Wolfy: Floopy…calm down.


Wizard: That…is not…even a word…

Luke: 'Sugared' is so a word!

Kurt: *mumbles* Well, it certainly explains you two perfectly.


Luke: Hey! Grumpy Gills! *Grins manically* I'm going to call Gill that from now on!

Wolfy: *Shakes head* Well, as you may have guessed, we don't own Harvest Moon, or anything of the sort.

Kurt: They do, however, own their OC's 'Wolfy', 'Wisp', and 'Floopy'.

Wizard: Enjoy…

Wisp's POV

I woke the next morning to Edge gently tapping my head.

"G-goodmorning Wisp."

I smiled brightly and sat up, rubbing the sleep from my eyes.

"Morning Edge. Where's Wolfy?"

I looked around for my normally sleepy friend, but she wasn't in the house.

"S-she went to do her c-chores. She said f-for you to meet her at the docks by suppertime."

I nodded before noticing a bright green sticky-note stuck on the fridge. It smelled faintly of blackberries…Must be from Wolfy! I tore it from the fridge and began to read it.

Morning Wisp! As I'm sure Edge told you, we're meeting at the docks around 6 tonight. In case you're hungry, I stocked the fridge with a little help from Renee, Anissa, and Kathy. Be sure to thank them if you see them! Have fun at work with Luke, and I'll see you tonight.



I found out that Wizard can see Finn.

Just a heads up.

I looked over at Edge puzzled. "So Wizard can see you guys?"

She shrugged as I hopped up. "Awesome! I'd better hurry, or I'll be late for work!"

She nodded, and after we ate a breakfast of pineapple slices and bread, she handed me a bright yellow flower. I twisted it just under the edge of my bandana.

"Thanks Edge! What's it for?"

She smiled. "It'll help me find you later. I promised to help Finn today. Don't lose it please."

I nodded before swinging my ax happily over my shoulder, and hurrying out the door.

When I reached the carpentry, Luke was already outside waiting for me. "Yo Wisp! Right on time!"

I laughed and fist-pumped the air. "Yeah! 'Cause I'm that awesome!" We laughed together.

Floopy came out of the carpentry, took one look at us and headed down the hill towards Fugue forest. I looked at Luke puzzledly and he only shrugged.

"So what's on the agenda for today Luke?" I asked him.

Luke held up the clipboard in his hands. "I'm on clipboard duty while you're going to go with Floopy and chop some wood. We don't have any orders right now, which is why I'm on the most boring job EVER, otherwise known as clipboard duty, so you don't need to chop that much wood," Luke replied.

I froze. Spending time alone… with Floopy? That girl had too much hostility in her eyes already.

What's she going to do to me? Kill me? Yeah right! She's only a little girl.

Yes, but you've seen the look in her eyes. EEVVIIILLLLL.

S-Sh-Shut up.

Scardey cat! Scardey cat!


Luke's voice snapped me back into the present. "Hey Wisp! Yoo-hoo!" He waved a hand in front of my face and I blinked.

"Right, sorry. I'll go join her at Fugue Forest right away," I said with a small nod.

"Alrighty then. Have fun! Don't let the pink frog get you!" Luke warned me. He laughed while I gave a weak laugh in return.

~.~.~.~.Later that day…~.~.~.~.

My shoes slapped against the docks as I made my way toward the place where I was supposed to meet Wolfy. A yellow piece of pineapple was in my hand and I happily munched on it as I went skipping along.

Chopping trees with Floopy was fine. In fact I didn't see her the whole time I was there and when I got back to the Carpentry, she was watching TV, acting like I didn't even exist. Which, I suppose, is a good thing.

I could smell Wolfy before I even saw her. The sharp scent of blackberries filled up my nose and I smiled and waved when I saw her. "HEY WOLFY!"

Wolfy's POV

I smiled as Wisp waved at me from half-way across town. I turned back to watching the waves, Gill standing next to me.

"So Gill," I began. "Why're you still here? I thought you didn't like to be around people much.

I noticed him shake his head slightly from the corner of my eye.

"It's not that I don't like people…I just don't know how to be liked by people. I get annoyed or angry at people, and then I say things I shouldn't." He stopped, before looking at me, eyes full of despair, and then sudden terror at the realization of what he'd just revealed to me.

I gently put a hand on his shoulder. "Don't worry." I breathed softly. "I won't say a thing."

He sighed deeply, before looking away from me. "Thanks Wolfy. You're not that bad."

I nodded with a smirk as he turned back to the waves. "Try being a bit more considerate of others feelings though, Gill. Just think a little more before you say something."

