if you would work here."

She smiled real big and took his hand to shake it. "And I would be really honored to work here too!" She said.

The really cute guy jumped up from his seat and fist pumped the air. "AWESOME!" he ran over to Wisp and put an arm around her. "We're going to be the best o' friends!" he said.

Wisp laughed. "Ya. We are definitely going to be the best of friends! It's going to be EXTREME!" Wisp and him gasped. Then said at the same time, "NO! IT'S GOING TO BE EXTREMELY AWESOME!" They laughed and fist pumped.