oh, look! two updates in one night. what is this blasphamy? :) anyway. this is a cute 'lil oneshot i wrote a long time ago. its super short. but its cute.

READ. she's pregnant in this. just for some background information. if it wasn't noticable.

disclaimer: dont own tangled.

Do It Again, Please.

Rated K

"Eugene," he heard her frantic voice shoot through his dreams as he slept. He groaned, tossing to the side. Her hand was on his arm, then, shaking him furiously. "Eugene! Wake up!"

He groaned, opening his eyes to complete darkness. He was completely exhausted. She had already kept him up into the late hours as she tossed and turned, unable to sleep. Knowing she was on edge had put him there, too, so he stayed awake with her. Finally, though, she had stopped for a moment, and he had passed out. Not an hour later, thought, she was keeping him awake again. This pregnancy thing was really starting to tick him off.

"What?" he said, maybe with a bit more sass than he intended. She started blankly for a moment, as if she forgot what she woke him up for, but then her eyes perked up and she snatched his wrist.

"Look!" she whispered, setting it on the bottom of her growing stomach. He didn t feel or see anything, and his worry slowly faded into growing irritation.

"Rapunzel. I don t feel anything-"

A small pressure pushed against his palm before retreating. He started down at his hand as the pressure returned, stronger and longer lasting this time. His mouth opened slightly in awe. His wife put her fingers by his so they could both feel their little child finally saying hello.

"Woah," he breathed, keeping his gaze on their hands. Her eyebrows pulled together and she glanced down at their hands. Her index finger began a small rubbing motion against the spot her child had just been pushing at.

And then she cried.

He half-expected it, really. He was getting used to the whiplash of her moods. "Oh, babe," he whispered, moving his arms to pull her close as she sobbed against him. He smoothed down her hair. "It's okay. I promise. That s supposed to happen-"

"It's not that," she sniffed. "It's just so much at once. It's just so crazy, Eugene. I don t know how to be a mother. I never had one when I was growing up. I try to watch my mother now, but-"

"Shush. Right now," he put his finger to her quivering lips. "Listen to me. I don't want you to think about that right now. That's months away. Right now, I want you to think of how amazing this is. That's our child in there, Rapunzel. Ours. There is someone in there that has your eyes or my smile. It's someone with a heartbeat and someone that is going to absolutely love you."

Her lip quivered as she sniffled, looking up at her husband. "I guess.."

"You don't guess, you know," he pressed a kiss to her forehead. "Come on. Let s go back to sleep. It's late. The baby will be there when we wake up."

He tucked her into his arms, his hands on the sides of her stomach. He breathed in evenly, pretending he had fallen asleep. But he kept his eyes on her fingers, which danced across her stomach as she tried to get her little baby to kick again. Do it again, please, she barely whispered, poking and prodding at her lower belly. Eugene smiled, closing his eyes for good, now, leaving her with her child as he fell into a peaceful sleep.

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