He nodded thoughtfully as Wisp and Luke bounded up.

"HEY GUYS!" Luke hollered.

Wisp just panted, out of breath. "H-hey Wolfy..huufff..Why're we here?"

I smiled as the ship came into view. "You'll see."

Gill edged away from Luke as he was badgered by the hyper carpenter.

I laughed quietly to myself as Wisp joined Luke in annoying Gill. I kept my eyes on the ship, however, for it held two things incredibly dear to me.

I waved as those two things stepped off the boat and onto the dock. "Hey Chelsea! Hiya Vaughn!"

Wisp whirled at the mention of those two names. "CHELSEA?" With a squeal of excitement, she dive-bombed the giggling brunette.

I nodded to Vaughn with a smile and a light roll of my eyes. He smirked back knowingly.

Two more people followed Vaughn off the boat. Seeing pink hair, I smiled.

Natalie! But who's the guy with spiky brown hair? I wondered.

As Natalie jumped onto the dock, she shoved past Vaughn to hug me. I chuckled at the sight of his irritable scowl.

"Hey girl! How've you been?" I said with a laugh.

The pinkette smiled. "Great, actually." She gestured to the boy behind her. "This is Kurt, my boyfriend." I nodded to him as he cracked half a smile in my direction.

I just smiled. "Good going Nat." I winked at her, and grinned widely as I saw her blush. She must really like the guy if she's blushing.

I watched as Wisp tackle-hugged first Natalie, and then aimed for her new boyfriend, Kurt. The spikey-haired boys' eyes widened as Wisp finally let go.

"Nice to meetcha! What's your name again?" Wisp bounced in place while she waited for him to answer.

"Name's Kurt. Who're you?" He shoved his hands into his pockets and stared.

"I'm Wisp! You're too quiet!" She giggled and left Kurt to talk to Chelsea.

He watched after her, in a slight state of shock. "She always like that?" He asked.

Natalie rolled her eyes. "Yep. You get used to it after a while though."

I smiled and held my hand out to Kurt. "I'm Wolfy. Nice to see Nat finally snagged herself a boy." I winked at him and watched as both he and Natalie blushed crimson.

I giggled and backed away, moving closer to Chelsea and Vaughn.

Wisp had turned back to Natalie and was chatting happily to the pinkette.

I gave Chelsea a tight hug before stepping back and holding my arms out to Vaughn.

He scowled in my direction, and tried to side-step my waiting hug. I crossed my arms and looked up into his amethyst eyes.

He scowled at me, but I kept my arms crossed and matched his with a scowl of my own. Soon, his lips quirked upward, and he opened his arms to me. Smiling, I jumped into the hug. "That's my favorite cowboy." I snickered when I felt him shake his head at me.

I heard Chelsea laughing quietly in the background. "Same old, same old." She sighed. "You two are so alike it's scary."

Vaughn and I share a knowing grin as we step back from one another.

I look around at my friends, and wave them over. "C'mon you guys, time to get you all settled in over at Ocarina Inn." Once we had everybody settled, Natalie in her own room, Kurt in another, and Chelsea and Vaughn in one together, Wisp and I left for our own home.

Wisp chattered nonstop on the way home, I didn't mind, we were both so excited to see our old friends again.

Wisp bounced up and down as I unlocked the door to our house. "It was sooo funny that Jake and Colleen didn't think Chelsea and Vaughn were old enough to be married already!"

I snickered. "Vaughn's face sure was priceless!"

Yawning, we both slipped into some clothes Chelsea and Natalie had brought for us. Seeing as our own luggage had somehow not made it here yet, I had asked Chelsea to bring us some clothes, pajamas, and just the basic essentials. Like a toothbrush…my favorite shampoo…my wolf towel I got for my birthday…How had I missed packing that anyways? Hmm…

Wisp had just gotten into her neon yellow pants and huge bright green shirt. I swear, that girl loves bright colors…

I quickly slipped into some dark red shorts and a black t-shirt that read, 'I may not be perfect, but I'm as close as it gets.' It was always a fun shirt to wear around.

Smiling, I slipped into bed, just as Wisp mumbled a sleepy 'Goodnight.'.

I hummed softly. "G'night Wisp. Sweet dreams."

And with that, I switched off the lights and let myself be pulled far away and into my dreams.



Kurt: *rolls eyes* Can I get the duct tape now?

Wizard: *poofs up a huge roll* No need…here…*Hands duct tape to Kurt.

Wolfy: *laughs as Floopy and Luke run around the room, chased by Kurt*

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