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Starring Frodo, Pippin and Argorn
The Flood takes place between Moria and Lothlorien. It is slightly AU. What happened : Saruman caused a torrential rain to come down from the sky on the fellowship to further tax their journey. During the second day of running, Saruman called forth a flash flood and Pippin and Frodo get caught up in it. Aragorn saves them from drowning and brings them to a cave which is on higher ground. They are separated from the rest of the fellowship. Pippin falls ill due to a wound to the head…and a building fever. Frodo and Aragorn must take care of him…but Frodo is also sick…though he does not tell Aragorn. He is suffering from hallucinations brought on by the dark hands that have summoned forth the rain.

The Flood is : Non Slash. No Sex. No Romance. Action/Adventure and Drama Hurt/Comfort

Author's note : Well, here it is! The first chapter of my new fic! Enjoy

CHAPTER ONE ---- A Fell Rain

There was a calling in my heart that I felt nearly impossible to ignore. I had often dreamed of being in another place, and though I was far from home now, I wished for it instead. People have told me all my life that I wanted what I couldn't have and that I dreamt for what was not possible. Perhaps they were correct, but I knew that I could not go on without at least an attempt at achieving the unattainable. I felt oddly satisfied that I'd made it this far, at least, despite what had happened to me. I didn't really know what was going to become of me.

We had been lagging behind because we had been running all day. I was beginning to feel exhaustion reaching towards me and feared I was going to collapse. But what brought me down was not fatigue but the fell hand of Saruman once again as he learned that we had escaped Moria.

I remembered the water as it rushed towards us. Pippin and I barely had enough time to scream as it lifted us up and swept us down the hill. The water was ice-cold and felt like a thousand knives as it plunged into us. I had just enough wits about me to grab Pippin's hand and we plummeted together. But the water was not the worst thing…rain plunged down from the sky in great droplets that made it difficult to catch air in our lungs.

I heard Aragorn shouting…and then I felt the most awful feeling…like I was losing breath as though I was drowning. I still held Pippin's hand, but he was not holding mine, I glanced over at him and I saw that there was a cut on the side of his head and he was bleeding. I felt a strong hand against my shirt, and saw Aragorn…he'd dived in after us.

I smiled weakly, and struggled to stop the water from surging us further and further away from the others. The ranger grasped ahold of an overhanging tree branch and yanked us both to safety. Me first…then as I was dragged, so was Pippin. We lay only for a little while on the edge of the cascades. Aragorn spotted a cave and lifted up Pippin. Since the both of us could walk we staggered to it and collapsed inside.

I was shivering from cold and I think shock. My hands were bloody but I couldn't tell whether it was from Pippin or my own. Aragorn took one look at me, and dragged off my pack that had amazingly enough…managed to stay on me. He used the bedroll to lift up Pippin' head.

My young cousin was not doing well. He was not even conscious and hardly breathing at all. I cursed myself for allowing him to come along on the journey. He was too young for such things, too young for the evil that stalked us. Aragorn put me to work on trying to start a fire. There were some dry twigs in the cave and went to it while he took care of Pippin's head wound.

We did not speak for the most part. I still could not stop shaking….I knew that I had taken on a great deal of water, and was surprised I hadn't drowned. The three of us were completely drenched, as was almost everything we owned. Once the fire was up, the ranger moved Pippin closer to it and began to remove his clothing.

"Won't he be cold if you do that?" I ventured to speak at last through trembling lips. My legs were growing numb and I could not stand any longer. I fell to a sitting position, and curled my arms around them.

"He'll be worse if we keep the clothing on him. He's burning up from fever, and almost took on enough water to drown him. Frodo…are you hurt?" he looked at my hands then.

I wasn't altogether sure…I felt aches and pains everywhere…I didn't know if I was bleeding anywhere, or if I had hit against any sharp rocks. I quickly shook my head, not wanting him to divert his attention from my cousin who needed it the most. He looked at me. "Brew some tea, I must get something warm into him…and the blanket from inside your pack…it may be a little wet but its dryer than his clothes. Hurry."

Pippin whimpered, and I saw that there were other scratches on him as Aragorn held him. He was the smallest one of all of us, and the most susceptible to harm. I bit my lip nervously and rooted through my pack. I found the blanket…and a tin of tea. In Pippin's pack there were...unsurprisingly…cooking pots and I took one of them. I handed Aragorn the blanket and then proceeded to boil some water. Water…we had plenty of.

It was still raining heavily outside, and I wondered what had become of the rest of the fellowship. Aragorn wrapped Pippin in the blanket and gave his clothes to me to wring out and lay to dry. I complied. Once the fire was roaring well enough to give a lot of heat, I removed my own wet shirt and wrung it out as well. I also took off the mail and brought my hand to my forehead for I was feeling dizzy and lightheaded. The tea was about ready and I poured a cup for each of us. There was no milk and sugar, and I felt a pang of regret at that.

As Aragorn fed my delirious cousin, I cupped the tea in my trembling hands and stared at the fire. My body was slowly beginning to feel warm again. It was my fault…if Pippin didn't make it. Knots tied in my stomach as I thought about how I was going to explain to Pippin's parents. "Frodo, come over here." Aragorn ordered.

I glanced up quickly and followed the instructions.

"He needs warmth, and I have not had a chance to get out of my wet clothes. Can you hold him? The wound has stopped bleeding, but I fear that the fever will rage for a while. We must not let him succumb to it."

I blinked a little, warmth from me. I was usually always the one seeking warmth. I gazed at my cousin curiously. His eyes were closed, but his face was pinched from pain. I nodded and slipped under the blanket. Aragorn set both of us by the fire and proceeded to warm himself up. Pippin curled in my arms, probably thinking I was Merry. It didn't matter, as long as he managed to pull through. I looked over at the Ranger who was watching the both of us thoughtfully.

"Frodo, are you sure you're feeling alright?" he asked me seriously.

I nodded, we had enough to deal with without me complicating things. I was reminded of a time when Bilbo had held me in a similar fashion and a slight smile brightened my expression. I looked over at Aragorn who had removed his shirt as well. Our clothing lay close to the fire…drying. He was studying us, and I wondered what was going through his mind. Hobbits looked out for each other. It was our way. I knew that the world of men was different, but at the moment…I didn't care. I wished heartily that Pippin was home safe in the Shire, not pale and shivering in my arms.

"I'm fine." I lied, and I knew that he saw right through me. He was not going to press though. I think I might have only sprained a rib. There was a strange feeling in my stomach, a churning that I could not quite control. But I was also exhausted and my eyes fell finally.

It was never a relief to sleep, though…for I was constantly dreaming what I didn't want to dream of. Of shadows and darkness…and of my own doom that threatened in the distance. Would I continue to survive? I finally found myself in the land of dreams. And though my body would rest…the shadows would ravage my mind

* * *