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"And your dreams? Goals?" Kagome asked with a smile, "I would like to get to know my students," She said kindly, "After all, we will be a team from now on."

"I already like you, Kagome-sensei!" Naruto declared loudly, grinning at their newly appointed Jounin teacher, "My goal is to become the Hokage! Oh, and I love ramen!" He adjusted his Konoha headband confidently, smirking when Sasuke simply glanced at him with disinterest and Hinata shyly stared at him with admiration.

"That's a very tough goal, Naruto," Kagome stated, "But if you work hard, I'm sure the path will become easier, and it's my job to make that very path as smooth as possible," She glanced at the Hyuuga heiress sitting next to Naruto, "And Hinata – what about your goals?"

Hinata jumped, startled though she knew the question was coming, "M-my goal is to become the best kunoichi that I can become," She said quietly, giving Naruto quick shy looks while fiddling with her fingers, "And become a kunoichi that Father will be proud of."

Kagome nodded, giving Hinata a softer look since she knew how harsh the Hyuuga leader could be, "You are a Hyuuga," She said calmly, "You will go far. You only need a little more confidence in yourself and I'll help you as best as I can," Hinata nodded and gave a shaky smile and neither seemed to notice that Kagome hesitantly turned to the last member of Team Seven, "And Sasuke."

Sasuke's dark eyes flashed when he finally glanced towards her, "You already know my goals, Kagome-sensei," He said smoothly, adding 'sensei' rather mockingly, "And you already know my likes." He said simply, looking at her heatedly while ignoring Naruto's loud protests.

"Right," Kagome said a bit shakily, noticing the intensity Sasuke was looking at her with, "Now, then – I'll meet you all shortly at the training grounds." She dismissed, watching as Naruto and Hinata made their way to the training grounds.

She sighed, opening her eyes when she felt a hand softly (yet roughly at the same time) caress her check, "Sasuke..." She simply said, leaning away from his hand, "You do realise that we are in the open. You're being too risky." She scolded with something that sounded like disinterest.

"My goals, Kagome-sensei, is to revive the Uchiha clan after I kill Itachi," Sasuke stated, "I will revive the Uchiha clan with you." And with that, Sasuke disappeared in a flash of blue towards the training grounds while Kagome could only close her blue eyes and sigh once more.

She was a jounin and his sensei and much older – and yet it seemed that she was still too hesitant to end things with Sasuke...

Damn him.